Men Manipulating Women With Sick New ‘Penny Dating’ Trend: ‘Psychological Torture’

Women can’t do it cent this “sociopathic” behavior.

Men court women using the “penny dating method” – a toxic tactic that treats investments in a relationship like deposits in a piggy bank.

Accordingly Indy100In this method, a man invests 100 percent at the beginning of a romance and then deliberately leaves the effort until his partner is lucky enough to get the bare necessities.

TikToker Erika Tham explained the tactic in one viral video It’s garnered 7.6 million views and plenty of outrage since it was posted earlier this month.

Tham said she had been talking to a male friend about “love bombing” – the act of showering a new partner with constant and extravagant displays of affection at the start of a relationship.

The friend told Tham that men have their own twisted version of this tactic, called the “penny method.”

The pal explained that men think of a woman as a “piggy bank” and adjust their investments accordingly.

“To get her interested, you first have to give her hundred-dollar bills,” the male friend told Tham. “Now it’s getting sick.”

TikToker Erika Tham explained the tactic in a viral video that has garnered 7.6 million views and plenty of outrage since it was posted earlier this month.
Women can’t do much with this scary dating trend.
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The friend further explained the adjustments in attention over time. A man would intentionally decrease the amount of attention he gives the girl before increasing it ever so slightly to appease her. However, over time, the investments become less as the woman’s self-esteem is damaged.

So if a man has invested 100 percent and captured her attention at the beginning of a relationship, he then reduces his investment to 90 percent.

“The next thing you do is increase the value back to 95,” the male friend told Tham. “Instead of feeling like they lost 5 points, suddenly they feel like they gained 5 points.”

“Basically, you repeat this cycle over and over again, weaning her off of your efforts, until you get to the point where you give her a few cents and all of a sudden she’s happy about a cent,” Tham explained.

The trend is for men to give their wives a lot of attention and then strategically decrease and increase the attention over time.
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The TikToker was horrified by the man’s confession and implored her female followers to pay close attention to her partner’s behavior.

“Never accept bills less than $100,” Tham explained.

The post has reached out to the content creator for comment.

Tham said the dating trend “scares” her.

Tham’s followers were extremely disturbed by the video and left a series of outraged messages.

“The penny method is CRAZY,” complained one.

“Sociopathic math,” chimed in another.

“You can’t convince me this isn’t psychological torture,” complained a third.

“This is literally breadcrumbs,” said another, referring to the “breadcrumbs” dating trend in which romantic partners settle for mere breadcrumbs of affection.

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