I left my wife at the airport and I’m not sorry

Starbucks is terribly expensive these days – but it may have cost a man his marriage.

An anonymous traveler revealed on Reddit that he recently left his wife with the bag – and her skinny, foam-free latte – in the airport departure hall after she sneaked away from the gate for a quick coffee just before their transcontinental flight took off.

The shocking confession, posted just days ago on the Two Hot Takes subreddit, has already garnered nearly 8,000 comments. Many users fully supported the abandoned father, who was determined to head to the East Coast to see his daughter in college – even if it meant the fight of the century with his retarded spouse.

The 47-year-old man from the Pacific Northwest initially explained that traveling with his 43-year-old wife was “not a great experience.”

He describes himself as a Type A person, while his wife is “the opposite.”

“I like having everything organized and making sure we get where we need to be early, especially when traveling,” he said.

“My wife is the opposite, she’s all ‘go with the flow’ and ‘we’ll get there when we get there.'”

A couple goes to boarding at the airport
The 47-year-old man began by explaining that traveling with his 43-year-old wife was “not a great experience” because he was Type A and his wife was “the opposite.”
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The couple has been together for over a decade; the daughter comes from the man’s previous marriage. She is now studying on the other side of the country and the couple travel there as often as possible to see her.

The man explained that he had been nervous leading up to the couple’s final trip because his wife’s antics last year had caused them to miss their original flight to see their daughter.

She stayed asleep after he tried to wake her five times, then decided to shower, make coffee and eat cereal while he anxiously waited to get to the airport.

When his wife finally finished and they reached the gate, their flight had taken off without her.

They missed two days that they were supposed to spend with their daughter, and he was determined to spend as much time with this girl as possible this time.

“Because of the recent accident at the airport, I really wanted to tell her that we had to leave extra early so as not to miss the flight again,” he said, noting that he still had to urge his wife to move on.

This time the couple made it to the gate with some time to spare, which reassured the man but “annoyed” his wife, who continued to complain about having to wait to board the plane.

The couple made it to their first flight without any problems, landing less than an hour before their connecting flight.

The second goal was far away, so the pair had to take several moves. They arrived at their departure area with only 15 minutes to spare.

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His wife insisted she still had time to get Starbucks and left their gate 15 minutes before boarding. She ended up missing her flight while the man decided to board without her.
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His wife then decided she wanted a cup of coffee, but declined his offer to buy her some at the small market next to their gate, insisting she needed Starbucks coffee – a train ride away.

“I told her we couldn’t do that, we didn’t have enough time,” he said, recalling that his wife claimed there was “enough time” and that she would go alone if he didn’t come with her.

“I tried to discourage her, but she was determined. She left at a brisk pace for her and said she would be back in time,” the man said.

Fifteen minutes passed and the plane began to board, but his wife had not returned.

“I called my wife and hoped she was nearby,” he said. “She didn’t answer.”

“They called a few groups, then they called ours. In a panic, I called my wife again, three times, and on the last call she finally answered and said she was on her way, the line was long and she had to wait a while. I told her they were almost done boarding and she had to hurry.”

The man claimed he waited at the gate until a crew member told him the door had to close in two minutes, meaning he had to sit in his seat or exit the ramp.

He insisted he “tried to plead with the airline employee” but was told the plane could no longer be delayed.

“So I got on the plane,” he said.

His wife called him a few minutes after he settled into his seat.

The man explained that he had been nervous leading up to the couple's latest trip because his wife's antics had caused them to miss their original flight to visit their daughter last year, cutting their trip short by two days.
The man explained that he had been nervous leading up to the couple’s latest trip because his wife’s antics had caused them to miss their original flight to visit their daughter last year, cutting their trip short by two days.
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“She told me I had to tell them to let me off the plane so I could be with her and I said ‘no.'” It’s not fair to do that again… I said I got you “We didn’t have time, but you still decided to go,” the man said.

He told his wife to buy a ticket for the next flight and left to enjoy the weekend with his daughter.

When he spoke to his wife over the weekend, the topic was barely brought up, he said.

“I thought she realized it was her fault and just wanted to give it up.”

When the couple was reunited at home, he realized how wrong he was.

“We’re home now and she hasn’t spoken to me since the trip over a week ago and insists I’m an asshole,” the man revealed.

“I stopped caring about my partner after we missed a flight for the first time,” said one Reddit user sympathetically – admitted that he once left her behind after failing to get a connecting flight for a 10-day cruise.

“He was never late again,” they said.

“Sit down and tell your wife that you love and appreciate her, but the way she disrespects your desire to be on time is just too much.” Tell her that you are canceling your travels from now on will be arranged separately.” another offered.

Sleeping charming Caucasian woman
The husband was afraid of this trip and forced his wife to come to the airport even earlier than usual, but had to urge his wife to hurry up.
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“Your wife is acting like an entitled child. No, we’re not holding up the plane so she can get coffee.” another smoked.

One suspicious commenter suggested a more sinister reason for the woman’s startling behavior.

“Be careful, it seems that your wife has been just tolerating your daughter and wants to keep you away from her now that she is an adult.” they warned.

Days later, after receiving over 18,000 upvotes, the original poster returned with an update – his wife was talking to him again. Currently.

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