Mackenzie Phillips ”Once a Day” Her family helped her cope with chronic substance abuse

While battling addiction, Mackenzie Phillips was fired from “One Day at a Time” twice. Her heartbreaking experience stems from the influence of her father, who taught her to experiment with cocaine at an early age.

American actress Mackenzie Phillips had a traumatic childhood. She says she doesn’t even recall the heartbreaking, intense situations she endured making a living as a teenager due to the severity of her experiences.

During a video conference in Utah in March, Phillips noted that major trauma survivors have no memory. She recalls an example when a film producer reminded her of the details she went through as a 12-year-old starring in a Hollywood movie years later.

(L) Actress Mackenzie Phillips signs copies of her new book “Hopeful Healing: Essays On Management Recovery And Surviving Addiction” at Barnes & Noble at The Grove on February 28, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (R) Cast portraits of “One Day at a Time” released on set in 1977, Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images

The singer spoke candidly about the addiction that developed after her troubled childhood during the Addiction Annual Conference at Utah Valley University.

She revealed that she learned the shocking details of her youth while attending a screening of the 1973 comedy film, “American Graffiti,” in which she starred at the age of 12.

“One Day at a Time” actor Mackenzie Phillips as Julie Cooper January 1, Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images

At the time of the film, Phillips was already a mother in her 30s. A producer on the film asked her if she remembers getting off the plane alone carrying a “fake leather suitcase” to film the movie. She remember:

“And we said to you, ‘Where’s your guardian? You’re only 12. You can’t be alone. “

She shared that her heart started pounding, and her hands started shaking at that very moment. Additionally, she discovers that the producer has to find a way to be her legal guardian for the duration of the series, and she ends up having to live with his family. Among the shocking details, Phillips speak:

“I have no recollection, and I still don’t to this day. I’m telling you that story because it shows how real life trauma is.”

Although she doesn’t recall some of the incidents, the 62-year-old has symptoms that she says have affected her throughout her life. These include restlessness, insomnia, and irritability.

That said, it’s just one example of her childhood with addiction-stricken parents. In addition, she had an incestuous relationship with her father, John Phillips, and has resolved public family disputes for ten years.

Most notably, Phillips’ instability led to her becoming a “child addict” as she became addicted to drugs throughout her teenage years.

At one point, she hitchhiked around Los Angeles, stole, lied, and even assaulted. The Virginia-born girl later landed a role on the hit sitcom “One Day at a Time” and discovered paradise and a sense of belonging among her colleagues, including Norman Lear, who hire her.

However, the addiction crept into her and derailed her success, leading to her being fired. Phillips notes that these days, actors are given the opportunity to work through their addictions, and that’s often shows that temporarily write down their characters while they get help.

In turn, this allows them to make a profit. Phillips more, “We’re removing the stigma. We’re removing the shame.” The foregoing is why she insisted on going public to help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction.

The “So Weird” star eventually managed to quit drugs for years but eventually relapsed. The turning point was when the former child star was caught using heroin in 2008 at an airport while on her way to appear on “Rachel Ray Show” starring “One Day at a Time”.

She realized she could help others overcome addiction during that time, and she decided to go back to school to work in a treatment center.

For the past few years, Phillips has worked at the Breathe Life Healing Center in Pasadena, California. Talking about the whole experience of it, she stated:

“I found a second representation of the kind of family I felt when I started working on ‘One Day at a Time’. A safe family, a wonderful family. ”

In July 2016, she appeared on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” and reveal some of the contributing factors to her problems. Phillips revealed she suffered from long-term undiagnosed mental illness, alcoholism and rampant addiction.

The star blamed her genetic traits on her addictions, including being introduced to those behaviors at an early age. When Phillips was ten years old, her father, John (of The Mamas & Papas), taught her how to roll the joint.

At the age of 11, the mother of one child was exposed to cocaine for the first time. She was first arrested while still a minor, a week before her 18th birthday.

Phillips says this behavior doesn’t seem unusual because she’s used to witnessing out-of-control behavior. Seeing adults around her high on drugs and performing dangerous acts made her think that all adults do the same.

At one point, Phillips questioned whether she was somehow responsible for the challenges in her life, thinking there was something wrong with her or was being punished.

“At that moment, the genetic monster inside woke up and said, ‘Oh my, I’m hungry.’ I have fed the beast, and the beast is a shame. The beast doesn’t understand neglect, doesn’t understand mistreatment,” she said. explain.

She recounted that she truly believed that something was wrong with her when she was young, but no one told her. As a result, that confusion left her feeling out of place throughout her childhood.

In an exclusive interview with Variety in November 2019, Phillips openly talked about his sobriety. When asked what motivated her stay awake, She says being resilient is the trick.

Furthermore, the author revealed that she never expected to live to 60. She added that she is lucky to have the opportunity to see life through her only child, son Shane Baraka, 34, Notably, no addiction.

Phillips said she was a bit shocked that Shane didn’t have to go through similar struggles but stressed how lucky she was about it.

Additionally, she was asked how she balances being a mentor and an actress. Phillips says she is very passionate about her work at Breathe and is fortunate to be employed by people who want her to be independent, be it writing books or acting in film and television.

Despite a lot of work, she remembers that her rehabilitation program at Breathe and her family must come first.

In March 2021, Phillips and Brandon Lamm launched a recovery themed podcasts. While she grew up struggling with addiction, Lamm is an interventionist who spends her days on the front lines of rehab.

Since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic, the two have discovered that people have become more addicted than ever.

With that in mind, Phillips says their program will allow them to reach people who are struggling with substance abuse to let them know they are not alone.

In addition to helping those in need, Phillips has come a long way to find himself since his addiction. She even returned with “One Day at a Time Reboot” in December 2016.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the franchise was streaming on Netflix at the time. However, Phillips did not return to reprise his role as rebellious eldest daughter Julie in the CBS original.

Instead, she will guest-star as Pam, a psychologist and therapist leader for a female veteran. Her casting reunited her with Lear, who had had to fire her twice before.

The comedy show was an instant hit. Everything went according to plan until the third season came out. Phillips was arrested and lied about the incident when she appeared uncredited on “Dinah and Her New Best Friends” in 1976.

Things continued to go downhill during the 1979-1980 run, where she began to get tired and show up late for rehearsals. She made it difficult for the group and the producers decided to give her a six-week break.

She went into remission from the series in 1980, going to rehab, and then back in 1981. However, Phillips was in trouble again after falling asleep during rehearsals in 1983.

Producer Patricia Fass Palmer asked her to join drug test, but she refused and chose to leave instead. Despite the bad experience, she recovered and returned to acting.

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