How xQc stole the show during r/Place 2022

For just a brief moment, r/Place 2022 captivated most of Reddit and Twitch as communities competed for pixelated glory — but xQc outshone everyone with its fun approach to the event.

If you don’t know what r/Place is, its messy appearance is actually pretty easy to understand. Josh Wardle, the founder of the ever-popular word game Wordle, launched the first r/place on April 1st, 2017. It’s a subreddit that’s essentially a blank canvas on which users can place a pixel of paint every five minutes. The highlight: Anyone can place a pixel anywhere, even over existing pixels.

Somehow, in the midst of chaos, communities were able to create works of art by working together. However, it would require constant monitoring and dedication to preserve these works of art.

About five years later, the second r/Place event took place, and this time it was well received by streamers and their own communities.

Twitch’s biggest streamers had suspended gaming to watch the madness of r/Place. A few streamers like MoistCritikal, Mizkif, and Hasan have created art with their viewers, but xQc had a different approach. He was ready to burn it down.

r place final results
r/location (Reddit)

A snippet of r/Place at the end of the four day period

xQc goes to war with r/Place

You may not like xQc’s approach to r/Place, and that’s understandable. When I first heard what he was doing, I was a little upset myself. It’s annoying to imagine a massive creator his size intentionally destroying art from smaller communities.

But xQc played a crucial role throughout the four days. Usually the work of communities is obscured by groups of different users. Users who attempt to maliciously cover up other people’s art with nothing but black pixels are referred to as “voiders”. But xQc gave the contestants a villain. He was the “big villain” with a nuclear viewership who could take out anything he wanted, put a face to the drainers, and played the role perfectly.

Unlike internet trolls, xQc was not cruel. He was a bully, but he also set rules and boundaries for his viewers. His primary goal was to destroy, yes, but he did so in a way that seemed strangely fair. This was made clear when he told his viewers that they would tunnel out of the void and branch out to avoid artworks that he wished to spare.

xQc has only fought the biggest battles

While smaller artworks fell victim to xQc’s warpath, he didn’t pick fights with smaller communities. “Destroy everything” was originally its goal, but it quickly turned into an attack on the largest communities.

He began waging war against the flag of Turkey, which betrayed his trust overnight. From there, he led his viewers to Hololive, a formidable foe that was difficult to deal with. Still, xQc provided the chat with a solid plan of attack.

xqc attacks hololive instead of r
xQc (twitch)

xQc offers viewers a plan of attack as they invade Hololive on r/Place

Unable to catch up with Hololive, X ordered his troops to retreat. Realizing his forces alone weren’t strong enough, he called on fellow streamers Mizkif and MoistCritikal for reinforcements.

At the start of the war, xQc stated he didn’t want to fight Osu! because of the size of their community. But he discovered Osu! was behind many attempts to thwart his progress in the Void. Thus began one of the most intense and hard-fought r/Place battles.

xqc attack on osu instead of r
xQc (twitch)

xQc and his army of spectators took on the massive Osu! community

There is no r/Place narrative without xQc

Without xQc, r/Place would have been a pretty nice social experiment. But X delivered a narrative when there was none, leading to several massive events in those four short days.

He let his friends choose between their alliances with other communities in exchange for immunity. He came into conflict with enemy Titans who later became allies. His threats were absurd and his attempts to take over the company were often in vain.

r/Place became a tale of war, espionage, heartbreak and deceit, with xQc taking center stage. Turkey has provided X with false information to force him to attack unbeatable enemies. He would strike back, consuming his opponents for brief moments.

xqc builds its own logo at the r position
xQc (twitch)

xQc built its Twitch logo in r/Place

xQc creates the r/Place history

xQc dealt with his lack of power and organization and set out to make a lasting impression on r/Place. Unfortunately, any attempts by X to create rather than destroy were quickly thwarted by other communities.

But one of his creations became one of the most iconic moments in r/Place history. While he and Mizkif had their communities attempt to create a massive realistic butt, the mods stepped in and removed the art mid-build.

This was the first time in r/Place that mods removed graphics that weren’t hate speech. That aside, it didn’t stop the streamer from continuing to plague the silver screen with other, less vulgar images.

xqc build a butt at location r
xQc (twitch)

xQc and Mizkif are working on creating a huge butt in r/Place

r/Place was a very special surprise and who knows if it will be back next year. But if it does, I really hope xQc returns.

Watching this event is one thing, but watching a general command his forces is an entirely different experience.

Love him or hate him, xQc was the best part of r/Place.

https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/how-xqc-stole-the-show-during-r-place-2022-1800071/ How xQc stole the show during r/Place 2022

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