Joe Biden’s Iran plan is a total disaster

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, it does. The Biden administration is working on a plan that would take the world far dangerous place.

It’s a three-step plot, all terrible and each arguably worse than the one before.

Step one is the determination to do something new sweet nuclear deal with Iran. There is no good reason, just the fetish of undoing everything Donald Trump has done.

He wisely sunk the first bad deal, so President Biden is hellbent on making a new one and is close to the finish line, which means Iran sanctions could escape and its oil could reach the world market.

Step two in the looming catastrophe is for the White House to let the butcher go Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, Mediation of the talks between America and Iran. As I stated last week, on the one hand Putin is a war criminal who rains death and destruction on millions of civilians, and on the other hand we trust him to strike an ironclad deal that will prevent the mad mullahs from getting the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.

Oh, and given Putin’s efforts for world peace, any construction work Russia undertakes in Iran related to the nuclear deal would be exempt from sanctions against Ukraine. As Biden would say, no joke.

If that sounds absolutely insane, get a load of Step Three. The Biden bots are actively considering removing the terrorist designation of their main military group, the Islamic, as a bonus to the mullahs Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Guardian Way

Keep in mind that Trump killed the longtime commander of the Guard’s elite Quds Force, Maj. General Qasem Soleimani, responsible for the killing and maiming of thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. Soleimani had been spreading terror in the region for decades, but Biden said during the 2020 campaign that he did not order the strike.

This photo taken on September 22, 2018 shows members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) marching during the annual military parade in the capital Tehran, marking the anniversary of the outbreak of the devastating 1980-1988 war involving Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Under the Iran deal, the dangerous Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps force will no longer be labeled terrorists.
STRINGER/afp/AFP via Getty Images

His objection is probably relevant to the fact that Iran added the requirement to remove the terror tag. They thought they were pushing an open door with the appeaser in the lead.

For Biden, he’ll likely agree to the demand for the same reason he wants a whole new deal in the first place: Trump. The former president stuck with the terror designation Revolutionary Guards in 2019, a year before he eliminated Soleimani.

Reportedly, all the group has to do is promise to make it nice and stop killing Iran’s enemies in the Middle East, and a separate deal will lift the sanctions blocking its funding, travel, etc., as if it were the Chamber of Commerce.

The whole performance is so off the charts that the Jewish News Syndicate reports that Israeli leaders, already unhappy at the prospect of a deal with Iran, initially refused to believe the White House was even considering it would prefer to give the Revolutionary Guards a free pass.

A crowd gathers during commemorations marking the second anniversary of the assassination of Iran's supreme commander Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (placards) in the southern Iraqi city of Basra January 8, 2022.
Iranians still honor Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi Cmdr. Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis two years after former President Donald Trump ordered her assassination.
HUSSEIN FALEH/AFP via Getty Images

Convinced the proposal is legit, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Secretary of State Yair Lapid issued an angry statement denouncing the group as “responsible for attacks on American civilians and American forces throughout the Middle East” and saying it was “behind plots to assassinate senior American government officials.”

Bennett and Lapid continued: “The IRGC has been involved in the murder of hundreds of thousands by Syrian civilians; they destroyed Lebanon and they brutally repress Iranian civilians. They kill Jews because they are Jews, Christians because they are Christians, and Muslims because they refuse to surrender.”

A ‘betrayal’

Former American diplomats who have advised both Democrats and Republicans in the region agreed the idea stinks.

Dennis Ross tweeted that the concept “makes us look naïve,” citing recent reports from the group Missile Attacks in Iraq which almost hit an American consulate, added: “For the IRGC, which this week admitted firing missiles at Erbil, the promise to de-escalate regionally is about as credible as Putin’s claim that Russia would do it.” not invade Ukraine.”

Iran claimed responsibility for firing ballistic missiles near the US consulate in Erbil, Iraq, in response to an Israeli attack on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria.
Iran claimed responsibility for firing ballistic missiles near the US consulate in Erbil, Iraq, in response to an Israeli attack on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria.
REUTERS/Azad Lashkari/FILE

Ambassador Martin Indyk tweeted that removing the Guards from the terror list would be viewed as “treason” by many US allies who have suffered from their brutal terrorism.

Still, it looks like Biden wants to give the terrorists a pass in exchange for a vague promise. The White House has said no decision has been made, which likely means it has, but officials will not publicly defend them until the agreement is signed.

Until the Senate

There’s one possible roadblock to all this madness, and that’s the Senate. Because the entire package is new, Senate approval is required.

Many people believe it should be viewed as a formal contract that would require a two-thirds endorsement. Instead of this, Democrats are likely trying to use a similar ending to 2015 to get the first deal through.

After a GOP-led filibuster effort failed 58-42, the pact was deemed approved by what one critic called a “brilliant political subterfuge.” That critic, Eric R. Mandel, director of the Middle East Political Information Network, writes in The Hill: “So let’s summarize: Forty-two senators were able to bind America to an agreement that had the votes of 66 senators a contract should be required.”

If the Senate allows something like this to happen again, it will prove that Biden’s love of extremely bad ideas is contagious.

A glimmer of hope in NYC crime

In terms of crime, New York was a history of good and bad news last week.

Mayor Adams’ first anti-arms units took to the streets and one team hit it big two hours into their first tour. A 20-year-old Bronx man who was allegedly a gang member has been charged with carrying an illegal 9mm handgun following a search.

Adams called suspect David Chevarria “the poster child of the failing system” because he had previously been arrested three times for gun possession and attempted murder but was released on bail.

Mayor Eric Adams has made strides in fighting crime after introducing the NYPD's new anti-gun neighborhood security teams.
Mayor Eric Adams has made strides in fighting crime after introducing the NYPD’s new anti-gun neighborhood security teams.

It’s also good news that Gov. Hochul has finally joined the fight against Albany’s criminal captors and said she will call for big changes, including in the porous bail laws. A point would give the judges more discretion, which is a no-brainer.

The bad news came via NYPD statistics showing serious crime up 45% year over year through March 13. Also remember that 2021 saw a dramatic increase from 2020, which was a big jump from 2019.

So in the third year of a crime wave comes the cavalry. Let’s hope it’s not too little, too late to save the city.

Lessons from the NYT switch

Readers will recognize several meanings from the Times’ belated call Emails from Hunter Biden authentic.

Mark Williams writes, “The news here is that the Times is signaling that it doesn’t want Biden to run in 2024.”

Mary Maillis is hoping to use the momentum to end that the silence of the conservatives, write: “The only way is to do what liberals do. Hold massive demonstrations off Twitter and Facebook until they stop discriminating against conservatives.”

And Thomas McFadden explains the Gray Lady’s change: “It seems like the science has changed!”

https://nypost.com/2022/03/19/joe-bidens-iran-plan-is-a-total-disaster/ Joe Biden’s Iran plan is a total disaster


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