Husband discovered he was sterile the day after his wife announced her pregnancy

A husband secretly took a fertility test after repeatedly being unable to conceive a child with his wife. Not long after, his wife announced her pregnancy. But when the results of his fertility test came a few days later, he was surprised to learn that he was infertile.

Despite trying luck to conceive, Redditor United_Fox241 and his wife repeatedly failed. He suspects one of them has some kind of biological problem preventing conception.

The Original Poster (OP) kept his doubts to himself. He felt that his wife had similar views of him and was afraid to face them. After thinking deeply, he decided to test himself before talking to her about it.

OP fertility test | Photo: Shutterstock

The husband knew that this topic would be extremely stressful for both of them, so he secretly took the test and waited for the results, hoping he would be completely fine. But soon, news of his wife’s pregnancy surprised him, both of them ecstatic.

But the good news was soon tempered by his test results arriving a few days later. The doctor revealed he was sterile.

OP’s wife announces her pregnancy | Photo: Pexels

The feeling of betrayal rose when he realized his wife was carrying another man’s child. His conscience overcame him with many questions. He felt numb and decided to ask his wife if she had seen other people behind him.

That night, he told his wife that they were going to work the next day. “My wife denied it. Cheaters always deny, “OP remember.

His wife swore with all her might that she had never cheated on him. But he really didn’t believe her and remained calm. Gradually, their marriage fell apart.

OP confronts his wife | Photo: Pexels

His wife was sobbing the whole time and asked him to get tested again. She thought this was the only way to prove her loyalty to him.

He couldn’t believe the doctor’s statement and checked again. The results this time are really accurate.

There was little room for doubt, considering how well he knew her. At some point, the OP even suggested that she’s not the type to cheat. However, he needed solid proof, and that’s when she made the offer.

His wife constantly cried and begged him to believe in faithfulness | Photo: Unsplash

She promised that he could have everything if he filed for divorce on one condition: that he had to get tested again. He was shocked at her confidence, and trying to believe her, he agreed. He told:

“The next five days were the saddest of our lives together. She did her best to be normal with the usual love and affection in our home. But I can not. “

Overwhelmed by the thought of his wife raising someone else’s child and how the bold statements accusing her of adultery had hurt her, he decided to take another test and wait for the results. .

OP takes the test again and waits for the results | Photo: Pexels

“Then the results came in and – I DO NOT HAVE Pneumonia! Doctors are just as confused as we are,” he said.

Still not convinced, he asked the doctor to reconfirm the results and this time, they were indeed accurate. The doctor contacted everyone who was tested along with the OP, suspecting that there must have been an unfortunate swap. Meanwhile, OP feels relieved and hopes he trusts his wife more.

After reading his post, many people called the doctor for negligence. Redditor Imafish12 l speak:

“No one is 100% infertile. It happens, but for most, it’s just harder to conceive. your doctor [expletive] for not correctly advising you on your test results. “

Doctor reveals OP is not sterile | Photo: Pexels

“The first time, he said I had no chance of conceiving. The second time he told me I still had a low chance, “OP answered in stream. Redditor Khaos_kyle agreed, speech:

“My sister was told the same thing. My nephew turns 16 years old this year.

Meanwhile, Redditor KnowAKniceKnife emphasized what sterility means in a comment that read: “Hey, for future reference: infertile doesn’t mean infertile. Which means it will be more difficult for you to get pregnant or to feed someone, not impossible.”

The air is clear now and OP realizes that his wife is pregnant with his child | Photo: Pexels

After rummaging through the answers, OP confirmed his wife is a lovely person and she would never break his trust at any cost. He decided to compensate her for all the emotional stress he had caused her.

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