Letters to the Editor – August 16, 2023

The Problem: President Biden said “no comment” when asked about the deadly Maui wildfire.

Kristen Fleming posed the question: What kind of person doesn’t just have a compassionate feeling about the devastation on Maui (“Maui Revelation,” PostOpinion, August 15)?

My answer is simple: a person turned into an unfeeling robot shell.

President Biden has spent his career flaunting this arrogant behavior. It’s by far the biggest leadership embarrassment I’ve experienced in my life.

Our country needs to reconsider its decisions when it comes to choosing officers to represent us here and around the world.

Prioritize people. Our people are suffering on Maui. You need guidance. Pray very earnestly for them and for our country as a whole.

Jayne Lee


When will people finally realize that Biden is this?

Does anyone out there really believe he wrote that statement on the X-side about the fire and his prayers?

This presidency was the greatest fraud done to the American people. Very sad.


Middletown, NJ

The phrase “get in line” comes to mind when you read how many Democratic officials have their pleas or pleas to Biden ignored.

No one should be shocked by the way Biden and this administration have responded to a crisis.

Whether it’s the result of his clumsy policies or natural causes, Biden has proven time and time again that the officials who fought for and defended him expect no reward.

Right now, the Hawaii congresswoman is likely feeling a kick in the stomach over Biden’s failure to prioritize the Maui crisis.

At this point, Democratic leaders, who have been tricked into thinking he’s the right choice in 2020, had better pay attention to his reactions and his refusal to help (and maybe reconsider voting him in the 2024 election support).

If he is not with you now, why do you think he will change in the future?

Greg Raleigh

Washington, D.C

I have no problem with an incumbent president enjoying some rest and relaxation away from work like Biden did in Delaware over the weekend.

However, the timing and aesthetic show complete disregard for the situation over there on Maui.

What kind of leader turns a blind eye to a deadly conflagration of epic proportions that has claimed so many American lives and caused so much suffering?

Biden’s time has indeed come. The great people of Hawaii should not be surprised at his lack of empathy. His callousness does not reflect those of us who care about what is happening on Maui.

Joe Salvatore

blue dot

Is anyone genuinely shocked by Biden’s “no comment” when reporters asked his opinion on the Maui destruction (“Heartless Joe,” Aug. 15)?

How can the tragedy unfolding in Hawaii affect his time at the beach? He relaxed on the sandy beach and daydreamed about the great work he’s done for America since taking office.

What empathy? The Maui horror could be waiting in the background until his vacation is over.

One can only imagine how the media would have reacted if then-President Donald Trump had vacationed and played golf in Mar-a-Lago while Hawaii was on fire.

Salvator Giarratani

Boston, Mass.

Calling Biden “heartless” in the Post headline is unfair.

Biden’s “no comment” response to the Hawaii fire disaster makes perfect sense: In my opinion, Biden doesn’t know what happened in Hawaii.

Ezra Ini

forest mountains

Two things are important to Joe: to be president, which he is, and to be very rich, which he is. And that’s it.

Instead of “no comment,” he could have said, “My heart goes out to you,” or “Stay strong. Help along the way.” His true colors are revealed.

Carol Meltzer


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