In the #ShutUpRing trend, women warn others about cluster rings

Diamonds are forever — but if your fiancé proposes to you with this style of engagement ring, the relationship may not last, according to the likes of Asia Frances.

“I was suggested using a cluster ringFrances, 34, a now-divorced mother of two from Philadelphia, told the Post about her engagement bow, a piece of silver jewelry topped with a small rectangle filled with a sea of ​​0.01-carat diamond chips. “I was so disappointed.”

“It was a ‘shut up,'” Frances moaned at her little thing. “It was only given to quell my incessant desire for marriage [during our] stagnant relationship.”

And she’s far from the only abandoned fiancée muzzled with the unwanted piece of jewelry.

In fact, the trending hashtag ShutUpRing is reaching viral fame with more than 10 million TikTok views.

Online, women like Frances advise others against taking on a cluster ring — known more cheekily on the internet as a “diamond dust ring” — believing that men who choose this ring style lack a genuine interest in tying the knot.

Officially known as a compound diamond ring, the clustered jewelry is designed to create the illusion of a giant rock. The inexpensive piece can start as low as $300, which is a fraction of the $3,000 a 1-carat diamond ring costs, a rep for Manhattan gem dealer Magnolia Jewelers told The Post.

GIF featuring the divorced mother of two Asia Frances from Philadelphia and a cluster diamond ring.
The viral TikTok alert #ShutUpRing is spreading on social media, alerting brides-to-be to the dangers of adopting a cluster diamond ring.
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Asia Frances kisses her ex-husband during their wedding in March 2016.
Despite her disappointment with the ring, Asia Frances and her ex-husband tied the knot in March 2016.
Kate McCarthy Photography

A cluster diamond ring was far from what Frances was hoping for, especially since she spent most of 2013 nagging her then-boyfriend, to whom she was married for two years, about the big question deliver. The nurse-turned-self-help influencer often dropped a few not-so-subtle hints that she might want to get married, such as deluging him with images of her dream jewel, a giant princess-cut solitaire.

Fed up, Frances finally gave him an ultimatum: you come forward or we break up.

But when her worn-out sweetheart, whose name she declined to share for privacy reasons, finally proposed in January 2014 — by proposing at an upscale restaurant in Philadelphia’s Center City but refusing to get on his knees — he was the would-be woman surprised by his cheesy token of affection.

Frances, who wed in March 2016, eventually ended the marriage in February 2022 due to irreconcilable differences with her ex – proving that the ring was indeed a red flag.

Bored millennial lady not ready to accept engagement ring.
On TikTok, women advise others not to settle for the inexpensive charm.
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“Men, even those who hate you will do it Give yourself a “shut up” just to keep you aroundwarned Miami-based content creator Nati Bernal. “I’ve seen those marriages end. It never works [because] There’s no love, it’s not real.”

Brooklyn native Melissa Watkins, 45, urged women to “just say ‘no'” when a man tries to woo them with the disappointing piece of jewelry.

“We need to stop these men buying us cluster diamond rings,” she said encouraged in a TikTok clip which garnered more than 668,000 views.

“Did you win the Super Bowl? Are you perhaps a WWE wrestler?” Watkins asked rhetorically. “Then why did your husband give you this ring?”

And former jewelry retailer Dina Folgia, 25, recalls being amazed at how little ring buyers valued their wives-to-be.

“Any man who I was looking for this specific type of ring … asked, ‘Is it under $1,000?’” she recalls. “And I was like, ‘[Your girlfriend] is really only worth $500 to you bro?’”

A spokesman for Magnolia Jewelers told The Post that the price and quality of an engagement ring often reflects the quality of the relationship.

Asia Frances' hand and cluster ring joins with her ex-husband's hand.
Frances told The Post that she and her ex-husband didn’t give their marriage the same priority.
Asia Frances

“The ring is a symbol of their love and their promise,” said the rep – who noted that oval, pear and emerald cut rings, rather than cluster rings, are currently the styles of choice for newly engaged or soon-to-be engaged women in Gotham. Laboratory grown diamonds are also in high demand.

“It’s an indication of your relationship with your significant other and how well you know him or her,” the insider added.

Lishai Brown, founder of the Jewel Standard in Manhattan, agrees.

Scared girlfriend rejects marriage proposal at home
New York City diamond experts say an engagement ring should reflect the couple’s love for one another.
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“There are men who do that [cluster] “The style makes it look like they spent more than they actually spent,” Brown, known online as the “Diamond Queen,” told The Post. “Your engagement ring should be something special – that can be a big red flag!”

Frances hopes other women will heed the signs on the wall before taking the plunge.

“Marriage is only great when everyone involved wants it,” she said. “It’s a red flag when you have to ask for a ring multiple times and then get the opposite of what you asked for.”

“Shut-up rings are meant to keep you docile.”

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