Is The Buzz Cut Still A trendy Hairstyle

Everything You Need To Know About Buzz Cut Styles

A buzz cut is one of the everyday hairstyles trending among youngsters, and it seems to not grow out of fashion soon. Most people prefer it because it is not complicated for the stylists as the other haircuts, and it is also easy to maintain. The hair left on the head is short, so you can wash and go daily. 

However, the cut has been trending for a long time because of the introduction of clippers. Besides, most professionals, including the army men, are urged to keep their hair short, and the easiest haircut to maintain grooming is the buzz cut

What Is Buzz Cut

If it is your first time hearing a haircut, you might think it is a complicated style to achieve. Most barbers and hairstylists are experienced in getting this hairdo because of the many buzz cut customers they get. 

The buzz cut hairdo is characterized by a completely shaved head, leaving very short hair that is easy to maintain. Besides, with the changing times, barbers are incorporating other styles to go well with the buzz cut, like an undercut or a fade. 

However, some men are skeptical about getting a buzz cut because they fear that their hair will not grow as it used to. The truth is, a buzz cut won’t stop your hair from growing. Although your hair will take days or weeks to grow back after a buzz cut, it eventually will grow. 

Will Your Hair Grow Better After A Buzz Cut?

One advantage of getting a buzz cut is that it accentuates your facial features. It is also a suitable cut if you want to showcase your beautiful head’s shape and keep hair maintenance low. 

However, a buzz cut will not influence your hair growth pattern. The hair cutting machine does not pluck out the strands together with the roots but cuts the hair at the skin’s surface. Therefore, your hair takes the same time it would grow if you shaved it in another style. 

How long After a Buzz Cut Will Your Hair Grow?

If you are reluctant to get a buzz cut because you are afraid that your hair won’t grow back, it is understandable. Many people have battled with the thought of staying bald for the rest of their lives, and they can’t take it. However, getting a buzz cut doesn’t mean you will live with short hair forever. 

People’s hair takes different periods to grow because of the genes and hair nature. Some people take a week to get a full head with hair, while others take months. Besides, the growth rate is also affected by age. Older people’s hair takes longer to grow than a teen’s hair. 

Once the hair has reached a certain age, it gets to a resting phase. You will notice little change at this phase, and it can be frustrating. The last stage of growing strands is the shedding phase, where old hair sheds to pave the way for new strands. 

 Is There A Normal Hair Growth Cycle

As mentioned earlier, people’s hair grows differently. However, the normal hair growth cycle lasts for about seven years. After that phase, the hair goes into a resting stage, where you won’t see significant length changes. Once the resting stage is over, the strands could start falling. This is not a bad sign because the hair sheds the older strands to get the new ones. 

Getting a buzz doesn’t mean that there will be a change in your hair growth cycle. Since the strands are not plucked from the roots, your hair will still grow at an average speed. The difference is that you won’t see significant changes because you keep cutting them. 

Are There Hairstyles That Affect Normal Hair Growth Rate?

Although a buzz haircut does not affect the hair growth cycle, other styles do. It happens mostly when the stylist ties your hair tightly when styling. The style could pull your hair strands and pluck them. As such, a buzz haircut has won the hearts of many men.

Huynh Nguyen

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