Leftist Sees ‘Racist’ Signing Into An Elderly Couple’s Yard, Decides To Run Through Their Grocery Store In Her Car

Not long ago, most people respected first responders who worked to keep their communities safe. That’s not to say all first responders are bluffing, but overall they respect the hard and essential work they’ve done.

Sadly, that respect has been eroded in recent years by false claims about systemic racism. Some leftists have gone as far as to say that anyone who supports law enforcement is racist.

That seems to be the line of thought of a delivery driver waking up in Blaine, Minnesota.

Based on WCCO-TVBlaine police said they responded to a call from an elderly couple on December 6. The couple said they ordered groceries that were supposed to be delivered through the Instacart service.

They said police that when they went out to meet the delivery driver, she yelled at them to check a note she had left in a Christmas wreath on their front door. The note was written on the couple’s grocery order receipt, WCCO reported.


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“Instacart does not pay employees, [sorry] find another slave,” it allegedly said. “F*** racist police pigs.”

The couple told police they witnessed the woman driving her car forward and backward several times in the driveway. When she finally left, the couple said they realized she had run past their grocery store.

Blaine Police Chief Brian Podany said he believes the driver’s hostile behavior stemmed from a pro-police sign in the couple’s front yard.

“We’ve seen things with signs in the past, but this brazen thing is truly regrettable and truly astonishing,” he said. “We are law enforcement, we don’t understand everyone likes us, we understand that, but don’t belittle the innocent people out there especially those who are trying to contribute to a livelihood of this person.”

Instacart condemned the driver’s actions and assured her that she would no longer deliver to the service.

“We are appalled by the unacceptable actions of this shopper, who was removed from the Instacart platform,” the company said in a statement, according to WCCO.

“We contacted the customer directly to refund their order and provide additional resources. We will continue to provide support to affected customers and will also work directly with local law enforcement on any investigation into this matter. ”

Instacart issued a full refund to the couple whose groceries were destroyed. In additiona GoFundMe . Page was created to support them.

The page shows the sign in the couple’s yard, which reads “Thank You Blaine PD” and has a thin blue flag inside a heart.


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As of Tuesday, more than $9,000 has been donated to the fund. Organizers said the money would be used to fund groceries for the couple, who are said to have been going through a tough time due to health issues.

While this driver’s actions were completely unacceptable, the same hatred is manifesting every day in America. This is partly due to the fact that leftists have maliciously corrupted all those with whom they disagree like racist and bigots.

Americans must resist leftist personal attacks on political opponents. If we don’t, disgusting acts like this will be the result.

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