Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall LIVE RESULTS: Live stream, UK start time, Glasgow boxing channel

JOSH TAYLOR is back in action tonight when he takes on mandatory challenger Jack Catterall for his undisputed ultralight world titles.

Taylor hasn’t been in the ring since his big win over Jose Ramirez in Las Vegas last May, for which Catterall stood in the ring.

The Briton stepped aside to allow that fight to happen, with the assurance of fighting the winner, which he ultimately has to do tonight.

Elsewhere on the card, Robeisy Ramirez faces Eric Donovan in the lead role, while Scottish heavyweights Nick Campbell and Jay McFarlane battle it out at the bottom of the card.

  • Start time: 7pm GMT
  • Main event start time: 10:30pm GMT
  • TV / Live Streaming: Sky Sports Arena / Main Event


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When is Taylor vs Catterall?

  • Josh Taylor’s big clash with Jack Catterall will take place on Saturday, February 26.
  • The main card is set to start from 7 pm UK time, with the main event scheduled around 10:30pm.
  • The fight will take place at SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • There will be a full 15,000 crowd inside the arena for Taylor vs Catterall.
  • Campbell vs McFarlane – CHEAP6

    Both Scots are playing very well after six rounds.

    But Campbell landed and dashed in.

    McFarlane does well to survive another volley.

    Participants almost jumped in.

  • Campbell vs McFarlane – CHEAP5

    McFarlane’s corner was happy with it, and they told his man he had Campbell in trouble.

    Campbell finished from a straight right but McFarlane ruined it.

    Campbell lands more during the break but he’s a pillow-cracker or McFarlane has an upper chin.

    McFarlane landed again and Campbell didn’t like it.

    But Campbell then landed a half-dozen peaches and McFarlane was injured and sagged before the bell rang to save him.

  • Campbell vs McFarlane – R4

    McFarlane used to hit the 4lbs cruiser weight limit 14 times but here it is 19th and it shows.

    But Campbell fired a few shots and McFarlane’s angle turned to excitement.

    Could the blue-haired, bloody-nosed man suddenly cause a shock?

    Campbell was wobbling on his first real test but the bell saved him.

  • Campbell vs McFarlane – R3

    McFarlane appears to be carrying a few injuries, as well as the extra payload.

    Campbell has seven more rounds to level him for the Scottish title.

    An upper shot from Campbell and a jab to the ground. McFarlane overcomes lazy weeders who always miss.

    McFarlane’s face was bleeding and it touched his green hair.

    Very poor fighting.

  • Campbell vs McFarlane – R2

    Campbell landed with some straight, heavy digging.

    McFarlane is currently tagged and looks like it’s about to exit.

    Campbell should get this done soon. McFarlane continues to look for a way out.

  • Campbell vs McFarlane – Rd 1

    Scotland has been waiting 71 years for a heavyweight champion but one will soon emerge.

    Campbell hit McFarlane’s 19th stout body hard.

    This is light on skill but heavy on flesh.

    McFarlane landed his right arm but Campbell connected again with an upper slash.

    McFarlane dropped his hand and seemed to be looking for a punch to the nose.

  • Campbell vs McFarlane – Rd 1

    Both men are wearing tartan shirts, McFarlane is fighting in an all-around kilo.

    Officials had to record McFarlane’s kilos, perhaps fearing it might fill up mid-game and reveal it all.

    Campbell – the Glasgow Warrior – is the big 18th athlete and is looking to win 5-0.

  • Nick Campbell and Jay McFarlane

    These two Scottish giants compete for the heavyweight title for the first time in 71 years.

    McFarlane was the underdog – he also had green hair and an old belly.

    Campbell is a former rugby player, technically very limited, but a fit and strong man.

    Someone is being knocked out.

  • Donovan wins TKO after 6

    The final round is now with Donovan raising the winning score on the referral’s card.

    The reference stopped in action to check for blood leaking from Serban’s left ear.

    And he turned it down due to concerns about the wound bleeding.

    Serban groaned but he was caught.

  • Donovan vs Serban – R5

    Serban finally managed to throw a few hooks, waiting 15 minutes to engage.

    So far, Donovan has won every minute but Serban used his right hand to beat him.

    Donovan makes a volley but Serban catches them all with his white gloves.

    Another round by the Irish. There is one more time.

  • Donovan vs Serban – R4

    Lee tells Donovan to relax and pick his shots, knocking out his dominant opponent.

    Serban tonight is just a punching bag, walking forward and rarely throwing anything out.

    Donovan stabbed him backwards with a push of a button and then hit a right hook in the ribs.

  • Donovan vs Serban – R3

    Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall are currently in the Hydro building.

    Serban holds a guard so tight and high that Donovan needs something special to stop him.

    Although it is still early, it is considered a win for Paddy.

    Serban in Glasgow to survive, not win.

  • Donovan vs Serban – R2

    Donovan accidentally hits a knockdown and Serban takes a break.

    One whip went too far south and tore through Serban’s gonads.

    Serban has a ‘Bad Boy’ tattoo on his chest. One word per chest.

    It’s not a great view.

  • Donovan vs Serban – R1

    Nice stab from Limerick’s trump card as Serban is made to eat a few.

    Southpaw swings a left blow to the body and rotates away from that leading right foot.

    Serban’s face was already red from being punished.

  • Paddy Donovan vs Miroslav Serban

    Irish heavyweights, Paddy Donovan are now the floating fight of the night.

    Donovan is trained by Tyson Fury’s cousin and assistant coach Andy Lee.

    Top Rated USA promoters expect big things from ‘Real Deal Donovan’.

  • Forcing them into a rematch

    “I thought it was a good game but I think I beat it,” Jones said.

    “Look at my face compared to me.

    Kathopouli said: “After this fight, none of us are satisfied, we want a winner.

    “But I hope the crowd likes it and we can repeat that of course.”

  • Jones and Kathopouli draw!

    Referee scores: 57-57.

    Jones hit the first pair but then struggled with speed.

    Was expecting the home boxer to get the nod but the draw was fair and no shame too soon.

  • Jones vs Kathopouli – R6

    The final round and Jones started strong with body shots and headers.

    Jones is tagged and falls behind.

    Then the Pompey girl landed a few right arms.

    Jones had a strong shot that made Kathopouli bleed.

    The young British girl will not get the score.

  • Jones vs Kathopouli – R5

    Jones suffered another right hand as Kathopouli slipped into the inner ring again.

    The round is over and Kathopouli is over.

    Jones needed to win in the sixth inning to be sure of this.

  • Jones vs Kathopouli – R4

    Kathopouli had more shots but Jones saved her with a left hook.

    Jones is actually looking for KO and it’s not helping her.

    Kathopouli is throwing dozens of shots at the young Brit and will probably get that verse.

  • Jones and Kathopouli – R3

    Coach Edwards told Jones not to “overwork” and to do the simple things well.

    Jones slipped under Kathopouli’s straight shots but failed to counterattack.

    Jones managed to move more scenes in this round and let Kathopouli return to the competition.

  • Jones vs Kathopouli – R2

    Pompey’s Jones, 23, is unmasking an opponent.

    Kathopouli scored with a couple of straight shots, all not overnight.

    It’s a lap closer to scoring.

  • Jones and Kathopouli – R1

    Jones crouched down to a crouch to launch shots at the taller woman.

    Jones made a round left hook followed by a jab from the former British soldier.

    Jones received the opener of a potential six.

  • Ebonie Jones vs Effy Kathopouli next

    Now the ladies super bantam boxing.

    Young Brit Jones – coached by John Edwards – against Greece’s 4-3 defeated team.

    “These boots are made for walking” echoed around the Hydro arena in Glasgow for Jones’ entrance.

  • Doctor’s appointment

    The super average winner said: “That bolo shot I worked in all the camps.

    “I’m not always looking for knockouts anymore. I’ve worked hard and you’ve seen the benefits there.

    “I have a different mindset, always looking for knockouts, I’m more relaxed and don’t force things.” Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall LIVE RESULTS: Live stream, UK start time, Glasgow boxing channel


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