Kamala Harris catches the credit for Trump’s great achievement

Maybe memory problems in the White House are spreading.

Vice President Kamala Harris in general has very little good to say about the administration of former President Donald Trump – during the 2020 presidential campaign, remember, she even said she won’t take a coronavirus vaccine if Trump says it’s a good idea.

But when it comes to giving credit to a Trump achievement — the kind that Democrats like — it’s a different story.

At a Treasury event on Tuesday, where she joined Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to announce a $8.7 billion program loans to small and minority-owned businesses, Harris tried to place the program as part of the broader context of the Biden administration helping Main Street Americans.

But in the process, she credits one of the Trump administration’s most famous efforts to help American businesses weather the coronavirus pandemic: the Paycheck Protection Program.


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“What we did initially with the Rescue Plan America, beyond the Child Tax Credit, was recognize that part of the economic lifeblood of all communities are small businesses. That they are more than just part of an economic lifeline, if you connect a thriving economy with a thriving community and understand that our Small Business leaders are also civic leaders . They are also community leaders.

“And what we did with PPP program [emphasis added]. Let’s do a better job of engaging them, and the long-term goal is that through what we’ve done, being better engaged in a rescue approach will be what we’re going to do to engage in a rescue approach. continuous investment approach. ”

It took a while for her to reach the landing there. Here is the full video of the statement:

First of all, it’s at least a little jarring to hear a Democrat like Kamala Harris praising America’s small businesses. After all, it’s small businesses, many Owned by a minority, after all, that bears the burden of 2020 riots by Black Lives Matter and antifa mobs.

Harris is a very public fundraising collect money to bail those rioters out of jail.

But the real disconnect comes from Harris’ use of the word “we” while describing the Paycheck Protection Program. The PPP was part of the CARES Act, a massive coronavirus relief measure signed into law by then-President Donald Trump in March 2020.

And while Harris could technically use the term “we” because she was a senator at the time and CARES passed the Senate unanimously, there is no question that the signature on the law there created PPP thorny, scribble no regrets of “Donald J. Trump,” the president hated by Harris and her party.


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Some social media users noticed:

Harris should know it – she’s got the Trump Paycheck Protection Program praised in her presence before.

It’s entirely possible she realized that on Tuesday – considering how quickly she seemed to change the subject as the initials PPP came out of her masked mouth.

But it was also clear that reality was at least on her mind while she was giving a speech – the Democrats’ habit of demanding recognition for any successful government effort from afar must have been overcome. her self-inflicted disgust for all things Trump.

Now, PPP is far from perfect. Like every government program (and every human endeavor, for that matter), it has been thwarted by accusations of fraud and abuse. It is safe to say that the show Harris and Yellen announced Tuesday will be the same.

Do you think the PPP program has been successful?

From a strictly conservative point of view, the argument can be made that this form of government intervention in the form of PPPs in private markets is an overly close approach to the monstrosity.

But at a time of public panic in the face of a pandemic that no one alive has ever witnessed before, it is undeniable that PPPs have saved jobs and assuaged at least some fears about the future. future. That way, it’s an achievement in any book.

And the point here is that Harris is both too willing to credit a Trump administration positive – seemingly happy to forget her own and her party’s instinctive opposition to the man. held the presidency before Harris’ undeserving boss acquired the title.

Of course, President Joe Biden has admitted to having significant memory problems – fabricated whole episodes that never happened, a Walter Mitty in the White House – so maybe Harris really believes her administration is behind the Paycheck Protection Program.

With her consistently failing track record to date – and job approval ratings show it – Harris is running for the worst vice president in history. (Aaron Burr can still beat her – another white man holds Kamala down.)

She needs to win whatever achievement she can – even if it means stealing from Donald Trump.

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