Merrick Garland’s latest dirty trick to protect the Bidens

Attorney General Merrick Garland may have just played his final trick to save Joe Biden: appointing a special counsel to delay the prosecution of his son Hunter.

With any luck, the Justice Department’s final official report on the Biden family’s machinations will be released in December 2024, a month after the presidential election.

Maintaining an investigation is the most respectable cover-up scam in Washington.

Federal authorities and the Justice Department dragged out investigations into Hunter’s arms, tax and foreign interference for five years.

Several of his crimes were past the statute of limitations, but given the way his last name was spelled, that was okay.

Despite a string of crimes that would have misled the average American for a decade, Biden’s Justice Department struck a deal in June that allowed Hunter to plead guilty, not serve a day in jail and dodge other federal charges.

That deal fell through when federal judge Maryellen Noreika asked a few questions after being surprised by a sweeping exoneration paragraph added to the plea deal at the last minute.

Since there was no deal, Hunter Biden faced a federal trial.

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden
The Justice Department reached an agreement in June that would allow Hunter Biden to plead guilty without serving a day in jail and avoid federal indictment.
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But Garland came to Hunter’s aid on Friday by appointing David Weiss as special counsel.

As far as Joe Biden is concerned, Weiss is completely trustworthy: he’s the same lawyer who dragged Hunter out for years.

Former White House correspondent Emerald Robinson quipped, “Appointing David Weiss is like appointing a crack guy to ‘investigate’ Hunter Biden.”

According to The Federalist’s Sean Davis, “Weiss demonstrated his loyalty to the Biden family by dropping investigations and giving suspects a tip before searches.” . He refused to question Hunter, hid FBI documents and fired IRS investigators. . .”

Weiss, who negotiated the “preferred son” settlement, was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next month.

David Weiss
According to The Federalist, Weiss “demonstrated his loyalty to the Biden family by dropping the investigation and giving suspects a tip before searches.” . They refused to question Hunter, hid FBI documents and fired IRS investigators.”

Now that he’s a special counsel, an “ongoing investigation” allows the Biden administration to mock congressional demands for testimony and evidence.

As early as June 7, Weiss claimed that he had “ultimate authority” to prosecute Hunter Biden without qualification.

His appointment as Special Counsel blows that claim to pieces.

Is there any reason to believe that Weiss will be more honest in the future?

According to Department of Justice regulations, special counsel must be selected “outside the United States government.”

Weiss is still a Justice Department staffer and his boss is Merrick Garland, whose boss is Joe Biden.

But since he has a new job title, that apparently makes him “independent.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is an archaic maxim still quoted by quirky editorial writers.

But for Team Biden, “truth delayed is truth defused.”

According to journalist Paul Sperry, “The statute of limitations on Hunter Biden’s gun crime expires on October 12.” Pity.

Time is running out for many other potential crimes.

Cover-ups have been a key to Biden’s political power for more than three years, stretching back to his 2020 basement peek-a-boo presidential campaign.

While the investigation into Hunter Biden is likely to stall again, the Justice Department is moving at top speed in the prosecution of President Biden’s most likely opponent in next year’s presidential election.

Regardless of whether one supports Donald Trump, the contrast in the treatment of the Justice Department looks worse than that of Nixon at his worst.

It looks like “the solution has been found” to bury Biden’s family crimes until after the next election – and until Biden can pardon his son without paying a political price.

But any number of problems could turn the recent switch into a mushroom cloud.

The sweetheart plea deal fell through in part because of brave IRS whistleblowers who exposed the rotten core of the federal investigation into Hunter Biden.

Here are some questions that need answering as part of the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Friday that US Attorney David Weiss of Delaware would be given special investigative powers in the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden.

  • What promises did Hunter Biden make to his clients about how he could influence his father?
  • What did Joe Biden discuss with his son’s Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh partners at dinners at Cafe Milano in 2014 and 2015?
  • Has Hunter spoken to his dad about Ukraine, Burisma and the prosecutor Joe Biden pushed to get fired?
  • Has the FBI confirmed — or even investigated — details of a $10 million bribery allegation in Burisma involving Joe and Hunter?
  • Do Joe Biden’s Bank Accounts Show Income From Foreign Business?
  • Why Are Nine Members of the Biden Family Allegedly Received Foreign Funds? And how much did each relative receive?
  • How much did Hunter spend on housing, credit cards, and other expenses shared by his father, thereby enriching the current president, even if he wasn’t paid directly?
  • In the emails with the Chinese company CEFC, is the President mentioned as “the big guy” and what was the 10% he was promised?
  • Did Hunter violate the Foreign Agent Registration Law while working for Ukraine and China?
  • Who are the buyers who have reportedly spent $1.3 million on Hunter’s art since his father became president? Did any of these sales involve illegal influence?
  • How did the sweetheart plea deal come about and why was Hunter initially offered blanket immunity?
  • Did Attorney General Merrick Garland commit perjury by claiming that Weiss could independently file charges in DC and Los Angeles?

Weiss’ appointment as Special Counsel infuriates Americans across the political spectrum and could prompt more disgruntled FBI agents or other federal agencies to speak the truth.

FBI whistleblowers have already obliterated Biden administration plot lines on the school protests, January 6 and domestic terrorism.

Team Biden teaches Americans that “Department of Justice” is often a contradiction in terms.

Who could trust the federal government to police itself after the Biden administration?


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