LaRoyce Hawkins on Atwater’s Lies Talk to him

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 11 “Lies.”]

In the aptly titled “Lies,” Director of Chicago‘S Officer Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) have to deal with the consequences of being dishonest both on and off the job. And in either case, it didn’t end well.

First, after lying to Jimmy while undercover, he was unable to get the other man to accept that he and the CPD would stick to an agreement. Jimmy leaves alone, later thinking that the drug dealer, Tovar, who is the target of their investigation, has killed his brother and won’t believe Atwater when he tries to tell him otherwise. Jimmy shoots Tovar, then asks Atwater to say it was in self-defense. Atwater told Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) truth.

Meanwhile, everything is okay will be fine with Celeste (Amanda Payton)… until Atwater Final tell her he’s a cop. But she doesn’t hate the police, she told him. She hates the police system. She said: “I will see you. “Because I really care about you. I could have been with you. “Then she kicked him out.

Hawkins takes us inside this episode and teases what lies ahead.

Atwater’s lies are really caught by him in this episode, in every respect. The last scene is heartbreaking! So is this the end of Atwater and Celeste? Is he thinking it is? She hasn’t said it’s over yet.

LaRoyce Hawkins: She didn’t say it was over. It’s really interesting. I think this is an opportunity for Atwater to learn an important lesson, where he can explore that space, you ask yourself, where do we come from? And we can live from where we want to be or from where we are. And Atwater, I think, can learn an important lesson in living from where he really is and not from where he used to be or from where he used to understand, but what is reality? I can tell he dropped the ball a bit. But if I know Atwater, he’s also someone I know you can count on to pick up the ball, too.

LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in Chicago PD

Lori Allen / NBC

So will we see Celeste again?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

She said she would be with him, but she also didn’t know that he was present when Louis was killed. He still keeps things with her, even though she doesn’t really give him a chance to talk anymore.

Yes. They have created, through a crisis bond, a safe space. And I don’t think you can blame Atwater for relying on that, especially if you know what he’s been through. If you know where he grew up, you’ll want that for Atwater. Naturally, you want him to do it the right way, but it won’t be a cop movie if you don’t figure out how to make the boys in blue break your heart. I think that’s how we try to tell stories, right? Just like when you think about police and you think about drama, we can define both of those words differently, depending on where we come from. But it was a movie about the police over Atwater because his heart was broken by the boys in blue, by the Green Wall. And half of the time it’s because he’s Black and both sides of the coin have to be said authentically. I think so Director of Chicago and this cop movie offers: an authentic way to navigate both sides of the coin.

Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess in Chicago PD

Lori Allen / NBC

I love what Atwater said to Burgess (Marina Squerciati) about Celeste and she calls him a liar because yes, everyone loves romantic relationships, but their friendship has quite interesting to watch since the beginning.

Oh, yes. And I think it’s also kind of confusing where it developed, where in the old days, you know, Burgess and I were like a B story, kind of extra terse so the episode could be dark. Now, we’re having serious adult folklore about children. It’s about kids and the funny thing is that Burgess and I, we were the only ones in the cast with kids. Both of our children are about a week apart in age. They just started hanging out and really enjoyed watching them interact with each other, it was great. But yes, that’s where we are, and that’s how art stands up to artists.

Atwater was also confronted with his lies throughout the case, as a result Jimmy couldn’t trust him and then wanted Atwater to cover for him, claiming it was in self-defense. Does Atwater really think he can talk to Jimmy or does he want to think he can?

He wanted to think he could. I think Atwater saw the direction of it, which broke his heart up until that moment. I think he was trying to hold on to what Jimmy had let go of, at his discretion. Obviously you have to feel like you have a chance, a fighting chance. That’s why you put yourself in that moment. That’s why you came to that opportunity because you have faith in yourself and what you’ve built, who you are and how you can save a life.

LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in Chicago PD

Lori Allen / NBC

Is there a situation where Season 9’s Atwater would cover someone up and say it was in self-defense if it wasn’t?

Yes, I think Atwater has that ability. I think Atwater, like every character on the show, we have moments where we can overcome the darkness as much as the light. So it depends on the circumstances and that’s the fun of each story, right? You have to find a way for the character to earn that amount, if that’s the case. If you are going to take one case more seriously than another, what motivates you? Where do you draw the line or not draw the line? You have to define those moments for yourself so that you become specific in those moments. I imagine that Atwater would be put in a position to go the other way.

I love that Atwater moves forward with its estate plans. Does he need something out of a cop role more than ever, especially after what happened to Celeste?

Yeah absolutely. He needs something that helps him identify as something else, and that’s really his window. Real estate is his window or back door to the hood, arguably, because the only reason Atwater is still a cop at this point is because he wants to help people. He wants to serve people. He wants to serve and protect to a high degree. That’s why being a detective will be important to him.

LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in Chicago PD

Lori Allen / NBC

But real estate is also very important to him, because if he gets to the position where he can occupy a home with the Negro or whoever needs it, where he can save lives for what? he can earn and maintain and what he can provide, the chance to save lives. Like how he gives a young man in “Burnside” to make decisions. And that’s the interesting thing about young men and women who come from places like where we come from is that we don’t see the opportunity and the opportunity isn’t clear to us and the opportunity isn’t clear to us. us because we too get distracted or we have no resources for or no one tells us. I think we make more Atwaters by giving the next generation that opportunity.

What else is coming for Atwater? Shall we learn more about him in the real estate business? Or could it be a topic of conversation?

You will definitely see it. The bottom line is, he’s very, very, very serious about the chances he has to create more. We’re definitely going to see it grow and we’ll see what he does, and we’ll see him being creative, I think, in the way he does it because, yeah, it has nothing to do with that. both police.

Are there any tough cases coming up for him?

There are bound to be some tough cases, some cases where he connects, some cases that keep him up at night. We can certainly look forward to that at the end of the season. In my humble opinion, it always feels like it comes at the perfect time, when we’re working on a big play around Atwater. I can’t wait for that next opportunity.

Director of Chicago, Wednesday, September 10, NBC

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