Living Away From Home For The First Time? These Handy Tips Will Help You Have A Great Experience

Whether you are looking for a hostel or pg in south delhi, it’s important to understand that searching for a good accommodation is not the hardest part. What’s even more difficult is to adjust to living alone, without your family around. You don’t have your father to fix your wobbly table or your mother to cook your favourite food. All you have is your fellow boarders who too might be struggling their own battles. Living on your own is not easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. With some learning and adjustment, you can fully enjoy living alone. If you are going to live in a hostel or PG for the first time, here is some handholding for you to have a smooth overall experience. Read on—

  • Keep away from conflicts

We don’t mean you shouldn’t stand for what you believe, but we suggest that you try to avoid unnecessary conflicts as much as possible. Your life should be peaceful and full of happy vibes. Fights, arguments and other unnecessary conflicts can make your life miserable. Avoid clashes, stay happy, and watch your happiness spread to others!

  • Avoid giving in to peer pressure

If you feel that someone is forcing you to do something or pressuring you for your consent, you should get away from them. It’s easy to succumb to peer pressure in a hostel. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to what’s going on around you. And keep a safe distance from anything and everything that could land you into troubles.

  • Take part in various activities

Whether you are living in a hostel or PG, chances are there are activities held from time to time. Do you participate in them? If not, start doing. You can’t live in a hostel or PG without really behaving like a part of it. You can indeed choose to live an isolated life, but that will only make your overall experience unpleasant. By participating in various activities, you will be able to keep yourself busy and meet new people, in addition to learning things that you can use to enhance your life experiences.

  • Respect your seniors

Your seniors are more experienced than you or your friends are, and have a better understanding of hostel ways. Respect them and they will show respect to you. Not just that, they will also help you when you need it. This is a must-have for a smooth hostel life.

  • Don’t be too fussy about smells

You will often find yourself living with people who are not concerned about hygiene or are just plain lazy. Although you cannot force your hostel mates to look after themselves or clean themselves up, you can train your nose to the smells. This is a great adjustment tip for living in a hostel or shared PG room. Yes, you can request for a room change, but your request might not be accepted by the authorities. In such a case, your trained nose will act as a savior.

  • Use your electric kettle to the fullest

Your electric kettle is going to be your perfect partner. It can boil water and milk, and can also make eggs for you. It’s not just the electric kettle, you can also bring other electric gadgets like water heater to make living in a hostel more convenient and comfortable for yourself.

  • Look for some good hiding places

This little trick will help you through all those unannounced times when your fellow boarders invade your personal space. You will be able to hide anything you don’t want them to see. For instance, you can hide your favourite cookies that your mum baked you the last time you visited home. Well, although sharing is caring, you might want to hide things that you receive in limited quantities, especially from home. Yes, we are talking about your favorite pickle and that sponge cake too.

  • Get creative!

For many, staying in a hostel or PG means living away from home and parents for the first time. They can use this opportunity to be creative and decorate their room with whatever they like to create. Trying to do something creative or pursuing your hobby will help you have fun even when you are not with friends.

  • Get to know your neighbors!

This is one of the best tips for hostel life that a lot of boarders swear by. You can make friends with other boarders to get insider info on cool shops, cafes, as well as the chance to enjoy home-cooked meals every now and then.

Maybe you are looking for a hostel or pg in new delhi, and we are sure you will find a good one upon a thorough search. But a good hostel or PG alone can’t make your stay fulfilling in any manner, you need to follow the above tips for a truly rewarding experience. Life away from home, despite all its difficulties, can actually be quite fun and interesting. Make sure you take full advantage of it!

Huynh Nguyen

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