Mom ‘appalled’ after teacher plays sexy songs to 6-year-old students

Luckily, the school has changed a lot since the old days.

For one, children are encouraged to move as much as possible – mainly to give them all a well-deserved break during class.

Schools now have programs like Crunch and Sip and Brain Break that help elementary school students get up, shake off, and grab a fresh snack in the middle of class.

But a teacher’s brain fracture has become the talking point of an online parents’ group … and it’s all because of her “questionable” choice of songs.

“She plays the song during breaks and there’s a video too”

In a letter to the parent group, the Sydney mother explains:

“My 6-year-old son came to me today and told me about a song the teacher is playing in class. I looked it up and was horrified.

Kesha's song
Kesha’s song “Timber” sparked controversy with a kindergarten mom.
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“It was Timber from Kesha. The teacher plays it regularly during the pauses for thought, and she accompanies it with a dance video.”

While we’re sad for the mother for failing to enjoy the excellent uplifting tune all these years, we get what she means because the song is… sexy.

She continues, “Some of the lyrics to the song are like, ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall. These big guys are hardworking dogs, I got them like Miley Cyrus, they’re stripped down and twerking in their bras and thongs, face down, butt up, that’s the way we like it…

“Basically, it’s about seducing a girl because … Do I have the right to worry, and if so, what should I do?”

“I’m confused how this can be shown to children”

While some gently told the mother that she was overreacting as the children were too young to grasp the sexual nature of the lyrics, she wasn’t satisfied.

One wrote: “It’s definitely innocent. The kids probably like the tune and, frankly, they don’t really listen or understand the lyrics,” the mother replied. “Yes, they may not understand the text, but children will not understand a lot of inappropriate things, but of course it will still have a negative impact in the long run.”

However, she added: “That’s why we don’t expose them to things beyond their age. I’m confused how these things can be shown to children and then we complain when they behave at a young age and don’t respect each other’s boundaries.”

Other mums suggested there was a kid-friendly version of the song (on Kidz Bops) featuring Kesha dancing with a panda – and the mum confirmed that while that was the case, it was still inappropriate.

While some feel the song is inappropriate, others don't see the harm.
While some feel the song is inappropriate, others don’t see the harm.
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It wasn’t just the poster that saw it that way: one commentator wrote: “The lyrics are cheesy for every stage of life and totally unsuitable for small children.” Many other parents here say it’s acceptable. I think it comes down to your own values ​​and what example you want to set for your children.”

But many others didn’t see the problem.

“God, when I was about that age, I was dancing around singing Vega Boys, boom, boom, boom. I have no idea what the lyrics meant, but I remember dancing around, singing and having loads of fun!”

Another added: “In elementary schools they use Just Dance on YouTube for pauses to think. They play this song on commercial radio stations, so your kids probably heard it many times before they heard it at school.”

But our favorite answer was this: “Google the lyrics of the Macarena…”

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