Letters to the Editor – September 14, 2023

The problem: Senator Chuck Schumer’s claim that he is working to address the refugee crisis in New York.

I completely agree with your recent editorial condemning the disappearances of Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries during the immigration crisis that is destroying New York City (“Chuck’s Unhelpful ‘Help,'” Sept. 12).

Schumer, one of the most powerful Democrats in the country, has demonstrated a history of cowardice since his election as Senate Democratic leader.

As a practicing Jew, he has failed to denounce the toxic anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment expressed by members of the force, particularly Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, while blindly criticizing President Biden’s failed policies on the economy, open borders etc. supported energy production.

On the other hand, Jeffries, behaving like a self-centered elitist, seems too busy to care about everyday issues like immigration.

Mayor Adams’ goose is cooked with such friends.

Anthony Scro

White stone

While President Gerald Ford told the city of New York to “drop dead” nearly 50 years ago, it is Biden who is stabbing the city in the back with his open borders policy.

Adams can’t possibly address the problem of migrants flooding into the city without more federal aid, but top Democrats Schumer and Jeffries are doing nothing meaningful to help the city or state.

Giving these people work permits will only serve as a magnet to attract more illegal immigrants to the city, where schools, housing and the NYPD are already overwhelmed.

There is only one solution.

Close the border to illegal immigrants until meaningful immigration reform is enacted.

Unfortunately, Biden and progressives like Schumer and Jeffries refuse to do this.

Mel Young


This mass invasion of so-called “migrants,” in reality illegal immigrants, is at the feet of the Democratic Party.

Biden invited migrants to cross our border and Adams invited them to come to his city.

It seems like they didn’t figure out that rewarding illegal behavior would only lead to more of it.

Schumer blames everyone except the real culprit — the city and state’s Democratic politicians, who care more about virtue than the well-being of their constituents.

They put their personal well-being above all else.

Steve Heitner

Central island

Even though I don’t live in New York, I can’t stand by and watch Schumer, a leader in the Senate, say he can’t help New York – the state he represents – with its immigration problems any more than he is currently doing (which in my opinion is the case). is very little).

It’s a slap in the face to New York and the nation, and the current administration is ignoring the problem.

Harry Ruffalo

Phoenix, Arizona.

New York’s top Democrats, from Schumer to Jeffries to Governor Hochul and Adams, are complicit in creating this artificial migrant mess with the mindless “Open Borders” Biden.

Defending sanctuary cities and states, granting work permits to so-called “asylum seekers,” and doubling down on their ridiculous linking of border security to “comprehensive immigration reform” is a recipe for further disaster.

James Hyland


Schumer believes that discussing the refugee situation at a state fair in Syracuse, hundreds of miles from New York City, proves he is “doing something” about this fiasco that is destroying New York.

Additionally, the worst thing that could happen would be to give illegal immigrants work permits, something Schumer says he is working on.

It would encourage millions more people to illegally cross the border, which is open because of Biden.

Arlene Ross

Forest mountains

So Schumer and Jeffries are supposedly working behind the scenes to help New York with the refugee crisis?

When was the last time a politician did something he was proud of without boasting about it?

Mike Cavanaugh

East Rockaway

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