Latest injuries, deaths and witnesses

A BRITISH man has died after he was attacked by a shark while practicing for a charity swim in Sydney.

Below The Sun looks at the latest injuries, deaths, and sightings this year.

Great whites are responsible for the most shark attack deaths


Great whites are responsible for the most shark attack deathsCredit: Getty

How many shark attacks have there been this year?

As of February 16, there have been nine shark bite attacks in 2022.

Two of these have died, including:

February 16 – Simon Nellit, 35 years old, from England, is killed by a shark just 150 meters from the beach at Buchan Point, near Little Bay in Sydney, in the first deadly attack in nearly 60 years.

He was killed at 15ft Full moon in an “extremely rare” attack when he was training for a charity undersea swim.

February 12 Victor Estrella was diving for shellfish when he was attacked by a 13-foot shark about 10 miles from Yavaros, Sonora, Mexico.

His dive participant noticed the air tubes were moving irregularly and began to pull him up, but as Estrella neared the surface, he saw a large shark.

By the time the bidder was able to pull Estrella onto the boat, the shark had severed his leg and he was dead.

How many shark attacks will there be in 2021?

As of December 25, there have been 81 publicly reported and verified shark bite attacks in 2021. Shark hunting.

Nine people died shark attacks, including:

December 24 Thomas Butterfield, 42, of Sacramento, was windsurfing in California when he was found dead in the water with a bite suspected of being bitten by a great white shark.

November 6 – British father, Paul Millachip57 years old, attacked while swimming at Port Beach near Perth, Australia and only his goggles were restored.

SSeptember 5 – Dad-to-be Timothy Thompson, 31 years old, died after the ferocious beast tore off his arm before horrified onlookers off Emerald Beach in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

USAay 11 – A man in his 50s has died after being attacked and seriously injured in his right upper thigh at Tuncurry beach in New South Wales.

April 13 – Robert Frauenstein, 38, who is to be married next month, was on board the body alone when it was suspected he was attacked. His body was never restored, but his plank was found with teeth marks believed to be come from a great white man in Chintsa, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

April 24 – 53 years old rower was discoveredd of a fisherman with evidence of shark bites near a beach in Noumea, New Caledonia, Australia.

January 8 – Kaelah Marlow, 19 years old, from Hamilton, New Zealand died in a rare attack in Waihi Beach on the North Island, the first death in the country since 2013.

Other non-fatal attacks this year include when a swimmer fight against a big shark the one that pulled his leg after he jumped into the water during a boat party, also lifeguard pulling a bloody person a teenager out of the sea after he was bitten off by a shark.

And a 8 feet long shark brush its teeth in A fisherman stabbed his leg with a spear and broke an artery in the US. And Australian doctors described a man “lucky to survive” after he was pulling himself back to his boat via a ladder when the sea monster repeatedly stabbed its powerful jaws into his left leg.

Are shark attacks on the rise?

Experts have warned The number of attacks will increase thanks to environmental initiatives to protect seals – an important part of the shark’s diet.

However, some feel the seals are proving a real danger to humans as they are attracting record numbers of sharks closer to shore.

“They weren’t looking for us,” said James Sulikowski, a Northeastern shark researcher at Arizona State University. We are not on the menu.

“But as these predator-prey relationships continue, and because they’re so coastal, it’s likely that interactions with humans will increase.”

Robert Hueter, senior scientist and director at the Mote Marine Laboratory’s Shark Research Center, also warned swimmers to be careful.

He added that sharks will follow their meal, wherever seals, dolphins and other prey go, sharks will follow.

“This is a natural predatory relationship that goes back a long time,” he said.

“It’s not surprising that with a restored seal population we see seal predators there.”

Shark attacks are rare but marine biologists say swimmers should still avoid wearing dark clothing and should not swim alone.

Sharks are also more threatened by humans than vice versa, and millions of them are killed every year for sport.

And nearly a fifth of shark species are thought to be endangered or vulnerable.

“People should always remember that the ocean is a wild place,” says Hueter. It’s like going for a walk in a deep forest and you have to know how to prevent bear encounters.” Latest injuries, deaths and witnesses

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