Inside Anthony Joshua’s new ‘mental training’ plan after losing to Usyk

Two-time world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua says he is now taking a more ‘mental approach’ to training after his loss to Oleksandr Usyk.

The 32-year-old said he is increasingly focusing on the mental side of his boxing training.

Anthony Joshua has revealed how he is training to lead through 2022


Anthony Joshua has revealed how he is training to lead through 2022Credit: Getty

Speaking at an Under Armor panel, Joshua said he is turning to ‘elevating activities’ to help get him into the right space.

“I am not satisfied with what happened in my previous fight. You have to be angry about losing and that’s unacceptable,” he said.

“My losses should be included in my highlight reel really, because that’s what defines you, it’s always on my mind.

“I don’t take losses well, I fight consistently and at my best, and I try to overcome obstacles.”

Joshua’s next fight is set for April 2022, and after his loss in September, he is taking a fresh approach.

Mental health is key to all of us and can make a real impact for any athlete; that’s what Watford-born Joshua is so focused on.

The sun previously gave You’re not alone campaign, to remind anyone facing difficult times that there is hope and support.

Joshua says mental recovery is really important to him and explains that keeping his mental health in good shape will help him feel strong and perform at his best.

Tracking his social media usage is an important step in managing his mental health.

“It’s all about the environment I create around me and the information I put in,” says Joshua.

“It’s too much effort to block social media. If you like it, jump on it, but when you’re on it, control what you put in your life.

“If you use it, it’s good, take the positives of it.

“You have to fill your life with motivation, because life is hard.

“I was at the bottom so I needed to see things up.”

Anthony Joshua’s top tips for working out outside this winter

Cold training isn’t just about sub-zero temperatures and sprinting in the snow.

“The key is to just get outside and get some sunshine,” says Joshua.

“Just going for a walk and getting some sunlight is wonderful; Being outside is very important. ”

If you’re nervous about working out in cold weather, start slowly and build up your cold weather tolerance.

“A lot of little things affect us,” says Joshua.

“You need small goals. Small steps will take you a long way.

“Cold training is good because it helps you learn how to deal with stress.

“It makes you a better person, no matter what environment you’re in.”

Another way for him to keep his mental health at its peak is to perform a daily cold ritual.

While many influencers and athletes love to post pictures of themselves lounging in luxury in hot places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Joshua prefers the cold much more, and Joshua prefers a cold shower first.

It was a shock to the system and a boost to his mental health.

“A cold shower is one of the first things I do in the morning,” he says.

“It’s all just uncomfortable.

“Every day presents me with a million obstacles and I just feel like if I can get through 30 seconds of cold showers, I can deal with 10 minutes of stress.”


Joshua, an Under Armor ambassador, also brought his cold shower philosophy into the training round.

Training in icy weather can be something he struggles with, but he says: “It’s a mental block that you need to get over.”

He remembers his trainer telling him to run outdoors, in freezing temperatures.

“I knew I had to get out. Spartans and vikings will always be on the outside, but I’m a new guy at school.

“My coach showed me a video of someone running in the snow, so I knew what I had to do.

“I had to get through my thoughts and I felt alive coming back from that run.”

Working out at low temperatures can be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health, if you can get yourself out the door.

“Being in a warm environment relaxes you, and you shut off,” says Joshua.

“The cold signals to the brain and the rest of the body that you need to wake up.

“It’s all about being turned on and that’s what cold weather training does for your mind and body.”

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