Man suspects his pregnant wife is cheating and takes a DNA test after the baby is born

A man’s suspicions rise to new heights when he wonders if his pregnant wife is really carrying his child or someone else’s. Immediately after the baby was born, he secretly took the newborn’s DNA sample and hurriedly took it for testing.

A man can’t wait for his baby to be born, not because he’s eager to become a father, but because he wants to take the paternity test to see if the baby is real. your own or not. Two weeks after the baby was born, he took to the internet to vent his frustration, citing he was “seeking support” after the unthinkable truth came to light.

Redditor LifeIsntFairYet was happily married to his second wife. His previous marriage ended bitterly, and he did his best to preserve his second marriage. While everything seems perfect, he suspects his wife is hiding “something” from him, especially since she repeatedly refuses to let him use her phone.

OP’s wife welcomes their baby | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) took great care of his pregnant wife and made sure he was there for her whenever she needed him. His wife is a doctor, and she often talks about a male nurse who works with her.

The OP’s wife sometimes recalls how this guy in her hospital shared strange stories about him feeding married women. OP thought it was ridiculous and initially ignored the signal.

He trusts his wife and sees no signs of red in their relationship until he notices a drastic change in her behavior regarding his access to her phone. that.

OP is an excited father-to-be who is soon caught up in a wave of suspicions about his wife’s pregnancy | Photo: Unsplash

If she gave her phone whenever OP asked to check Google maps or browse something, the situation would be different.

Unfortunately, seeds of suspicion arose in the OP’s mind as his wife’s behavior towards her phone passed with each passing day.

After thinking deeply, the OP decided to do a paternity test when the child was born. OP was restless, and one evening he secretly collected swabs from his child’s cheeks.

OP secretly took a DNA sample from his baby | Photo: Pexels

He hid the test kit in his briefcase and was pretty confident his wife wouldn’t find out. He then sent them in as two separate samples while grocery shopping and getting the results online. The OP prayed hard and hoped the results would prove his assumptions wrong.

The OP decides to handle his AOP and doubts whether the male nurse could be the father of the baby.

But twice proved that the child his wife gave birth to is not his. He broke down because he even signed the Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) document when the child was born. Confused with the stressful truth, he went online to seek advice.

Paternity test results dropped a bomb on OP’s life | Photo: Pexels

Some people flooded the OP’s post with advice and suggestions, and among them were users Adventure_Kiwi1759, who advise:

“You need to see an attorney IMMEDIATELY to argue paternity. It’s called avowal. Otherwise, you will have to pay child support for the next 18 years.”

Meanwhile, some users suggested that OP could file for paternity testing in court instead of taking everything into his own hands. However, the OP has a reason not to take the matter to court.

OP refrains from taking things to court | Photo: Pexels

“I have no solid evidence that she cheated. Just gut feeling based on instinct and experience (my first marriage). I don’t want to blow up my marriage because of a gut instinct, ‘OP explain.

He claimed he didn’t want to go the legal route and forced his wife to participate in a paternity test. He feared his confrontation could cost him his marriage if the DNA results backfired.

The OP decided to handle his AOP, suspecting the male nurse might be the baby’s father, but asserting he could also be wrong. He offered no further updates on how he is navigating the situation, but he was stubborn that it would be difficult for him not to develop trust issues with his wife, even though he did. refrain from confronting her.

OP doesn’t trust his wife anymore | Photo: Pexels

If you were the OP, what steps would you take after learning your wife lied to you about your paternity?

Even though the OP knows that he is not the father of the child his wife gave birth to, he refuses to tell her about it. In his place, would you do the same to save your marriage or confront your partner and move on?

OP wondered if he would still have to cover child support for 18 years even if he wasn’t the biological father but claimed his wife would refuse monetary support. What is your opinion?

Some argue that OP will have to pay child support if he doesn’t divorce his wife or wait a few more years to file. Others argued that he would still have to pay if he hadn’t notified of the paternity dispute in the divorce. OP suspects his wife won’t get any child support from him on the grounds that she’s independent. Do you think she will refuse a monthly payment from him if the divorce is done?

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