Keegan Allen previews Liam’s ‘flying’ demystification (VIDEO)

Walker is back from a winter hiatus tonight and even though Cordi (Jared Padalecki) and the company had a few weeks off, there was still a lot of unfinished business when they got back. In addition to the emotional fallout of Micki’s departure, there’s also the Liam problem (Keegan Allen) requested a false subpoena against the shady Dan Miller (Dave Annable). That moral fallacy not only puts the state’s case against Serrano in jeopardy, but it also puts Liam’s legal career and his relationship with his rightfully angry brother. .

The tensions can be seen in the exclusive clip above of the episode, “Where We Go From Here,” and things only get worse when Liam decides to self-medicate at the Side Step. According to Allen, however, there is hope for our boy… as long as he accepts help from someone he’s used to getting out of a deadlock.

I love how the show finds the sweet spot between Texas Ranger action and family drama content. It feels like there’s really a balance. And I also really like the kids.

Keegan Allen: Yes. They were really happy. The movie really has a compelling plot, full of all human angles.

Walker - Jared Padalecki + Keegan Allen

Rebecca Brenneman / The CW

It’s correct. And it really gives us emotional depth with the relationship between Liam and Walker in Season 2. There’s stuff there that we’re learning that these people need to hash out.

It’s great that the writers have really built a lot of things around the characters, especially this relationship, but with all the other relationships and history of these characters. I also like what Season Two is doing with Davidson. Because we tasted it in Season 1, but man, it was fun.

And this is probably going to be a great trip for you because when we met Liam, he was the one who really put it all together, and now… he’s a mess!

[Laughs] Yes Yes. That’s a very nice way to say it.

Not that you can blame him. He was shot. He was tracked. He has taken away his relationship with him, his political aspirations have been taken from him. Of course, he will be a bit detached.

Yes. Liam is trying to figure out what to do next in his career. He is also taking a good, hard look at everything life has thrown at him. I mean, judging by the fact that, like you said, everything he’s been through – he’s been shot, he’s kept his family together, and then feels a little bit irritated by the reality. the fact that people will vote, basically killer, become more DA than him – it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Walker - Keegan Allen

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How does he rebuild? Because when we last saw him, he made this false accusation against Dan Miller and put things in jeopardy. How does he come back hereafter?

So in the upcoming episode, I don’t think he can rebuild anything. I think we’re seeing the impact of his decisions, the seismic effect that goes through not just his relationship with Cordell but pretty much the entire space around him. He gets a surprise visit from Brett, we’ll see what happens with that, if they can reconcile. But other than that, he made this very rash decision, while intoxicated, and he had his reasons for it. And we’re going to see a side of Liam that I think is a bit more unsettling than we’ve seen before. It was a downfall… his very tight demeanor was like breaking him down and failing. Because you can only keep each other so much if you are moving apart yourself.

There are a few details that go into the story of Liam’s time away from home that we don’t know much about. We’ll see that maybe things aren’t great while he’s away from home?

Well, we’ll see a great number of. And especially in the upcoming episodes, there’s been a bit of a brooding. He feels there is something wrong with Davidson and I think that will be explored more…why he feels the same way, as does the way he deals with the demons he has. His character, as we have seen, faces a lot of things and tries to keep a brave face throughout. But really, he’s having a hard time identifying who he is and his identity.

James (Coby Bell) revealed a line in the episode that Liam doesn’t have to be a DA to have a positive impact on society. That seemed to land on him.

Liam needs to figure out what he’s going to do next in his career. And in my opinion, if it were just me, I would want him to find something that makes him happy. And I think it’s Liam’s journey to figure that out. Have more time on the farm? Is it doing something in the law? Or take a step back and realize what happiness is for you?

When we turned around, he still didn’t seem to know.

Liam is trying to spend a lot of time figuring this out. He has this big fight with his brother at the beginning of the episode and leaves to get his footing back… he doesn’t want to go back to the mess that came up. He’s just trying to go straight. But when he comes back, how will he deal with it? Well, he got really drunk and then realized he was messing around again. And again and again. [Laughs]

It’s a beautiful episode, it really is. I love this episode so much because there’s so much going on in it. And it’s nice to see someone struggling with this, but it’s also fun to see them come out of it on the other end.

How to play this reverse animation game with Jared? All last season, you were the one pulling him up…

Great. Working with Jared was amazing because he’s just one of those actors, man. You rarely get to work with someone like this in your entire career, these adaptable actors. Jared is awesome. He plays his role very close to the heart and becomes someone who needs help and has he pull you up? It’s a tough and wonderful kind of love role that he’s currently using. And we can see that dynamic deepening.

And how did the photography go?

Oh, you know, when the whole COVID thing started, I was working on my third book and now that book is a kind of impossible. That being said, there might be a revolving around a different kind of book now, and it could be more Western. Because I love Texas, man. I love it. I think it’s just beautiful here. It’s very inspiring and very photogenic. The countryside is amazing, the scenery, the people, the way of life here, it’s very special. And Walker been a referee to get experience with that and I love that. And also take pictures on the set of everyone. Everyone is amazing and very supportive of that. It really is like a dream life.

Walker, Thursday, 7/8c, The CW

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