My husband makes over £97,000 a year and refuses to pay me £50,000 to have his baby born

IF you’re a mom, you know that parenting is about sacrifice – and the second you hug that crying baby, life as you know it will never be the same.

Ahead of the arrival of their first child later this year, this couple is trying to sort out their finances — and now, following his wife’s unusual request, the husband has turned to Reddit for advice.

Does the expectant mother demand money from her husband?


Does the expectant mother demand money from her husband?Photo credit: Getty

So far the couple have had a combined income of £195,000 a year and both make around £97,000.

However, the husband’s “career-driven” wife is only entitled to half of her salary during the first six months of her maternity leave.

Any additional time she takes after that will go unpaid.

He wrote, “She is now asking me to reimburse her for six to 12 months… for the time she has to go away to have our child.”


When it takes her six months, the mum-to-be asks her husband to pay her £27,000.

And if she decides to go full year, she wants £50,000.

He explained: “Her attitude is that she is doing something for us to start a family.

“But she says it’s not a true 50-50 split if she’s expected to take a financial hit for it, and I’m not as our finances are separate.”

Although he can understand where his wife is from, the man said it doesn’t suit him very well.

He continued, “I’m very put off by this because she’s essentially asking me to pay for her to have our child,” he said.

“She saw my hesitation and just doubled down.

“While her ideal is to return to work after six months, she says there’s a real possibility she’ll decide to take up to a year off.

“I think the idea is that we both ‘suffer’ half of the income loss for the second six-month period.”

Additionally, the mom-to-be has put together a 16-page document outlining a payment plan for her future family.

He explained: “She wants to keep housework split and plans to save for both childcare and additional housekeeping expenses for at least the first four years.

“I really don’t know how to process this. My first thought is a shock because despite our salaries, $50,000 to $100,000 is a lot to ask.

“The idea of ​​a payment plan for a child is just gross.”

Unsurprisingly, the dilemma triggered heated discussions in the comments – but many users sided with the expectant mother.

One argued, “Sounds like you want her to give up her body and a large chunk of her salary while you do nothing.”

Another added: “She’s 100 percent right and is very smart putting this together. Shared baby, shared expenses.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “You married an accomplished woman. Women lose so much career and money when they take time off to have children.”

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