I feed my kids McDonald’s, pizza and donuts – I’m a busy parent

The internet is not happy about this The specific meal.

A busy mother-of-two has been heavily criticized online after she recently revealed a daily meal plan for her beloved toddlers – glazed donuts for breakfast, pizza and fries for lunch, and McDonald’s cheeseburgers and more fries for dinner.

TikToker Karlee, who has more than 8,000 followers on the popular social media app, regularly shares snippets of her mother’s life, including the meals she prepares for her children, ages 1 and 3.

And while a typical meal day might consist of macaroni and cheese, fruit, vegetables, scrambled eggs and small sandwiches, on recent “busy day” Karlee relied on processed junk foods to keep her little ones full.

A video unveils the eyebrow-raising meal The post, posted on Wednesday, has since gone viral and has more than 2.4 million views.

While some parents comforted Karlee’s transparency, other viewers criticized her food preparation.
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In the clip, Karlee showed her kids devouring a full donut and four donut holes each for breakfast, while leaving their pizza and fries relatively untouched for lunch.

For dinner, Karlee served each kid half an McD’s burger, along with a side of fries and sliced ​​watermelon. The healthy, seasonal dessert turned out to be my favorite.

The throngs of TikTokers watching the video were hopelessly spread across the daily menu. despite Karlee’s assurances that her family gets plenty of fruit and vegetables on a normal day.

Some nutrition experts found the food a bit choking.

“Is this a joke? The amount of donuts is insane, I don’t know if this is a joke,” asked a concerned viewer.

“Glazed donuts for breakfast are wild,” sneered another.

“Wow, so healthy and nutritious,” quipped one commenter.

“Donuts are fun at first, but it’s always better to pair them with a protein (maybe a smoothie?) to help lower blood sugar spikes!” advised someone else.

Child holds McDonald's
For dinner, the kids ate McDonald’s burgers.
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However, some parents found solace in Karlee’s transparency, admitting that they often serve the same meals.

“It sometimes makes me feel a lot better about what I’m feeding my toddler,” commented one parent.

“Maybe I’m better than I thought I was,” said another.

“I threw a pop tart at my two year old this morning and said here’s breakfast lol,” one mom quipped.

“Getting a toddler to eat at all seems like a challenge in itself! Well done mom!” someone else applauded.

Meanwhile, a few brave strangers jumped to Karlee’s aid.

Glazed donuts
Karlee’s toddlers started their day with glazed donuts.

“People eat French toast, pancakes, whipped cream with syrup, it’s pretty much the same thing as a donut, so I don’t know why everyone is pressing the donuts,” argued one user.

“I don’t know why people hate it because you didn’t eat like that [a] Lazy day,” agreed another.

In subsequent videos, addressing viewers’ questions and concerns, Karlee reassured her followers that her kids are “not going hungry” and are regularly clearing their plates of berries and French toast sticks.

The post reached out to Karlee for further comment.

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