Midwest brother bangs New York bodegas, Twitter mob drives him to get fired

A Midwestern college grad has been fired from his New York tech job after TikTok videos of him complaining about bodegas in the Bronx sparked accusations of racism.

Griffin Green, 24, moved to the Big Apple from Michigan last week to take on a new role as a sales development rep at software firm Outreach – before being booted from the company after a Twitter mob called for his resignation.

The youngster rented out an apartment in the South Bronx after arriving in New York and shared a series of videos with TikTok in which he claimed he was in ‘abundant culture shock’ at his new surroundings.

“Okay, I just moved to New York and I’m going to go grocery shopping, so I’m typing ‘grocery stores’ into my Apple Maps, and every damn store I go to…they’re so s–t,” he explained in a video before the camera pans to show a local bodega.

“Like bro, this isn’t a grocery store,” he continued in the clip. “I try to get eggs, yogurt, cheese and stuff like that. Look at this place for example.”

He later explained, “Like I literally like five of those now, and how, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to make for dinner. For example, where are the Krogers and Whole Foods? Like eating f-king like granola and ramen for dinner, like what the fuck?”

One person immediately shared the clip on Twitter, where it quickly went viral, earning Green the nickname “Bodega Bro.”

The clip garnered widespread attention, with some saying Green exuded white privilege with his insensitive remarks about the Bronx — a neighborhood of the city that represents a minority majority.

Green posted the controversial clips on TikTok last week, complaining that there aren't any major supermarkets near his South Bronx sublet.
Green posted the controversial clips on TikTok last week, complaining that there aren’t any major supermarkets near his South Bronx sublet.

“I’m sure that ‘brother’ thought he was funny, but…did anyone else see that as racist? Or just me?” Blogger Perez Hilton wrote.

TikTok star Dutch De Carvalho also slammed Green, saying: “I mean what, he’s been here for two days? And he found a way to poke fun at the businesses that many people in the community rely on.”

According to Reason, outraged viewers also criticized other clips in which Green surveyed his new surroundings in the Bronx.

“I’m in the Bronx for a couple of weeks, so I’m like the only white guy in this whole gym, so I got this NAACP shirt so these people would swing with me more,” he allegedly said in a video.

In another clip, he reportedly remarked on how many gay people lived in New York and asked if “being gay is just a thing now.”

One of Green's clips showed the inside of a bodega in the South Bronx.
One of Green’s clips showed the inside of a bodega in the South Bronx.

Social media investigators uncovered an older TikTok video of Green submitting a confidential job offer and announcing he was moving to New York City.

The letter revealed he worked at Outreach, and one person tweeted the tech company to alert them to Green’s viral Bodega video.

“I don’t find it very flattering to have that type of person represent your company.” You wrote from a private account. “I would upgrade his job if I were you.”

Range replied later, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. After an investigation, we quickly took internal action in accordance with our company policies and in line with our core values. He is no longer an Outreach employee.”

Green was released from Outreach on his second day.  Outreach claimed it was because he shared a letter of his confidential job offer.
Green was released from Outreach on his second day. Outreach claimed this was because he shared his confidential job offer letter.

The company told Reason they terminated Green because he shared the confidential work letter on social media — not because he posted his controversial videos.

“It is against Company policy for employees to disclose private and confidential information and constitutes grounds for termination,” said Outreach’s Vice President of Communications. “We remain committed to building our culture, which finds strength in our diversity, equity and inclusion – and a company where all can thrive.”

When asked by The Post, an Outreach representative declined further comment.

Green’s TikTok has been switched to private. The Post also contacted him for comment.

After news broke of Green’s immediate dismissal, many hit back at the company, accusing it of giving in to a “woke mob.”

“Bodega Bro should not have been fired. He wasn’t a racist. He was a fish out of water. His TikTok was terrifying, but letting your privileged little craze get blown away by big city food deserts isn’t reason enough to lose your income when moving to a new city for the first time.” said one.

A black woman jumped to Green’s defense and said there was nothing wrong with pointing out a lack of adequate supermarkets in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York City.

“Nah, I’m a black woman who moved from suburban Georgia and had exactly the same reaction, especially when I moved to Flatbush Brooklyn, which has an actual grocery store right there.” she explained. “It’s hard to feed yourself out here, that’s why it’s called a food desert. People shouldn’t have to live like this.”

Green told Reason he got a call from HR and was fired on his second day. He asked for an opportunity to explain himself but says his request was denied.

Green is now reportedly worried about his finances, having just signed a 12-month lease. The company is also reportedly honoring a $2,500 relocation bonus that would have come with his first paycheck.

“People can be portrayed as these mean, horrible people when they’re really just trying to explore new things,” Green said. “I was exploring New York for the first time…I didn’t know people went to those corner stores to buy groceries.”

“It was more of an intention to almost make fun of myself for being a new person in town,” he added.

Several people have sprung to Green's defense, saying he meant no offense and was just a fish out of water raising awareness of the South Bronx access issue.
Several people have sprung to Green’s defense, saying he meant no offense and was just a fish out of water to draw attention to the South Bronx access issue.

A supporter claims Green is a victim of the abandonment culture and has started a fundraiser for him at GiveSendGo.

“‘Bodega Bro’ Griffin Green was wrongly fired from his job outreach for having the audacity to choose Kroger Bodegas,” reads the fundraiser’s description. “After he moved to New York and signed a lease, the awakened mob relentlessly harassed his employer until they gave in and fired him for some TikTok JOKE.”

“Help ‘Bodega Bro’ get back on his feet and have enough money to buy all the eggs, yogurt and cheese he wants from a real supermarket. All proceeds go to Griffin,” the bio continued.

As of Friday, the fundraiser has raised more than $4,200. Midwest brother bangs New York bodegas, Twitter mob drives him to get fired


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