Husband is praised by Reddit users for preferring to spend his wedding day with his girlfriend over his wife

A Reddit story about a man claiming, “My wife wants to divorce me because I went on a trip” has been found alarming by other users who have taken it upon themselves to heed the red flags recognize what they think are obvious in the relationship.

Reddit is the go-to place to get human-relationship advice from social media users tackling issues we sometimes don’t understand. While someone believed it would be a good idea to get their girlfriend to build furniture while she was depressed, another user blew smoke straight in his addicted girlfriend’s face while arguing. Today we look at the situation of a married couple.

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Reddit User Says ‘My Wife Wants To Divorce Me Because I Took A Trip’

Reddit users took to the platform to ask others if he had sabotage his marriage by forgetting his wedding anniversary and going on a trip with his girlfriend on the same day.

The unidentified man was too stressed out by his job, so he only focused on a trip he had planned with his friend. So he forgot that he had been married to his wife for a year.

The journey was to last two days. Before leaving, he wanted to kiss his wife goodbye, but she was not to be found in her room and the husband assumed that she had already left for work, since she was a nurse by profession.

He continued on with the journey anyway and his phone broke on the way. When he finally managed to charge his phone, he opened it to several missed calls from his mother. When he called his mother back, she berated him for forgetting his wedding anniversary and spending time with another woman instead of his wife.

The man explains his behavior by saying, “I’ve never seen my boyfriend in a romantic way and our friendship was purely platonic.”

By the time he realized it was too late, he figured he might as well sleep through the night and drive right back the next morning. But he says he had trouble sleeping throughout the night.

When he returned home, his girlfriend came with him because the husband had told her about the situation with his wife.

The husband justifies his actions as innocent

When he returned home, all of his wife’s belongings were gone and she didn’t answer the phone when he tried to reach her.

Four hours later she came home and her husband’s friend was still at home. She told him she needed to talk and as they walked upstairs she burst into tears and screamed while accusing her husband of cheating on her with his childhood friend.

As if his wife hasn’t been through enough, the husband begs her to stop screaming because his friend is still at home and she is “offended”. When his wife heard this, she simply left the house.

The husband left her alone because he felt she needed time to cool down, but over time he realized that his wife didn’t want to see him or talk to him, all of which he learned from his mother.

The post ends with the Reddit user confessing, “I love her very much and I haven’t cheated on her at all and I don’t love anyone but her.” I’ll cut my girlfriend off if it means I can stay with her. She is my one and only.”

Users consider the narration to be manipulative

Reddit users believe the husband is trying to play the victim card scenario by appearing like an innocent man who is not driven by the intention of spending his wedding day with a girlfriend instead of his wife.

Many find the narrative itself manipulative, as a special occasion is not so conveniently forgotten, even just a year after marriage, unless they have someone else in their life.

“I know he’s the apologetic husband on Reddit so his wife can see this and get back together. This is so manipulative and I hope his wife doesn’t come back with him,” one wrote.

Another said: “Forgetting the anniversary to go on a trip with another woman that you’ve known longer than your wife and then how you dealt with the aftermath (“Stop screaming my girlfriend is forever still there”), is just completely clueless.”

A third user added: “Even your story here seems bogus, you go on a trip with another woman, your phone supposedly breaks and instead of rushing home to take care of it you wait a whole night and then show up the next morning with this woman and tell your wife not to yell and upset the woman. You didn’t care that your wife was upset. Your first reaction was your true reaction. You thought more about your ‘boyfriend’ than your wife.”

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