Liz Cheney Shredded Jim Jordan Introducing Mark Meadows’ Statement

Jim Jordan certainly likes to humiliate himself. He often meaningless tweets that just got him hooked. He throw fit in hearings he doesn’t like. He even did it on the floor of the House of Commons. He did so again on Tuesday, as he tried to defend Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff who was on the January 6 committee – which almost Jordanian, coincidentally – voted for him with contempt of Congress. His words were thwarted by falsehood, and one of his fellow Republicans was sure to patiently call him out with his BS.

After taking the podium, Jordan put in the Democratic party, accusing them of preventing Republicans from serving on the January 6 committee, as well as of trying to end the mayhem, turn DC into a state, and “pack the courts.” (All three of which they haven’t been able to do, thanks in part to… other Democrats.) He also claimed they were trying to “destroy executive privilege,” the pretext Trump and others His friends were wrongly relied on, even though it only protected the sitting president.

And he cried a few tears for Mark Meadows, “my friend”. He asserts that looking down on him is “wrong more wrong”, and that the real reason for doing this is “the desire for power, your desire to have your opponent is too strong for you to care”. .

It’s classic Jordan, an avalanche of factual claims and defamation. And Liz Cheney didn’t have it.

Longtime Republican, who was demoted from several key positions by her own colleagues (including Jim Jordan) after she refused to prove her voter fraud lies. Trump, patiently dismissed Jordan’s nonsense.

Cheney stood up to address “some of the allegations that my colleagues from Ohio have just made, which are completely false.” Then she goes through them one by one. She pointed out that Meadows refused to appear to be deposited on a date of his own choosing. She also pointed out that he “refused to appear to address non-privileged questions,” i.e. matters beyond what anyone would claim to be covered by “executive privilege.” .

“So my colleague from Ohio can say as much as he wants about executive privilege, about George Washington and how important it is to the survival of the Republic, which I agree,” Cheney said. allow. “But we’re talking about unprivileged document testimony.”

Cheney also points out that there was a time when “all of us on this side of the aisle were in agreement about what happened on January 6th.” She read aloud the statement issued by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on January 13, a week after the siege of the Capitol, in which he directly blamed Trump for the riots and said he should have should raise the issue immediately, which he did not.

“Unfortunately, Mr. McCarthy’s position has changed on this issue,” Cheney said. “Mr. McCarthy then resisted, voting against a resolution that would have created a bipartisan commission to investigate these matters. And he withdrew his nominations to this committee. To I say it again: He withdrew his nominations to this committee”.

She concluded by saying, “This committee engages in significant investigative and legislative activity, with no greater purpose than the responsibility of Congress – whatever my colleagues on the other side may be. what to ask of Mr. Meadows.”

In any case, perhaps Jordan’s frustration with Meadows possibly going to jail is just speculation. After all, the committee will probably wake him up soon.

https://uproxx.com/viral/liz-cheney-jim-jordan-shredded-flat-false/ Liz Cheney Shredded Jim Jordan Introducing Mark Meadows’ Statement


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