Lost Ark crafting and trading skills explained

There’s more to live in Lost beer keg than demons kill people and run in dungeons. It’s a joy to find materials harvested from a variety of sources across the wide variety of areas you’ll explore.

You don’t have to worry about upping your skills right after character creation, but after progressing a bit through the main story, you’ll eventually arrive at a place called Lakebar Village where you’ll have to build Build an important item. At this point, the game’s Trading Skills will open to you.

As you progress through the next areas, quests will appear that explain Trade Skills to you and reward you with improved tools. Life skills require the use of Life Energy, additional energy every day but can also be supplemented with medicine.

All life skills


Fishing with a fishing tool can be completed in any body of water, but you are more likely to land rarer fish at fishing spots marked with hooks on your map.

Go to a location and use the Floating Fishing skill to make your way. When the bait is held underwater by the fish and an exclamation mark appears, click again to catch your fish.

Over time, you can level up your fishing to unlock new skills like bait throwing, barrel fishing, and net fishing.

Earn a living

Searching is the process of collecting different types of plants and herbs. It requires a Finder and an item you can collect, marked with a leaf on your minimap. Just go to a earnable item and click on it.

As you level up the foraging skill, you’ll be able to collect mushrooms and Ether.


Logging allows you to cut down trees for wood and requires a Logging Ax. Trees that you can cut down are marked with a piece of wood on the map.

With more levels in mining, you’ll be able to chop down stronger trees, grow saplings into mature ones, and kick trees to drop extra items.


Hunting is how you collect game meat in Lost beer keg. When your Life Skills bar is equipped, you can activate the Seek skill to make it easier to spot prey while in hunting areas, marked with a bear trap icon on your map .

When you spot your prey, you can use the Throw skill to throw the hunting ax to slow it down or kill it. Then you can collect from its carcass. After leveling up your hunting skills, you can unlock more methods of tracking and setting hunting traps.


Mining is how you gather iron and other important ores and metals. It requires a Miner or pickaxe, and a mineable vein of ore appears on your minimap as a green rock. Go up the vein and click on it to tap it.

With increased mining, you can increase your chances of getting special items with skills like Perfect Timing and Moonlight Miner.


Excavation is the process of finding relics. Use your Sonar skill to spot potential Relics around you for a period of 30 seconds. As you get close, use the Relic Search skill to hone them. Eventually, a Relic Trace will appear and you can dig a Relic from there.

With improved excavation skills, you can increase your odds of finding treasure and even use Sniper Dogs.

What are Trade Skills used for?

Trading skills have many uses in Lost beer keg. Mining and logging are especially valuable when gathering resources for your Stronghold. All Skills are also important to gather the resources needed to craft various items, which can be completed by talking to many crafting NPCs around the world. Lost Ark crafting and trading skills explained

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