I found out my classmate is secretly mining Bitcoins after our electricity bill DOUBLE… how do I kick him out?

A FURIOUS tenant discovered their roommate was secretly mining Bitcoin in their apartment – sending their electricity bills through the roof.

The anonymous person who vented on Reddit said they noticed their bills started steadily increasing monthly about a year ago.

A Reddit user says his roommate is running a Bitcoin mining operation from their apartment


A Reddit user says his roommate is running a Bitcoin mining operation from their apartmentCredit: Reuters

They said the four shared an apartment and they had agreed to share basic expenses such as “internet, electricity, gas, water.”

“However, the bills are now double what they were before,” the person wrote.

Then they discovered that one of their roommates was running Bitcoin mining activity that he has steadily increased over the course of the previous year.

This person said: “He had his friend the other day and he accidentally let out that he had a Bitcoin mining operation in his room with about 10 dedicated GPUs (a processing unit). graphics controller is a dedicated electronic circuit).”

They continued: “These don’t come cheap and he buys and adds one every month, which explains the slow rise in bills.

“He’s never mentioned this to us before but it does explain why our bills go up when I hear these use tons of energy.

“I told him this is not fair – he either gives us some Bitcoin or he pays more for electricity when he is using more and he should pay back the electricity. surplus that he used.”

However, the cryptocurrency miner refused to return the electricity to his friends, the Reddit user said.

They wrote: “He refuses to pay more or stop mining anyway and says the contract is very clear – we are dividing the electricity equally and cannot measure how much he has used.” .

“I have to pay around £30 more a month for electricity so it’s not too big, just annoying and of course it adds up over time. Am I an asshole if I go to my landlord and try kick him out like he’s not ‘not really breaking any fundamental agreement.”

The post was published on a Reddit thread titled ‘AmItheA Vulnerability.’

Other users gave advice on how to deal with the situation.

One said: “Look at your lease, if it says ‘residential’ or ‘no commercial activity’ you can argue your roommate is in breach of contract. to rent.”

Another wrote: “He is stealing from the rest of you, £90 a month to be exact. So his ‘profit’ is coming at your expense.

“Your mate can also go into your wallet and withdraw money. He’s literally stealing your three’s money every month, not to mention the possible fire hazard from all the devices. got it.”

A third person said: “You also have a nice simple way (fire him out) – Bitcoin mining is a form of work. Most sharing agreements have provisions against using the facility. do the workplace… that’s the basic deal that you hang. he’s up.”

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