League of Legends players are said to be banned for top strategy Smite because Riot claims it is ‘trolling’

The Smite enchanter’s top strategy took League of Legends Season 12 by storm, but some in Riot still believe the meta gameplay is like trolling. A Diamond ranked EUW player received a 14-day ban for using this tactic against champions like Yuumi and Maokai, and their support ticket was disqualified.

Although the original Smite top is unusual in League of Legends, It is occupying the queue alone by storm all over the world. Janna, Zilean, Karma ⁠—even champions like Yuumi ⁠— dominated the top lane using Smite, roaming early, and snowballing the rest of the map.

Riots are pulling out stops in patch 12.4 arrive strategic power-ups by targeting boosters and Target Bonuses. However, one player claims they have been banned for abusing technology and Riot support will not lift their ban because they are ‘trolling.’

Player ‘saidenhide’ who passed by ‘Yuumi Top OhTeeP’ on EUW, achieved a high Diamond rank in Season 12 using the strategy on several champions, including Yuumi, Nami, Zilean, and Maokai. They boast a 56% win rate in Diamond 1 with 300 games played.

Maokai LoL
Riot Games

One player was banned by Riot support for playing top strategy Smite with the unique Maokai pick.

However, they were subject to a 14-day ban After a particularly bad game against Maokai, they were 1/7/1 and lost after 20 minutes.

One Riot support worker stated “it’s obvious [their gameplay] helped the opposing team. “

They said: “You left the top lane and just hung around to avoid getting XP and gold for the rest of the game. However, As explained by former LCS pro Samson ‘Lourlo’ Jackson to DexertoThis is the backbone of the strategy.

Saidenhide countered the ban by saying that this tactic is very popular, even when they are using unique champions.

“Even though I’m not maxing out Gold and XP, I’m trying to win every game by impacting the other lanes more and having a more positive impact on the game than I am. the opponent’s top lane,” they said.

“I am very afraid that I will have my account permanently suspended in the future if this two-week ban is not lifted and I continue to play this strategy.

“This feels very unfair to me, I’m being banned because of a bad game I played where we all fell behind and my strategy wasn’t working.”

It comes after the rise of strategy in professional play, with top laners worldwide playing against a plethora of top laners enchanted with Smite. There was even a top Smite Poppy game, with AXIZ player Yoshiki ‘YellowYoshi’ Fujimoto joins LJL (1/3/10 with victory, also get Runesteel Spaulders support item).

Riot has not lifted the ban on Saidenhide, which was applied manually. League of Legends players are said to be banned for top strategy Smite because Riot claims it is ‘trolling’

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