Man helps woman lift stroller, then sees cross necklace he buried with his baby on her baby

A man’s single act of kindness leads him and his wife on a journey that reunites her with siblings she never knew she had.

It was a beautiful evening in New York when Jude Fiddlestein left the hotel for a walk to clear her troubled mind. He is an entrepreneur who has come to New York to attend an annual business conference that he hopes will help him expand his network in the business world.

That evening, Jude felt the pain of loss that came when he had lost his daughter in June a few months before. He and his wife Megan did their best to work through the loss, but it was difficult – the child was their reason for living, and her death was unnecessary.

Jude sees a woman pushing a stroller and decides to lend a hand | Source: Shutterstock

She passed away after an overworked surgeon made a mistake while removing her appendix. It made it harder for the couple to move on; During the first few months, they made sure that the surgeon and the organization were properly punished.

“It’s not a settlement,” Megan told reporters covering the lawsuit, which began when the Mount Sinai hospital tried to cover up the accident.

“We just want to make sure people are aware of this and it doesn’t happen to other people. We wish no one had had such a bad experience,” she said.

After justice is served, the couple is still left with their grief and both use different coping mechanisms. Megan spent time crying in June’s room or in Jude’s arms, and her hairstyling work was put on hold.

On the other hand, Jude plunged into his work. When he’s not comforting his wife, crying behind her back, or sleeping soundly, he’s working. That’s why when he came across the business conference in New York, he jumped at it.

Megan spent time crying in June’s room or in Jude’s arms | Source: Pexels

The conference went well; It starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. Jude should have returned on the first flight back to Houston; however, he still didn’t want to travel, so he decided to go back on the first flight the next day.

As he sprawled out in his hotel room, grief swirled over him, eating him until he felt empty. To try to shake off that feeling, he decided to go for a walk as soon as the sun went down.

He hadn’t been away long when he came across a woman with two grocery bags full of groceries threatening to topple her. She also struggles to deal with all of that by pushing a heavy-looking stroller containing her baby up the few stairs leading to her apartment.

Jude, a former parent, felt nostalgic at the sight of the child, and as if they were thinking of their own, his legs carried him toward the woman and her child.

Jude offers to help the woman with the stroller | Source: Pexels

“Need help?” he asked, smiling brightly.

It seemed to prevent the woman from making a negative impression of him, so she answered sincerely. “Yes, I would love that, thank you,” she said, stepping aside to let him hold the stroller.

He watched the child as he bent to lift the stroller off the ground and up the steps. It was a handsome young man with surprisingly blue eyes that held him ransom for the few heartbeats it took to climb the stairs – it felt like an eternity.

“Thank you for helping me with the stroller, I’m Sally,” the woman said as they reached the top.

“I’m Jude and it’s nothing to worry about,” he said, his eyes on hers.

“Do you have any children of your own? Because you seem to feel horrible at home staring at me,” Sally said, lifting her baby to hold it in her arms.

Jude watched the child as he bent to lift the stroller off the ground and onto the steps | Source: Pexels

“I have been,” he said very quietly; she would miss it if she didn’t fully pay attention to him.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, a shadow streaking across her face.

“My wife and I lost our daughter a few months ago – she’s 9, the surgeon’s mistake,” he said mechanically, trying to separate from the grief.

“Do you want to hold him?” Sally asked.

“I would.. like that,” he said gratefully.

As he returned the baby to his mother, he noticed something around his neck; it was a handmade necklace attached to a pendant, and when Jude looked at it, he paled.

When Jude returned the baby to his mother, he noticed a handmade pendant on a pendant around the baby’s neck | Source: Pexels

“Are you ok?” Sally asked. “You don’t look very good.”

“May I have a glass of water?” he asked trembling.

“Of course, just a minute.”

The next day, Jude is on the first flight back home, and he has important news for his wife. “I had the strangest encounter yesterday with a woman and her baby,” he told her when he got home.

“The kid had a handmade necklace around his neck – like the one we buried with June,” he said.

“What?” Megan said, shocked. “That can’t be; it’s a handmade accessory my mother made for me before she sent me to the orphanage. It had my initials and I got it when I came of age. There’s only one of them.”

“That woman doesn’t consider me a gravedigger,” said Jude, and after a moment of silence added, “Could it be that you have a sister?”

That sparked Megan’s ability, and the next day, he took her to the woman’s house. There, she discovers that the woman has a copy of the pendant but with different initials.

When Jude got home, he told his wife about his encounter with the woman and her child | Source: Pexels

“This pendant seems important to both of you so I feel it’s only right to tell you that I wore it around my neck when I was sent to an orphanage as a child,” Sally told them.

“The point is,” Jude told Sally, “my wife also owns a pendant like that but we buried it with our deceased child, which is why we were shocked when we saw it. see a copy.”

Thinking that this was more than just a coincidence, they all decided to find out more so they hired a private investigator who specializes in taking pictures of the cross and will return information on where it was made after several days.

When Jude is busy with work, the two women decide to go to the store where they meet an old man with gray hair.

“I remember this part,” he said with a slow smile. “I made three a long time ago for this woman who wanted it for her three children.”

“Three kids?” Sally asked.

Two women are shocked to learn that they have another biological brother | Source: Shutterstock

At the question, the man immobilizes her with a penetrative state, then he points out how similar both women looked to the woman in the past. “You have her chin,” he said to Sally, and to Megan he said, “You have her eyes.”

The women gasped, but the man continued.

“She loves you so much and is very bothered to adopt all three of you, that’s why she sends you all to different orphanages. She makes necklaces with the hope I hope one day it can bring you together I don’t usually do this but since you are her child I will check my sales record and tell you her name. ”

At that moment, the two women turned to look at each other in shock. This means there is a third person with the same cross – they have another sibling!

“Why did she leave us?” Megan asked.

“She’s a sick woman and won’t have much time left to raise her grandchildren,” the man said quietly, leaving to check his records.

Store owners check their sales records for their mother’s name | Source: Pexels

Soon, the two women spoke to the private detective again, giving him specific instructions on finding out who he was. “Her name is Lily Solander and she lived in Houston, Texas from 1999 to 2003,” they told him.

Meanwhile, Megan and Sally who can’t believe their fortune start spending time together. They finally found their brother in a distant city on the other side of the country, and just in time. They discovered that they would lose him if he was only a few days late because he had almost lost all will to live.

The man is homeless and has no prospects in life. He was adopted at an orphanage by a good family but after they died in an accident; Their family kicked him out so they could get rich.

He has been on the streets ever since, unable to move forward in life and forced to beg to survive. When he meets the women, he learns their mother’s stories, and his heart aches for her and his sisters. He wept bitterly as his sisters embraced him, grateful for their reunion.

Meanwhile, Jude, who had started this journey, sat in his car, watching over his sister-in-law’s child. “I’m not crying,” he told the baby he held in his arms as he grabbed the tissue. “You are.”

Jude almost cried in the car while holding his wife’s sister’s baby | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • Everything happens for a reason. Sadly, the tragedy that Megan and her husband endured eventually led to the discovery of her siblings and mother. It was a silver lining, an emotional and desperate struggle for a woman who had just lost something precious.
  • Be helpful; you don’t know where it could lead. When Jude decided to help Sally that evening, he could never have guessed where it would lead. His reward for helping her was that his wife discovered her family. She had lost something precious, but in the end, gained something equally priceless – her family.

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