MG HS plug-in hybrid: Improve your standard of living during a stroke

ONE A few months ago, as you may recall, our prime minister appeared at the United Nations General Assembly and spoke about the song “It’s Not Easy Being Green” by Kermit the Frog. The delegates, from Antigua to Zimbabwe must have been surprised by this diversion, but Boris Johnson’s camera doctors (no doubt inspired by the great raconteur himself) then tried to convince them. us that he did it as a very clever way to get attention and discussion about climate change; rather than because he feels bored and profound, seeing the UN as a shop that says many things. At least he didn’t let Miss Piggy mix up with Peppa Pig (a distant cousin I believe).

In any case, as you know, it was a memorable moment and it helped put Cop26 on the agenda and made us all wonder, if only for a moment, how easily it could have come. what level.

That brought me to HS MG naturally. As I’ve praised the qualities of the wonderfully underrated MG brand before, I hope I won’t have to repeat myself now having nothing to do with Rover, being part of a giant automotive conglomerate. Shanghai, and thus the beneficiary of Chinese technology know-how and major investment. MG can improve your family’s standard of living with a stroke.

The company’s still small range of battery-powered vehicles (ZS and MG 5) compact SUVs are starting to gain traction and sales are picking up. Indeed, the MG ZS is the seventh best-selling car in the UK, boosted by its low running costs as a company car. However, the larger SUV model, the HS, is still old-school – petrol/gasoline/electric is only available at this point. Undoubtedly, some all-electric options will eventually emerge, but for now, the HS variants make a useful real-world point about going green via a browser. plug in mixture. It’s basically how not to do it, and you might be better off moving directly to electricity, where you can afford it.


MG HS plug-in hybrid

Price: £32,595 (as tested; range starts at £21,495)

Engine power: 1.5l gasoline 4 cyl, 10-sp automatic + elec engine

Output power (hp): 258 (including electric motor)

Top speed (mph): 118

0 to 60 (seconds): 6.9

Fuel economy (mpg): 155.8 (includes battery use only)

CO2 emissions (WLTP, g/km): 43

You see, the plug-in hybrid version of the HS offers the opportunity to drive for 32 miles on battery power alone and therefore virtually no electricity. Some of the electricity is generated onboard through regenerative braking and the like, and stored in the battery pack, but it’s a small contribution. Most of the electricity to fully charge the battery has to come from plugging it into your domestic mains overnight (that’s how you have to run electric and semi-electric cars. It’s much more expensive to use commercial fast chargers). After you’ve run the 32 “free” miles, the gas engine takes over (in simple terms).

So, using the HS’s electric capability gives you about 150 miles per week of work on almost “free” fuel. Savings would be around £26 a week on fuel compared to using petrol and the equivalent of around £1,300 a year. However, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) variant costs around £10,000 more than the equivalent petrol-only HS and will therefore take around seven years to payback (which coincides with the same period as the petrol-only HS). manufacturer’s warranty MG). The healthy in-kind benefit income tax discount pushes the payback period down to about 4 years for standard rate taxpayers and 3 years for higher rate taxpayers, but still… like Kermit said, it’s not easy. Also, note, I’ve completely bypassed the weight penalty on PHEVs from getting stuck around all the batteries and electric motor when it’s only running on fossil fuels.


There’s a more obvious benefit in the HS PHEV that it accelerates from rest much faster than the petrol-only model, with the powerful electric motor adding some urgency to low revs during the ride. proceedings; but the extra weight makes hustling on the road a bit less enjoyable, and makes the PHEV automatically a pretty lame companion if you put your foot down hard (and no HS can be fair description as sport). What both versions bring is space, comfort and equipment at a very acceptable level for the price, beating smaller models like the VW T-Roc or Peugeot 3008. Materials and quality. of the structure as well as the cabin is quite well equipped. on par with its main competitors, and the MG does relatively well in reliability surveys.


Chinese cars soon gained a reputation as fragile imitations of Western machines, but things are changing very quickly, as you’ll see if you’re adventurous enough to try one. I especially like the simplicity of the controls on the main 10.1-inch touchscreen, although most people probably still prefer a few switches and knobs for the air conditioner, the fit and good ending. The HS has the look and feel of the Mazda CX-30, down to the oversized grille, and I would be surprised to learn that Shanghai Automotive has benchmarked their full-size MG against the (smaller) Mazda CX-30. All HS models come with some kind of cruise control and other driver aids like collision warning as standard, and they work well.

There seems to be a lot of Sinophobia problems at the moment and I know if you plug your smartphone into the MG HS with most of its “connection” the Politburo in Beijing can get the number your mother’s phone, but somehow I doubt whether concerns about China’s alleged data collection are justified. The MG line of motor cars is a powerful reminder of what international trade can do. They are still ruining the atmosphere at an astonishing rate, but in electric car technology and value-building engines, the Chinese are doing something good for consumers. MG HS plug-in hybrid: Improve your standard of living during a stroke


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