Is 5G dangerous? Here’s why pilots say new technology could be a ‘disaster’ for planes

AT&T and Verizon had to halt plans to roll out 5G after pilots warned of a possible “catastrophic situation”.

This leaves many confused about the dangers posed by the new C-band 5G service and why it is deemed safe to roll out in some areas.

The pilots begged the US government to stop the 5G plan


The pilots begged the US government to stop the 5G planCredit: AFP

Is 5G dangerous for planes?

When it comes to the impact of 5G on aircraft, most concerns relate to the impact of radar altimeter technology that pilots use when trying to land.

An altimeter is used to measure altitude and can tell pilots how high they are at the Earth’s surface.

United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned that 5G masts near airports can interfere with altimeters and other important equipment on board.

These devices operate on the same frequency as 5G and that’s why pilots are afraid of interruptions and not being able to land safely.

The altimeter also helps pilots detect a dangerous type of current known as wind shear.

This means flying in bad weather will be an issue and could lead to pilots refusing to fly from US airports near the 5G mast.

A pilot could technically land without an altimeter but they would need good images.

Is the problem unique to the US?

5G has been rolled out in other countries without aviation issues.

However, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) declared the issue to be US-specific as US networks are planning to use higher 5G frequencies, which are more likely to cause interference. American altimeter.

Mobile networks and the FAA now need to reach an agreement on how 5G flights and plans can resume.

The networks are said to have 500 towers which some experts say are too close to the 88 airports across the country.

The technology will launch in the United States this Wednesday.

The networks created buffer zones around 50 at-risk airports out of the 88 in question.

The names of the airports without the buffer zone have yet to be revealed.

Airports with buffer zones, which can reduce the impact of 5G on planes, include John F. Kennedy and Los Angeles International.

5G in areas not close to airports is not considered dangerous.

5G rollout causes mass flight cancellations across US as Delta airlines and international carriers Emirates and Lufthansa scramble

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