I’m a pediatrician and babies can get their first period as soon as they’re born

A PEDIATRICIAN has revealed that babies can have their first “period” shortly after they’re born – which could startle parents.

However, it is completely normal and can be seen in up to one in four newborn girls.

A pediatrician has said that it is true that girls can get their first period as babies


A pediatrician has said that it is true that girls can get their first period as babiesCredits: Nathan Allred / Alamy

Called a sudo menstrual period, or false period, it causes a very small amount of blood, which can only be seen as a small stain in a diaper.

Later, baby Girls won’t menstruate again for a decade or so, when puberty begins.

Carole Keim MD, a pediatrician in Boulder, Colorado, affiliated with San Luis Valley Health-Alamosa, tells her TikTok follower: “Yes, this is very true.

“Girls may have some periods after they are born.

“It usually happens around the third to fifth day of life if it’s going to happen.

“It can happen in 25% of girls and it usually only lasts a day or less.”

Dr. Keime reassures parents that they need not worry when they see blood.

“It doesn’t hurt them, it’s just a normal thing,” she said.

“It can be really scary to open a diaper and see bright red blood. But a lot of times you can see it coming out of the vagina and not mixed with stool. “

Dr. Keim, also the author of the “Children’s Handbook”, went on to explain why this phenomenon occurs.

She says it’s due to the hormonal decline that babies experience when they leave the mother’s uterus, where they are absorbing the mother’s hormones.

Dr. Keim likened it to the above break birth control pills.

Every three weeks, a woman using the combination pill stops taking it for a week, or takes a dummy pill, and this causes bleeding.

“The same thing happens in newborn girls,” says Dr. Keim.

“They have all those maturing hormones inside the body, when they’re inside the mother, and then when they come out, and those hormones go away and it can cause periods a little bit.”

Both sexes Babies can also produce milkDr. Keim revealed in the comments section of videotapesViewed by more than 6,000 viewers.

This is called infant galactorrhea, but is sometimes accompanied by “witch’s milk”, as it was believed in the 17th century that witches would come and steal this milk to use for their magic, Health line report.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, Family Physician and Clinical Director of, told The Sun that a girl’s labia majora (labia) may also be slightly enlarged and may have some milky discharge, due to hormone withdrawal.

Speaking of her baby’s ‘first period’, she said: ‘Having a baby suddenly start bleeding from the vagina at just a few days old can be quite scary.

“But in reality, as long as she’s settled on her own and it resolves on its own within a few days, that’s usually nothing to worry about.”

“After your baby is born, they are no longer exposed to the same hormones.

“As her estrogen levels drop, your baby may experience some vaginal bleeding.

“If it’s unsettled or if she’s unwell in any way, talk to your midwife or doctor for advice.” I’m a pediatrician and babies can get their first period as soon as they’re born

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