Jake Tapper without a mask sits with Klobuchar while exploding Cruz to sit without a mask next to Klobuchar

On the left, one of the most important things for politicians is to wear a face covering.

Never mind the fact that the mask has not been proven to be too effective. Leftists say, to prevent a pandemic, you must wear one whenever you are around other people.

That’s why journalists are called Jake Tapper at CNN base their interviews around this issue. During a one-on-one conversation with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar on “State of the Union” on Sunday, Tapper questioned her about her interactions with another senator.

“You were at the funeral of former Senator Bob Dole… and you were seated next to a Republican, Senator Ted Cruz, who, as everyone could see, was not wearing a mask despite the rules. Regulations at the National Cathedral require all guests to wear masks indoors,” said Tapper.


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Tapper even tried to cite the fact that Klobuchar is a breast cancer survivor and thinks she may still be recovering.

Klobuchar quickly corrected him and said that she was “100% fine now”, according to a CNN Scoreboard.

But even then, Tapper didn’t stop questioning.

Should Tapper be embarrassed to ask this question?

“You’re 100 percent better, but you’re still at risk of infection because of this fight you won. What goes through your mind when Ted Cruz pulls over to your side and doesn’t wear a mask, despite the rules being “Please wear a mask… for the protection of others”? “

As Tapper’s virtue signaled his way through the interview, it’s important to note that he himself isn’t wearing a mask. While he attacked Cruz, his hypocrisy was painfully evident.

If Tapper really believed that Klobuchar was at risk of serious illness around people whose faces were exposed, he wouldn’t be sitting no mask face her directly.

Additionally, the video clearly shows Klobuchar wearing his own mask under his nose, which essentially renders it useless. By Tapper’s logic, she was putting others in the same danger as Cruz.

Thankfully, Klobuchar did not succumb to Tapper when he questioned her.


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“I think people should wear masks, especially when they are in places where they have to wear masks,” she said. “I think part of our duty as civic leaders is really to model behavior, because it’s not just about masks, it’s about vaccines.

“And Ted Cruz, you know, he got the vaccine. He understands that. ”

While Klobuchar is said to have done some of her own virtuous signals about Vaccine, she at least refuses to launch minor attacks against Cruz.

However, this isn’t even the most impressive part of the interview from Klobuchar. As she continued, she subtly exposed Tapper for attempting to sow division during a tragic gathering.

“Part of what I don’t want to get lost here is why we are there,” Klobuchar said. “We are there to honor Bob Dole and his memory. Bob Dole is all about consensus, bringing people together, and let’s not forget that. “

Leftists in the media like Tapper are desperate to promote their desires stories that they would use the death of a man to do so. Sadly for Tapper, even one of his favorite party members doesn’t want to lower his level.

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