I almost lost face from lip filler injections when my mouth started to turn black and DIE

One NURSE said she almost lost her face after her lips began to die when the filler was accidentally injected into a blood vessel.

Paige Bellinger, 26, has now shared shocking photos of her ordeal to warn others of the risk of complications with lip fillers after she was forced to spend an extra $6,000 on the procedures.

Paige Bellinger, 26, claims she almost lost 'half of her face' from lip fillers


Paige Bellinger, 26, claims she almost lost ‘half of her face’ from lip fillersCredit: Kennedy News
Her lips became swollen and began to 'die'


Her lips became swollen and began to ‘die’Credit: Kennedy News

The nurse had 0.5ml filler injected into her lips for the first time on August 6 last year by a esthetician she had previously visited for eyelash extensions.

She claims the needle was “meeting resistance” on the right side of her upper lip, and shortly after the appointment, the area was white.

The odd color is thought to be a warning sign of a blood vessel blockage – when blood is no longer able to pass through a blood vessel.

Despite expressing concern and sending numerous photos of her extremely bruised, swollen and painful lips over the next few days, the practitioner told Paige her lips looked “completely normal. “

But after multiple hospital visits, she claims a doctor finally confirmed five days after her appointment that fillers had been injected into her vein and left her lips deprived of oxygen.

In an effort to restore blood flow and “save her lips and face,” Paige said she was treated in a pressurized chamber.

Paige, from Jonesboro, Arkansas, said: “My upper lip is a bit out of proportion to my bottom and I have a really big ‘m’ shape which I don’t like so I thought maybe we could do it. Okay.

“When she initially put the needle on the right side, she had some resistance and I winced a little and she said ‘sometimes one side will be a little stiffer than the other.’

“When she started injecting fillers, she had a lot of resistance and my eye started watering because it hurt quite a bit,” continued Paige.

“She said ‘I’m sorry’ and continued to inject.”

After her lip filler appointment, Paige said she immediately experienced intense pain and swelling, as well as noticing that the right part of her upper lip looked unsettlingly pale.

The nurse said her lip was “super sore” afterwards and that after the appointment she was “barely able to talk, I couldn’t smile.”

“I texted her about it a few times and she just said ‘it’s normal, you just have to give them a massage,'” Paige claimed.


The message shows the practitioner repeatedly brushing aside her concerns and telling her to apply ice and massage the area to help reduce the swelling.

“You could see right after the appointment, that the right side was white and clogged – I asked her about it and she said ‘sometimes it just makes it that way’ so I trust her,” Paige alleged.

But she decided to go to urgent care two days later when she noticed slow capillaries re-pumping when she pressed on her lips, where the doctor gave her steroid injections in the hopes it would reduce swelling and heal. restore blood flow.

The next day, as her symptoms continued, she was given another steroid shot and prescribed antibiotics and antibiotic cream due to concerns her lips had become infected.

As her symptoms worsened, a wound care specialist finally confirmed that she had a blocked blood vessel and took her to the emergency room the next day, August 12.

“I went to my urgent care doctor a few days later because I could see a difference in my capillary recovery – the left was instant and the right was eight seconds,” explains Paige.

“He said she injected it into a blood vessel and blocked my lip – what I think is a bruise is where blood is gathering from that injured vessel.

“He said if I wanted lips, I would have to go into the Hyperbaric room to restore blood flow.”


Paige then spent a total of ten hours in the Hyperbaric room, divided into five sessions, using oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure to see if blood supply could recover around the filler.

Unfortunately, this was not the case and the pressure actually disrupted the filler, further cutting off the blood supply to her nose and chin and meaning she had to melt the filler right away. immediately, otherwise there is a risk of “losing half of the face”.

“I went into the Hyperbaric chamber and when I got out they said I needed to go to melt the filler right away because the pressure had dislodged my filler,” says Paige.

“It cut off the blood supply to my nose and chin, so I risk losing half of my face – you can see the white part around my mouth.

“So then I panicked because I didn’t want to lose my nose and my chin, my lips too,” she added.

“I had to dissolve it immediately, it was probably the most painful thing I’ve done in my life.

“In the end they had to fill my teeth because it was so painful, I was shaking and afraid I would pass out from the pain.”

Thankfully after the filler was dissolved, blood flow was restored and subsequent Hyperbaric chamber treatments saved Paige’s lips.


But after experiencing trauma and being forced to spend nearly $6,000 on doctor visits and treatments, she was “angry” that the esthetician had not been held accountable.

In fact, the practitioner blamed Paige for the complications, saying she “didn’t follow aftercare instructions” and “had steroid injections before it had time for them to settle down.”

The nurse, who has been given fillers for life, now hopes to encourage others considering fillers to do more research to avoid the same fate she suffers.

“It made me angry because she didn’t take responsibility for it,” Paige said.

“If I don’t keep going from one provider to another I could be in more trouble and the next person she does this may not know the signs and may not know what is wrong. can happen to them.

“The scabs fell off after about three weeks and I’m completely healed now, but I still have some lumpy callus on my lips.

“I’ll never accomplish anything again.”

The esthetician who injected Paige’s lips has been contacted for comment.

Paige says the first sign is when half of her lips are white


Paige says the first sign is when half of her lips are white
Her lips got worse in five days


Her lips got worse in five days
She said she was told the bump was 'normal'


She said she was told the bump was ‘normal’

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