I got kicked out of the mall because of my skimpy, cleavage-exposing outfit

This gave new meaning to the term “shopping mall”.

Another day, another influencer with skimpy couture dress code: This time, Brazilian influencer Jaiane Lima claims she was kicked out of a mall for wearing “inappropriate” clothes.

“Yesterday I went to a mall and was humiliated,” the buxom bombshell ranted in a post to her 479,000 followers on Instagramwhere she frequently uploads pictures of herself in floss bikinis and other skimpy outfits that show off her large breasts.

“I know my boobs are big and stand out, but I love them,” she told Jam Press.

According to the post, the latest “absurd” dress code violation occurred last week when Lima was filming a video shoot for social media at a mall in the coastal city of Santa Catarina.

The social media sensation said she chose to wear a top that showcases her cleavage (seen in the clip) because the temperature had risen to 86 degrees, she claimed.

“The whole mall was looking at me and it seemed like I had robbed a store or committed some crime,” Lima lamented.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

However, Lima did not specify why she wore long sleeves and knee-high stockings

In any case, she found her clothes fairly harmless. “The video was shot on the escalator and you can tell it wasn’t too much,” Lima explained. “It was filmed from the front.”

Still, the Brazilian said she managed to shoot just one video before being reported by fashion police.

“A man about 1.80 meters tall came and yelled at me that he wanted to confiscate my cell phone, he called two other security guards,” Lima recalled. “The whole mall was looking at me and it seemed like I had robbed a store or committed a crime.”

She added: “The words of the security guard were as follows: ‘As soon as you arrived in these clothes, I watched you.”

Lima flaunts her fortune on Instagram.
Lima found the behavior of the security forces “absurd”.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

Lima is escorted by the mall's fashion police.
Lima is escorted by the mall’s fashion police.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

“I didn’t film store fronts or anything that was against the law, and I didn’t deserve to be humiliated in front of everyone,” Lima explained.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

The couture cop and two buddies then took Lima to a back room, after which she began filming them with the resulting footage seen in the aforementioned clip.

Unfortunately, the “very scared” fashionista said she was forced to erase all the photos on her phone when she arrived in the back room.

“Thank god I was able to save some of them to iCloud but a lot got lost,” said Lima, who said she was upset by the man’s “abusive behavior.”

She felt her behavior was excessive, considering she hadn’t filmed store fronts, stripped or done anything else to break the law.

Lima in a bikini.
“I know my boobs are big and stand out, but I love them,” Lima gushed.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

Lima in the kitchen.
Lima in the kitchen.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

Lima cited her plight as an example of how women are mistreated.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

Instagram commenters sympathized with their plight, writing, “Who cares if you’re beautiful and hot, society can’t handle it.”

“Are we living in Afghanistan?” wondered one incredulous commenter, while another remarked, “Absurd, take appropriate action, it’s unacceptable that this happened to you.”

However, other viewers sided with the security forces, and one critic argued, “These women want to be famous at all costs.”

“Shopping malls are not places for pornography,” explained another.

Lima viewed the incident as an example of how “women suffer.”

“For people to respect women, they have to understand that they can be whatever they want,” she explained. “Whether she’s a housewife or wearing something revealing, we all deserve respect.”

Lima with dog.
Lima has nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram.
Jam Press/@jaianelima

Lima joins a long list of social media stars who have been arrested for wearing skimpy clothing in public.

Many of the most high-profile cases have occurred at Disneyland, where influencers have complained about being accused of wearing overtly harmless tops and then being forced to cover themselves with an official company t-shirt.

The House of Mouse appeared to have halted these offers after influencers allegedly began specifically wearing NSFW clothing at the parks with the goal of receiving a free t-shirt

In 2022, a TikToker’s attempt to trick the system reportedly backfired after cast members forced her to do so buy a T-shirt.

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