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A millionaire accidentally discovers he is a father after he meets a homeless girl on the street who asks him for some pennies to support himself and her mother.

“Congratulations Miss Carolyn, you’re 4 months pregnant!” exclaimed a chubby doctor with crossed eyes excitedly as she revealed the test results the young woman had come in.

The doctor, whose name tag identifies her as Dr. Melissa Foster, expected Carolyn to react with equal excitement to the news, but the woman looked worried instead.

A millionaire meets a homeless girl on the street. | Photo: Shutterstock

“What’s wrong?” Melissa asked.

“It’s okay doc, it’s just, I’m not with him anymore,” Carolyn said, bursting into tears.

Melissa didn’t know how to deal with the unexpected tears, but she didn’t need a rocket scientist to know Carolyn meant her father’s child.

This man’s name was Colt, the son of a successful Texas rancher and whom Carolyn caught cheating on the very day she discovered their child was growing inside her.

Earlier that day, Carolyn was visiting a store to pick up some groceries when she spotted Colt walking the aisles with a woman and a child. They looked and acted like a family, then Carolyn heard the child speak.

“Mom, I want chocolate chips,” the boy said, confirming Carolyn’s fear—he was Colt.

Dr. Foster informed Carolyn that she was pregnant. | Photo: Getty Images

Carolyn didn’t wait around to see more. Instead, she left the store without her chosen items and drove home with blurry vision and uncontrollable tears.

She had been burning tissues for some time in her apartment when she suddenly felt nauseated. For the fourth time that week, Carolyn feared she had the flu.

With a heavy heart the next day, she was admitted to the hospital for a thorough health check. If something is wrong with her, she wants to know.

Carolyn was expecting some minor diagnosis of the flu or cold, not believing she was four months pregnant. It was another big shock to the woman until the day before falling in love with a cheater.

“Thank you, Dr. Foster” was all Carolyn could mutter, before walking out of the hospital in shock. All she could think about was how different things could be. In her imagination, Colt would gladly receive the news of the baby and they would begin to plan for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Foster comforts Carolyn as she decides to keep the baby. | Photo: Getty Images

As she drove home, Carolyn began thinking about her next steps. I can’t handle the pain of being mocked by Colt and his family for having his baby, she said to herself. It would be for the best for both of us if I disappeared from his life with no one wiser. Not only could he hurt me and my baby, but he might decide to separate us by asking the child to live with him and his family.

When she got home, Carolyn noticed that Colt had left her several voicemails; he tried to contact her to no avail and interest.

“You lied,” she told the answering machine and quickly began packing a small travel bag.

If Colt couldn’t reach her by phone, she knew he would come find her at her apartment, and she felt unprepared to face him. Not after what he did. She hurriedly packed her things and headed to the airport so that the last flight leaving Houston had her on it.

Colt arrived at her house a few minutes after she exited but was unable to enter. One minute of constant knocking on the door caused Carolyn’s neighbor to walk out irritably.

Carolyn packed for a trip away from Colt. | Photo: Getty Images

“Look, she’s not a man, can’t you tell?” hairy man with poker face growled. “She left with a small travel bag stuffed full of clothes, now run,” the man said before returning home and slamming the door.

Colt never heard from Carolyn again. He regularly drove to the apartment to check on her until one day he found it empty.

“She packed up last week,” her neighbor told him – grumpy as always.

When the child was born, Carolyn realized that the daughter was exactly like her father, with a birthmark under the shape of a heart on her cheek. And because of the white skin that the girl inherited from her mother, the pigmentation is even more prominent.

To care for her daughter, Carolyn takes a job as a cleaner at a restaurant. She lives with her parents, but they don’t have much, especially since they both spend a lot on medicine.

Carolyn named her daughter Trinity and did her best to raise her well. Even the child grows up knowing the exact condition of everything in their home.

Colt worriedly tried to contact Carolyn to no avail. | Photo: Getty Images

When the girl was 6 years old, she saw a homeless person begging for money on the street and decided to do the same to help her mother. To do that, she often skips school, skips school, and returns home later.

One day, the street was bustling with people rushing to have lunch when the girl saw a tall, handsome man deep in thought. Colt was thinking about Carolyn and why she left him when the little girl pulled him by the edge of his expensive coat.

“Sir, do you have a dime for me?” she asked.

Colt rummaged through his pocket for coins, but he also noticed that the girl looked a lot like him. He closed and opened his eyes again to see that he wasn’t hallucinating. But when the man saw the exact mole on her cheek, he froze in shock and his mind started spinning.

“Daughter…” whispered the man and the girl shivered. Colt realized that she was probably surprised to hear him utter the word to her, too.

“We have the same mark,” she said in a sad tone. “My mother said it belonged to royalty.”

Colt was stunned by what was happening; the girl not only has his birthmark but also his blue eyes and full lips. But he was sure there was no way he had a child he didn’t know about.

She agrees to the deal after a while and snatches the money from Colt, after which she rushes back home. | Photo: Shutterstock

“Are you my daughter?” he found himself asking.

“Me? I don’t know you, but I have a mother,” she replied. “Can I have some money?”

“I think she’s my daughter,” Colt said, still trying to rationalize what he was seeing.

His words made the little child’s heart sink and her lips curl into a pout just like his but she was focused on earning the money she wanted – her chances of meeting her father were, anyway. how many, how much?

“Please?” she begged the man to give her money.

In response, he pulled a few dollar bills from his wallet and promised to deliver them to her if she let him see her mother once.

“Mom said don’t follow strangers around but you don’t look like a bad guy,” Trinity said.

She agrees to the deal after a while and snatches the money from Colt, after which she rushes home with him on her heels.

They arrived and found Carolyn lying on the floor with tears in her eyes.

“Mommy?” Trinity called as she ran to her side.

Trinity gave Colt to her mother. | Photo: Getty Images

When Carolyn opened her eyes, she faced her daughter: “Tri, why are you skipping school? I’m so worried about you -“

That single word from Colt, who was standing at the door, silenced Carolyn. Then she slowly turned towards the door and stared at her former lover.

“Dammit?” she cringed as her face turned pale.

Unaware of what was going on, Trinity continued to tell her mother how she wanted to help her earn money so she wouldn’t have to work anymore. She was only silent when she realized that her mother had not once taken her eyes off that man.

“Why did you leave me? Why didn’t you talk to me?” asked the man, his voice full of emotion.

“I saw Mr. Colt,” she said with tears in her eyes. “You were happy with another family!”

“But I told you I got divorced five years before we met,” he groaned. “Is that why you left me the way you did?”

Worried, Carolyn confronts her daughter about truancy. | Photo: Getty Images

Carolyn was shocked at the implications of what Colt told her. Has he never cheated? How could she throw away their future the way she did?

Her emotional turmoil, coupled with the accumulated fatigue from doing various jobs, caused her to lose sleep at that moment, much to Colt’s fear.

He rushed her to the hospital, where she was admitted and equipped with physiological saline to stabilize her internal system. While she was there, Colt took Trinity to his rented apartment to wait for her mother while he returned to her side.

Carolyn was discharged later that night, and Colt took her to his place. He often uses the three-bedroom apartment when he visits New York.

But when Carolyn entered the house, she saw the same woman and child she had seen at the grocery store with Colt years before. And to her surprise, Colt introduced the woman as his sister.

Carolyn sadly realized how wrong she had been in the past and how her hasty decision had caused her pain. Her lover has never been anything but faithful.

After a long, heated discussion, Colt and Carolyn decided to settle things differently, and none was happier than Trinity.

Carolyn was rushed to the hospital after she fainted while talking to Colt. | Photo: Getty Images

What can we learn from this story?

  • Think twice before making that hasty decision. Carolyn caught what looked like her husband was cheating, and instead of trying to dig into the matter, she decided to break things first. She’s trying to free herself from more heartache by quickly deciding to walk away, but in the end, it’s causing her more pain.
  • You can’t run away from everything. Carolyn ran away from Colt because she expected him to treat her badly if he knew about the child he had illegitimate. Instead of communicating with Colt skillfully, she chose to run away to raise her children alone. If fate had not intervened, Carolyn would have denied herself a good husband and daughter a good father.

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