Joe Rogan: Why has the UK failed the polarizing podcast king’s cult?

BILLIONThis is something typical of Americans about Joe Rogan. Maybe it was his brotherly personality. His passion is for hunting and extreme sports. Perhaps, most of all, Joe Rogan embodies some odd concept of the American Dream: a college dropout turned famous comedian who worked his best to become what he was. one of the world’s media giants. His podcasts, Joe Rogan’s Experience, was licensed to Spotify in 2020, in a deal Reportedly worth $100 million. Last year, it was the most streamed podcast on Spotify globally, in the US and UK. Anyone has to admit Rogan is a pretty big deal.

However, he is a polarizing character. A staunch libertarian, Rogan has faced accusations of sexism and agoraphobia over comments made on the podcast. His diverse guest list includes everyone from A-listers to online geeks. Robert Downey Jr, Kanye West, Edward Snowden and Elon Musk were among those who watched his show. Rogan is also known for hosting controversial guests on his show, allowing the airing of hateful comments and misinformation – something that has come under increasing scrutiny during the pandemic. Last week, a group of 270 medical professionals petitioned Spotify to limit Covid-related misinformation that they claim is being shared on Rogan’s podcast, referring to Rogan as a “threat to public health”. Streaming giant still not reply. It is of course correct to condemn Rogan’s handling of Covid. He invited many vaccine skeptics in Experience in the past few years; when Rogan himself signed a contract with Covid last year, he became a proponent of the controversial – and medically questionable – drug ivermectin, commonly used to deworm pets. (The FDA explicitly states: “Although ivermectin is approved for use in humans and animals, it is not approved for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19.”) Critics consider him an idiot. . If so, he is an idiot with the background of a statesman.

How exactly did Rogan manage to attack it so big? However, he is already a media figure, albeit a relatively remote one. His breakout role came in the hit 1990s sitcom at Work NewsRadio, in which he plays a gangster and conspiracy theorist Joe Garrelli. Out of all of the show’s stars, among them Dave Foley, Maura Tierney, Andy Dick and up to his tragic murder, Phil Hartman, it doesn’t seem like Rogan will be the one to be named. is a superstar. After NewsRadio broadcast, he is better known for his comedy and work as a commentator on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. When he started podcasting in 2009, he might not have been a household name, but he was already a well-known public figure – in the US at least.

In England, however, his success is even more baffling. What sets him apart from most of the reactionary American media that have failed on our Atlantic coast? Fox News is derided by many, seen as a kind of shabby, transparently biased operation (our own deceitful, obstinate right-wing media is rarely less malicious). Agitated right-wing figures like Alex Jones or the late Rush Limbaugh don’t really have an impact here – we have our own reactionary reactionaries. You can also buy British. And yet, while Rogan remains a marginalized figure when it comes to traditional media, the Spotify charts don’t lie.

On the one hand, this demonstrates an ever-deepening boundary between our two cultures. American culture is pervasive on our televisions, news websites, and social media feeds. Why would podcasts be immune? But more than that, Rogan’s international popularity reveals something fundamental about this man’s allure. To some extent, Rogan’s approach to interviewing is rooted in an open mind. He takes a fairly egalitarian approach to bookings for guests and often appears ready to indulge in whatever they have to say. The point is this holds true whether he welcomes a leftist politician like Bernie Sanders – who was endorsed by Rogan for the presidency in the 2020 Democratic primary. no less controversies between the left sides of the United States – or one Conspiracy theorist exposed. Most of the opinion that Rogan’s way of doing things is met with credence like furrowed eyebrows. His advocacy of hallucinogenic drug use is tied to this ideology; To some extent, he’s simply a man trying to make sense of the world.

Now, this doesn’t mean he was successful in these efforts, nor does it lessen the harm some of Rogan’s insulting comments about, for example, transgender athletes or his decision to give malicious characters like Milo Yiannopoulos a multi-million dollar listener – soap bar. But when something becomes amazingly popular like Joe Rogan’s Experience, it is important to try to understand why this is so. It was not because of Rogan’s journalistic rigor. It’s not because of his comic sensibilities. No doubt there are people who listen to Rogan because they align with him politically – but even then, his coming to the right isn’t so simple. Yes, he continued nasty slurs about “cancellation of culture”. But here is a Bernie Sanders supporter for the presidency who is more liberal than Joe Biden (and Labour .’s). Keir Starmer) on issues like drug delisting and who admitted to voting for a third party in the last election. To some extent, Rogan’s appeal lies in his one-pointedness. In an era when both right-wing and left-wing political forums often become echo chambers, Rogan is an outlier. It could be a dangerous thing – but an unusual one nonetheless.

https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/joe-rogan-podcast-jre-uk-b1997036.html Joe Rogan: Why has the UK failed the polarizing podcast king’s cult?

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