Man buys lilies for cash-strapped girl at flower shop, then sees them on his wife’s grave – Story of the Day

A grieving man pays his late wife for flowers from a penniless girl at a florist and his act of kindness changes his life.

For Richard Preston, Sunday was even worse. Sundays were the days when he and Anne stretched out in bed for hours, talking and watching shadows run across the ceiling, eating pancakes and dropping crumbs on the sheets.

On a Sunday, Anne passed away. Richard awoke to find her clutching his arm, her sweet face contorted, her other hand cupping her swollen belly. Richard rushed her to the hospital, but to no avail. Anne is dead, and their child with her. It was a Sunday.

Richard’s kind gesture at a florist changed his life | Source: Shutterstock.com

Two years have passed, but for Richard, it feels like a week has passed. He couldn’t seem to get out of that smoke of pain. He missed Anne constantly, and her loss left a hole in his life.

Richard walks into his favorite florist on his way to the cemetery. The man had prepared his bouquet for Anne: lilies of the valley, and baby’s breath, and a sprig of jasmine to remind him of her perfume.

But when Richard walks in, he finds himself in the middle of a conflict. A slim girl in her mid-teens stood in the middle of the store, fists clenched, chin raised, hazel eyes burning with fire.

“Please,” she said, and her voice trembled. Richard saw that the glint in her eyes were tears she was holding back, not anger. “I know I don’t have enough money for the lilies, but I’ll work for them… Cleaning, sweeping…”

Two years later, Richard is still haunted by his wife’s death | Source: Unsplash

The florist just kept shaking his head. “Girl, I tell you these lilies are from a regular customer and I won’t sell them to you if you have enough $25!”

“But you don’t understand!” the girl cried. “I have to have them, for HIS! They’re her favorites. I’ll give you the phone, I’ll bow to you if that’s necessary, but please!”

The girl bowed proudly and began to kneel on one knee and that was when Richard intervened. He stepped forward quickly and placed his hand under her elbow. “You don’t bow to anyone, do you hear me?” Richard said. “Had been, for anything!”

“Hey Jack,” Richard said to the florist. “Is it my lilies that this young lady wants?” Jack nodded and Richard continued: “In that case, give them to her. I’ll pay for them.”

Every week he gives Anne a bouquet of her favorite lilies of the valley | Source: Unsplash

The florist handed the bouquet to the girl who was burying her face in the cool petals. “Oh, it’s even SMALL like her!” She panted. Then, with a grateful look at Richard, she was gone.

Richard pulled out his wallet and paid Jack the lilies. “I tell you what Jack, give me a bunch of those lilies if you don’t mind.” As he walked out of the store, Richard thought of the girl.

Anne wouldn’t mind if he gave the girl her lilies. Anne gave her life to girls like her, she will give her flowers too. Richard smiled for the first time in a long time as he recalled Anne’s passion for her work.

Anne has been a social worker and has worked with young girls at risk, helping them get out of bleak situations and find them happy homes. “Oh Anne,” he whispered. “I almost forgot your smile and how much you love life!”

There was a young girl at the florist trying to buy Anne’s favorite flowers | Source: Pexels

Richard walked to the cemetery with a hazy memory of happy memories, but when he arrived at Anne’s grave, he was amazed. The slender girl from the flower shop there carefully placed the lilies on Anne’s grave.

When she heard Richard’s footsteps, she turned and stared, her mouth open, looking very young and very vulnerable, with tears streaming down her cheeks. “You? Do you know HIM too? She saved my life…” said the girl.

Richard nodded and gently placed the lilies beside the lilies of the valley. “Anne is my wife,” he said softly. “And you could say she saved my life too.”

“OH!” the girl cried. “I didn’t know she was gone… They told me yesterday. I couldn’t believe it, she’s alive, so happy. I don’t know how she was so happy to do so. working with a lot of unhappy people like me.”

Richard pays for the girl’s flowers | Source: Unsplash

Richard smiled. “I’ve wondered the same thing many times, but it’s Anne. Are you one of her girls?”

“Yes,” said the girl. “I’m Meghan. Anne trusted me when no one else did, and she took me away and kept me safe. I love her.”

“I’m Richard,” Richard said and stepped forward to shake Meghan’s hand. “How do you know, about the lilies I mean?”

Meghan smiled. “She always has a bunch in her office, she says her husband always brings her flowers… I guess that’s you!”

Richard nodded. “Yes, that’s me! Listen, want a cup of coffee?”

Richard was stunned to see the girl put flowers on Anne’s grave | Source: Pexels

Meghan did and for hours the two sat in a small cafe talking about Anne. Meghan is now almost 18 and nearing the end of her age from the system, and the reason she came to Anne was she wanted advice on how to survive on her own.

“Well,” said Richard slowly. “Perhaps you won’t be alone. I have a big, multi-room house and you can stay there. You’re Anne’s daughter, I guess you’re my daughter too. What do you say?”

Over the next six months, Richard and Meghan became best friends, and when she was 18, she moved into Richard and Anne’s house and started college. A year later, Richard legally adopted Meghan. In the end, he and Anne had the child they had always dreamed of.

Richard adopted Meghan and they became best friends | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • The best way to honor the legacy of a loved one is to continue their work. Richard did what Anne would do: he took care of Meghan, adopted her, and gave them both what they needed most – a family.
  • The good we do will last long after we die. Anne is gone, but her love continues to enrich Richard and Meghan’s lives.

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