Mark Meadows’ Latest Text: Debate Disregards Congressional Resolution Against Trump Aide

Liz Cheney Opens Up Criminal Introductory Against Trump For His Inaction on January 6

House Select Committee investigating January 6 Capitol The rioters have proposed the prosecution of the former president Donald Trumpof the former Chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

The selection committee said in its disdain report his refusal to testify about the January 6 uprising is hindering the investigation.

The committee voted in advance to refer Mr. Meadows to the US Department of Justice on contempt charges of Congress, and the full House will debate and vote on the measure on December 14.

Committee members also released texts between Mr. Meadows and Donald Trump Jr and Fox News personalities, among others, revealing that they had urged Mr. Trump to stop the riots in real time. .

Mr Meadows has accused congressional Democrats of trying to “fake” information he had previously provided to the committee when he faced explosive charges of treason.


House began to argue for the right to rule for the debate at the Meadows . contempt settlement

House lawmakers are debating the rule of thumb in the Meadows contempt resolution, after which they will move on to debate the resolution itself.

During the leading debate on the House floor, select committee member and House Rules Committee member Jamie Raskin read documents to Meadows selected by the committee, including those obtained by the committee. copies from Fox News personalities, begging the president to do something about the attack on Congress. on January 6.

“We need to find out what happened to those claims,” he said.

Alex WoodwardDecember 14, 2021 17:42


DC files civil lawsuit against Proud Boys, Oath Keepers

Washington DC’s Attorney General announced today a major civil suit in the style of old anti-Klan suits targeting the Proud Boys, the Oath-Keepers, and prominent members of the two organizations.

The lawsuit, seeking damages, will be determined in court for the damage caused to the US Capitol and surrounding areas when the two organizations, along with thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters. , burst through the police barricade, smashed the window and tried to enter the building.

“I am suing the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, the first civil action by a government organization against the insurgents on January 6. They have caused great damage to the County, its people our owners and especially the brave men and women of our Metropolitan Police Department,” said AG Karl Racine.

“Today, we are holding these insurgents accountable for their plot to terrorize the County by planning, promoting, and participating in the deadly attack on the Capitol. I am seeking damages in this case and will continue to work to ensure such an assault never happens again,” he continued.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 17:35


DC Attorney General Sues Proud Boys and Oath Keepers Over Roles Jan. 6

Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine has filed a civil lawsuit from a government agency against those involved in the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

“Today, we are holding these insurgents accountable for their plot to terrorize the County by planning, promoting, and participating in the deadly attack on the Capitol,” he announced Thursday. Three. “I am seeking damages in this case and will continue to work to ensure such an assault never happens again.”

Alex WoodwardDecember 14, 2021 17:20


Cheney supports her party for developing the story to explain the riots

Rep. Liz Cheney, vice chair of the committee January 6, took time in her speech to the Rules committee during a discussion of a resolution that defames Mark Meadows to strongly criticize members of the House of Representatives. member of her party for downplaying the riot after initially seriously considering it. .

“We, as Republicans, have been in agreement on this point about what happened on January 6th and the responsibility of the president to stop it. We all remember what the Leader said. Republican McCarthy spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives next week,” she said, pointing to texts from Republicans desperately begging Mr. Meadows to spur Donald Trump to appeal to his supporters. that.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 17:15


Rules Committee approves Meadows . contempt solution

The House Rules Committee voted pro-Democrat lines to introduce a resolution disapproving of former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows into the House.

It’s unclear when the full house will vote on the resolution due to the upcoming holiday season, but Mr Meadows will almost certainly become the second former member of Congress to be disregarded by the body.

Mr Meadows has attacked Democrats in Congress for allegedly trying to “fake” information he previously provided to the committee on January 6, but has faced charges. There was an outburst of treason from Democrats, who argued that he was more loyal to Trump than to his own country.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 16:54


Committee Chairman January 6: Members may be implicated

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the committee chair Jan. 6 declined to reveal the names of members who messaged Mr Meadows about the riots but said some could be considered collaborators. for their participation.

“The information we have received is quite revealing, about the members of Congress involved in the activities of January 6, as well as the staff,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 16:30


The Democratic Rules Committee considers Meadows’ conduct to be treason

Rep. Ed Perlmutter, a Colorado Democrat serving on the House Rules Committee, made the explosive suggestion Tuesday that Mark Meadows was entering treasonous territory with his refusal to legal with the committee on January 6.

At the Rules Executive Committee meeting, the congressman suggested that Mr. Meadows was putting loyalty to former President Donald Trump above loyalty to the country.

“Treason against the United States would consist solely of waging war against them, or approaching the enemy, providing them aid and consolation. Treason is… the crime of attacking a government agency to which one has allegiance,” said Mr. Perlmutter.

“All of a sudden everything stopped because there’s a pledge of allegiance to Donald Trump on and off the Constitution here, which is really scary… that’s why I think we’re going to see an Amendment. fifth sentence is committed,” he continued.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 16:10


Cheney reads more text for Meadows from GOP legislators

Representative Liz Cheney appeared at a House Rules Committee meeting on Tuesday and read more texts from GOP lawmakers brought by Mr Meadows to the panel selected to investigate the attack. January 6.

“It’s really bad here on the Hill,” one Republican wrote to Mr. Meadows, according to Ms. Cheney.

“The president needs to stop this as soon as possible.”

Many of these Republicans have colleagues in their caucus who have publicly downplayed the events of the Capitol riots and theorized that it was peaceful by or violence instigated by the government or far-left infiltrators.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 15:50


GOP sources in North Carolina say that Meadows tried to reverse the preliminaries in 2016

Multiple sources close to Mr. Meadows and involved with the Republican Party of North Carolina said The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg that the former congressman tried to encourage GOP delegates to represent the state at the 2016 Republican National Convention in favor of Sen Ted Cruz over Donald Trump.

A former GOP state party official as well as someone close to Mr Meadows described how the Cruz supporter at the time “went very far in convincing people not to support anyone else”. [but Mr Cruz]. ”

“He was very vocal in trying to get people to change their vote,” said a former senior member of the GOP state.

They added: “I would say that … he may take the will of the voters as a mere suggestion … He has a track record of being undisciplined and he has a track record of trying to make things right. That way is in both the short and long term, destructive.”

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 15:30


Faced with texts, Meadows complains Democrats ‘fabricated’ his words

In an interview with the right-wing broadcaster Newsmax, often friendly territory for members of former President Donald Trump’s inner circle, the former White House chief of staff confronted Rob Schmitt about the documents. version he received from a Fox News host begging him to act. January 6.

“They’ve received reports of text messages you’ve sent them showing Fox hosts saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got to get this under control, Trump needs to say something. Don Jr is saying something,” Mr. Schmitt told Mr. Meadows, before asking for his response.

Mr. Meadows offered no explanation for what went on at the White House as he received messages from allies in the media and Capitol Hill begging for help, turning instead to attacks. White House selection committee.

“[W]the hat that we found out tonight is that it’s not only despised, but then they try to weaponize the text messages, selectively leak them, to give a story that the president has not acted,” while claiming that he tried to cooperate with the panel that voted on Monday to decriminalize him.

John BowdenDecember 14, 2021 15:10 Mark Meadows’ Latest Text: Debate Disregards Congressional Resolution Against Trump Aide


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