I met the love of my life on a plane

FROM strangers on a plane to a road accident – three women share how they found The One in Kate Graham’s most unlikely places.

Three women reveal how they found The One in the most unlikely of places


Three women reveal how they found The One in the most unlikely of placesPhoto credit: Getty Images

“I married the man I met on a flight”

Ellie Fox with her husband Johny and their son Lior


Ellie Fox with her husband Johny and their son Lior
Ellie says:


Ellie says: “Walking by the canal, Johny told me he loved me and I immediately said I loved him too.”Credit: Ellie Fox

Ellie Fox, 24, a full-time mum, lives in Manchester with her husband Johny, 41, an optician, and their son Lior, 15 months.

“As I stormed onto the plane seconds before the end, I collapsed in my seat.

It wasn’t until we were in the sky that I finally caught my breath and looked at the handsome, dark-haired stranger sitting next to me.

A few weeks earlier, in October 2015, I asked my boss at the optometrist where I work if I could take a vacation.

I was going to visit my girlfriend in Israel for a long weekend – and as luck would have it, she said her fiancé was trying to sell his return flights to Tel Aviv on the exact dates I was planning to travel.

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She explained he was supposed to go with his friend Johny but had changed his mind and couldn’t get a refund so I paid £300 and the ticket was transferred to my name.

On October 29th I almost missed the flight when I misplaced my phone but luckily I found it and made it in time.

At first I didn’t even notice Johny next to me, but when the lady on my other side started eating really loudly, our eyes met and we smiled.

We chatted for much of the flight.

Johny, who worked as an optician, said he also had friends in Israel, so he decided to keep the flight.

At 35, he was 17 years older than me, so I didn’t feel any fireworks at first.

At Tel Aviv airport, Johny helped me with my big suitcase and we went our separate ways.

I had fun at my friend’s, didn’t think about him for those four days but was happy to see him again upon check-in and we chatted all the way home.

A few weeks later we saw each other at my manager’s wedding, then started texting and met for drinks in early December.

On the date, I felt a definite spark between us.

Johny explained that he only booked the trip to Tel Aviv because his weekend in Spain had fallen through and I realized that we couldn’t have met that easily.

When friends and family found out about us, some were worried about the age difference and told me it wouldn’t work, but once they met it their worries went away.

You could see what a great guy he was and how happy he made me.

In March 2016 we made our first vacation in Venice.

While walking along the canal, Johny told me he loved me and I immediately said I loved him too.

A year later we bought a house and on a surprise trip to Paris that same year, Johny took me stargazing and proposed to me.

The following spring we were married in Tel Aviv in front of 180 guests and our son Lior was born in December 2020.

I still can’t believe the twists and turns that brought us together.

If Johny had gone to Spain, if his boyfriend hadn’t changed his mind, or if I had missed my flight like I almost did, we would never have met.”

“A car accident led me to love”

Lindsay lives with husband Trevor and children Ethan (10) and Ella (7).


Lindsay lives with husband Trevor and children Ethan (10) and Ella (7).
Lindsay says:


Lindsay says: “We talked and laughed for so long, we were the last to leave. After that, things developed quickly.Credit: Lindsay Shillito

Lindsay Shillito, 38, a stay-at-home mom, lives in Surrey with husband Trevor, 54, an engineer, and children Ethan, 10, and Ella, seven.

“When my car skidded down the freeway, I was terrified. I frantically steered away from the median, knowing that if I crashed head-on I would be in trouble.

At that moment, October 12, 2008, all I cared about was staying alive.

It started like any other Saturday. I was driving to the shops in the left lane of a dual carriageway when a convertible sped across the driveway. It appeared in my lane so quickly that I had to swerve to avoid it.

I hit the curb and lost control of my car, which sped across the lanes and clipped another car before stopping inches from the median.

Adrenaline surged through me as I got out. I was unhurt and somehow my car wasn’t badly damaged.

The convertible had sped away, but the road behind me was still. A man in the passenger seat of a car next to me rolled down his window and asked if I was okay.

He stayed with me when the men in the car I had hit angrily approached me, which helped keep me calm.

He told me his name and we exchanged numbers in case I needed them for anything.

It was all so terribly blurry that I didn’t really register anything about him.

Later that day I called him to see if he would be okay with me giving the police his details as a witness.

He was friendly, but I thought nothing of it.

I was amazed when just 20 minutes later Trevor texted that he lives nearby and asked if I’d like a drink to calm my nerves.

I laughed – I couldn’t believe he was asking me out.

Because of the shock, I couldn’t remember him anymore, apart from the fact that he had gray hair.

I didn’t agree to a drink but responded politely. Later, when I got curious, I looked him up on Facebook and found that he was handsome.

After I sent him a friend request, we struck up a conversation. Trevor told me he was a divorced father and worked as an engineer.

He was warm and funny, and I agreed to a date the next night.

I was nervous beforehand, but as soon as I got to the restaurant, the spark was there.

We talked and laughed for so long that we were the last to leave. Things developed quickly after that.

I invited him to a work event, then a week later I met his friends on his 41st birthday.

My friends thought it was a bit crazy, but I knew it was right.

We bought an apartment together in April 2009, got engaged in October and married in July 2010.

At the ceremony, my friend Jo read a poem she had written about how we met, which everyone loved.

The driver of the convertible was never caught, but as we drive down the street we tell our kids, Ethan and Ella, where we met.

It might not be the most romantic of settings, but we were exactly where we were supposed to be.”

“If he hadn’t driven by, we would never have found each other on Tinder”

Life Coach Jacqueline with husband Bruce


Life Coach Jacqueline with husband BruceCredit: Jacqueline Kent
Jacqueline says:


Jacqueline says: “It was amazing how well we got on”Credit: Jacqueline Kent

Jacqueline Kent, 46, a life coach, lives in Nottingham with husband Bruce, 47, a handyman, and their sons Zac, 15, and Sam, 24.

“As I lay in bed on a Sunday night in July 2017, I was flipping through pictures on Tinder of men shirtless or sitting in their cars – none of them spoke to me.

I had separated from my 14-year-old husband last October and was in a good place as a single mother to three sons – the youngest two living with me and my eldest, Kieran, now 29, living nearby.

I had decided to dip my toe back into the dating world, although I wasn’t looking for anything serious.

When I signed up for Tinder, I chose a photo and wrote a little bit about myself, including the fact that I’m bad at starting conversations.

Since my ex lived 19 miles away, I set the maximum search distance to 15 miles.

When my profile went live I was nervous. I connected with a guy and we went on a date but there was no spark.

Then, two weeks later, I was looking through the app when I saw Bruce

One photo was full length and another showed him in costume as Crocodile Dundee which made me smile.

He looked normal and funny so I swiped right. When I woke up the next morning we were a match and he had already texted me.

He had read that I was bad at starting conversations and wanted to be the first to answer.

The connection I felt when I saw his photos grew stronger as our messages flew back and forth throughout the day. I learned that he had four teenage children and lived separately.

It was uncanny how well we were making progress.

On Monday evening he asked me out on a date this Friday. I felt a trembling sensation like something amazing was about to happen.

Over the next few days, as we texted constantly, I realized he lived 19 miles away. How did we connect?

We found out that Bruce was driving near my house that Sunday night, returning from a weekend trip — a route he normally never took — when my app picked him up.

From the moment we met in a bar that Friday night, it felt like I’d known this kind, genuine man forever.

We didn’t want the night to end so I invited him over to my house.

There were a few kisses, but mostly we just sat and talked until 5am.

From then on we were inseparable.

Three days after our first date, I told Bruce I love him and he told me the same thing a few days later. It was quick, but it felt right.

My family and friends thought he was adorable and in May 2018 we moved in together.

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By that time Bruce had joined my choir and in February 2019 we were there when he got on one knee and I said yes.

We got married in November 2021 and I can’t imagine what life would be like if Bruce hadn’t driven by my house.”

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