Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner’s birth chart shows they are the perfect duo

It’s always fascinating to watch celebrities match up – because it leaves you scratching your head sometimes.

Joe Jonas, 32, who shot to stardom alongside his brothers as teen heartthrob musicians, the Jonas . brothershas found a way to not only showcase his talent but also present a seemingly authentic version of himself to the public eye.

Then there’s Sophie Turner, 26, who appeared in “Game of Thrones“As the soon-to-be-mature queen Sansa Stark, finally rising to conquer the series as Queen of the North. I have always been familiar with their professional work – and when I heard that they were find the way to the altar as well as welcoming their first child, Willaand now a potential monday honey – I decided it was finally time to see underneath the glamorous and fun looks they both showed to the world.

One of my favorite viral pop culture moments when is when the two flip the paparazzi, use sports binoculars while drinking – TBH, related. So what makes their relationship click? Join me as we dive into their love story, because I’m a pop culture astrologer And that’s just what I do!

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Awards Program
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have adorable chemistry.
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Joe Jonas’s birthday chart shows he’s a legit gentleman

Jonas was born on August 15, 1989. This makes him the fiery Leo sun with the intellectual Aquarius moon. Jonas was born on one full moon, which means he becomes great and likes attention (duh). His birth time is extremely questionable since it’s listed online, so let’s focus on the key positions and aspects that I know is legal.

First of all, I can see that his chart is mainly land and water elemental energy, with the air is third up. When we break down his rankings, we see that he’s strong, tough, and resilient – ready and willing to be the rock anyone needs in his or her life. He craves results and loves making them happen, and to be honest, he can happily be the “supplier” as much as possible.

However, this type of energy is less flashy than other celebs, because with the way that his birth Mars, the planet of energy, is wonderfully linked with his birth Saturn, the planet of strength, I can see that he’s finally very organized, controlled and purposeful in all he does. He’s definitely confident and loves to present himself, but not in an irrational or overly theatrical way. His birth Saturn is also conjunct in the same place as his Neptune, which is a very rare aspect as it shows that His realism completely matches his imaginationgiving him a basis to pursue his visionary creative abilities.

While some of this may seem like he’s energetic and a bit serious – that’s not necessarily the case, however. With innate Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in opposition to Uranus, the planet of freedom, we also find that he is extremely optimistic, creative and excitable. What a wonderful cat. TBH: This is a guy I will total be down to get married.

Sophie Turner’s birth chart shows her as a fire starter

Turner was born on February 21, 1996. This makes her a sensitive Pisces sun with an assertive Aries moon. Her birth time do Looking a little more precise, this will make her an aggressive Aries as well. When reviewing her chart, she has a healthy blend of elemental energies, making her relatable to others and flexible in the way she interacts.

Even so, she’s quite fiery inside – which we can also see in her planetary aspect. In fact, between her and her husband, I actually think she is the more aggressive and passionate of the two – eager to challenge the standards and pursue what she wants. Her Sun is closely associated with Mars, the planet of passion, giving her an active and outgoing personality with a high degree of personal stamina and strength.

However, her sun and Mars are at acute angles to Pluto, which gives her an incredible lust for power and a deep focus on being recognized and admired. TBH: She likes to do it her way and is definitely a bit more selfish than her husband. She is always interested in getting what she wants – but that’s one of the things Jonas thinks is so hot about her!

One last thing I would like to highlight is that her moon, ruling her inner life and soul, is also conversing strongly with Pluto in her chart, carrying her intense emotions and extreme sensitivity, as well as the need for profound transformation. If she feels threatened or unsafe, she tends to become volatile to protect herself and those she loves.

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Sees Celebrities
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have a very unique astrological connection.
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Are Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner compatible astrologically?

Now I will prepay: I rarely use generic birth times listed online because they are often wrong. However, upon in-depth analysis of their charts with and without mentioning their potential numbers, something makes me think these birth points may be right. In fact, their descendants are a perfect yin-yang combination, revealing the power of polarization like Turner is Aries rising and Jonas is likely to be Libra rising.

Even without that, though, their charts are extremely aligned. They have lasting strength built into the relationship, as well as mutual support in careers, happy family lives, significant spiritual relationships, financial awareness and of course, trust romantic passion. My compatibility rating for them is 9 out of 10.

The energy of yin-yang balance is not only the energy of their children, but it also exists as a theme throughout their charts. On the one hand, this can certainly increase the intensity between them when they can’t see each other’s eyes, but by working together, they’re actually bigger than just the sum of their parts. This is a motivated couple. They can inspire and empower each other and help energize each other to live a fulfilling and joyful life in the process. They really bring a lot of light into each other’s lives, sharing unlimited excitement, enthusiasm, and joy.

But that’s not all! There are also dreamy, sensitive aspects of their chart! I love how their moons are in such a beautiful alignment that they can almost feel like they possess a spiritual bond because they can share emotions so easily. Wait: Let me add all of this to my vision board for my future marriage! BRB!

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Sees Celebrities
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have a bright future ahead of them according to their astrological charts.
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What lies ahead for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner?

Let’s put it this way: When looking at the couple’s 2022, they both are in for a big year in terms of fertility. There are many planets associated with them focusing on their children, laughter, romance, general happiness and family growth. So is Turner pregnant? Of course. And I don’t even need to see the photo that’s causing a stir on social media.

The next thing I see is that there’s a huge trend around finances that are particularly good for both of you, particularly in regards to real estate, properties and investments. Jonas is likely to have more professional breakthroughs in the coming years than Turner, but I think she’ll be more interested in reinventing herself and trying out a variety of roles. (Although, let’s be real, there’s also a chance that she back to some of her previous rolessuch as Jean Gray from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

However, I think she will have a desire to reinvent herself as she ventures into new territory while simultaneously promoting herself professionally and creatively. I hope my path is over this duo because they seem like interesting people and I think we would get along really well. Who knows. It could happen sooner than we all think . . . You are the first to hear it here.

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