I am a chiropractor and this is the sleeping position that is harming your health

A CONTRACTOR has pointed out common mistakes in sleeping positions and why they can be harmful to your health.

Dr. Anthony Vuckovich’s videos have reached millions of people who are shocked that they have “done everything wrong” in bed.

Your sleeping position can be the cause of problems including numbness and lower back pain


Your sleeping position can be the cause of problems including numbness and lower back painCredit: Alamy

His most viral clip, watched by 21 million people on TikTokrevealed that the kips at their front may end up with a curved spine.

People sleep On their side may experience numbness and tingling.

We often associate these problems with poor posture or sitting at a desk all day.

But how do you rest at night may be to blame – you may be inadvertently in an awkward position for more than an hour.

Front bed

“When you sleep on your stomach like this, right now there’s all the pressure in my lower back here,” says Dr. Vuckovich, owner of Victory Chiropractic in Frankfort, Kentucky.

“It’s a common habit that people like to keep this leg up and hold their arms while sleeping.”

The practitioner lifts the right knee up while bringing the arm over the head with the elbow bent.

He said: “This will now cause rotation in the sacrum [bottom five vertebrae of the spinal column]as well as the lumbar spine [vertebrae above the sacrum]that your body will adapt and curve in your lower back. “

Dr. Vuckovich urges people to avoid this sleeping position


Dr. Vuckovich urges people to avoid this sleeping positionCredit: Victorychiropractic

Dr. Vuckovich believes that sleeping in this position can lead to curvature of the spine.

People sleeping on their stomachs are rarer but are considered to be more at risk for pain because this is an unnatural position for the body to rest.

Not only is the neck always in a rotating position and the spine is crooked, but the knee joints can be under pressure as they point down the mattress.

You can try to relieve pressure on your lower back by placing a pillow under your belly.

Avoid flipping into this position during the night by holding a large pillow to your chest when lying on your side.

Side sleeping person

Meanwhile, people who sleep on their side may be familiar with the numbness of the shoulder and neck.

Dr Vuckovich says you should never lean directly on one of your shoulders, instead slide into the back of the joint.

Otherwise, you could put pressure on the brachial plexus – a network of nerves in the shoulder that connects to the arm and hand – which can lead to numbness.

He says the nose, chin and sternum (center of the chest) should be aligned when sleeping on the side – this keeps the spine neutral.

Placing a pillow between your knees, as Dr. Vuckovich demonstrated, keeps your hips, pelvis and spine aligned and reduces pressure on the joints.

Those who prefer to sleep in the fetal position are advised to try to stretch their legs more.

The one who sleeps later

If you are a back sleeper, you will be pleased to know that this is considered the optimal position as the weight is evenly distributed.

But there are still some areas where you can improve.

Dr. Vuckovich recommends placing a pillow below the knees to relieve pressure on the lower back, which might want to lift off the bed otherwise.

He suggests sleeping with only one pillow on your back — or at least two flatter pillows.

Too many people, he says, place your neck in an unfavorable flexion position, which in itself can cause problems.

Dr. Vuckovich adds that your arms should never go above your head and lie on your stomach or face down next to you.

I’m a health expert – simple £1 tip to get the best sleep ever I am a chiropractor and this is the sleeping position that is harming your health

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