Joe Biden leads a divided America, but he won’t like what we’re uniting

Some politicians would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

When Joe Biden was vice president, then Secretary of Defense was Robert Gates Was observed that he was significantly, consistently wrong about everything for 40 years. Around the same time, Biden’s boss, President Barack Obama, noted that he possessed an uncanny ability to mess things up. (His description Biden’s monstrous superpowers are more colorful than that.)

Keeping those two sharp observations in mind, consider how Biden led America and the world during the brief period of his presidency.

Russian President Putin is about to invade Ukraine. The nuclear-armed, KGB-trained mafia boss constantly blames the unrest on his neighbour, but his ambitions to rebuild the lost Soviet empire are clear.

Biden should have displayed the wisdom and strength and kept Putin as his predecessor did for four years, but what did Biden do?


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First, he gave up Afghanistan to terrorists, getting Americans killed and stranded because he gave up the only viable base of operations near Kabul. Then he decided not to fire anyone involved.

Then, in a few of his press conferences, he more or less Green Putin to invade Ukraine with his “mini-invasion” remark. That trick is cause big problemsand an anxious Europe from the Balkans to Britain is wondering not whether Putin will invade Ukraine, but whether he will stop there.

Spoiler: He’s sitting across from Joe Biden. Putin must certainly like his odds.

In ordinary times, the prospect of military action can unite and encourage us. But most Americans now believe that we care less about who owns what in Eastern Europe and that we have more pressing concerns closer to home.

Thanks to Biden’s irresponsible spending and the trillions more he constantly threatens to spend, the dollars we work hard for are depreciating rapidly. Biden That’s complicated by kicking American energy producers in the teeth, increasing dependence on foreign oil and putting money in Putin’s pocket.

Biden is dividing the country?

Yes, it is Putin who is swinging his gun at NATO and non-NATO neighbors. Biden’s decisions are making Putin more of a threat. And Biden shows no sign that he knows or even cares.

Another thing Biden doesn’t seem to care about is military readiness and capability. His big idea when he entered the White House was make the army wake upwhich has divided it and eroded Americans’ trust in an institution most of us believed in just over a year ago.

Biden also doesn’t seem interested in clearing the US-Mexico border. He continues to be arrested transporting illegal immigrants across the country – none of them tested for COVID-19 – despite lawless government efforts to hide this plot from the American people. Biden doesn’t care about the human trafficking he’s triggering or toxic substances fentanyl spill over the border. He also doesn’t care that his actions are spiritual destruction in Border Patrol.

Biden claims to be interested in the economy, and he has continued to tout all of the jobs “created” since he was reassigned to the Oval Office. But so far, his policies have not created a single new job. Democrats closed businesses at the start of the pandemic, killing millions of people. Now, those Democrats are reluctant to reopen their states and cities, and some of those jobs have returned. It’s not about creating jobs. But Biden doesn’t care.


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Biden also doesn’t care about the war that criminals and crime-loving Democratic district attorneys and mayors are waging across the country. If he really cared, he would call for – or even eliminate – radical DAs like George Gascon in Los Angeles, Jose Garza in Austin and Alvin Bragg in New York, who continue to install revolving doors in their local prisons. But he stays silent even as the criminals these DAs are free to go out and rob, rape and kill more Americans.

The famous American podium man is easily bullied, it turns out. He received being bullied declares that he will only choose one black woman for the next Supreme Court opening, there might be some credibility if he doesn’t vote against the second black man – Clarence Thomas – up to the supreme court. Biden doesn’t really care about diversity; he is only interested in political effect.

Thanks to Biden and his sober administrators, Americans are divided on everything from what should be taught in our schools to the definition of a citizen. We’re divided on the economy, we’re divided on vaccines – and remember, Biden was one of the first. call into question for the sake of politics – and we’re split on everything else.

Well, not everything. Most Americans despise Biden The current. That is something.

But when Putin — and Chinese dictator Xi, and more likely Iran and North Korea — all work together to sweep up their respective regions, Biden will have a hard time rallying the US or the world. The legacy of division he has created will disrupt the free world even further at the worst time imaginable.

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