How will costume designers bring SATC into 2021

And just like that, Carrie Bradshaw is back. It’s reunion Sex and the city fans have spent the past decade waiting. Of course, we’ve been eagerly anticipating what everyone’s life will be like for our favorite excess fashion journalist in 2021 – has she learned to use an iPhone? Did she and Mr Big keep their spark? And what happened to Samantha? But one question definitely beats them all: what will she wear?

Fans of the cult SATC The franchise will know that legendary costume designer Patricia Field isn’t around to style the reboot – she’s working on season two. Emily in Paris. Filling in her inimitable shoes, though, are Molly Rogers, who worked alongside Field on the original HBO series, and Danny Santiago, who worked on both. SATC movie. “It was like a big reunion of old people,” says Rogers. The Independent. “It was so much fun; all the girls came in with really fresh attitudes.”

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw.

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The “girls” include Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristen Davis) – Kim Cattrall famously chose not to reprise the role of Samantha Jones for the project. The last time we saw her old co-stars was during the 2010 movie production Sex and City 2, as women in their 40s and glamor round Abu Dhabi in a crowd of gorgeous khaki suits, sequins and lightly repulsive headdresses. This time, Rogers and Santiago brought the characters back to the signature aesthetic they created in the series. Charlotte in WASPy, Miranda in colorful tailoring, and Carrie in all her mismatched chaotic glories.

“Everybody has a very specific style,” says Santiago. “What we did was bring it to a more modern age.”

Each has a very specific look and feel. What we did was bring it to the modern age.

Molly Rogers

Of course, this means different things for different characters. For Carrie, it’s a case of conveying her signature playfulness through more intricate silhouettes – think silk tailoring, high-waisted circle skirts and loose play sets – while concluding. Combine unexpected flourishes, such as a giant flower brooch, a second handbag or a heart – a necklace shaped like it’s come out of a clothes box.

For Miranda, the classic dress-shirt combo is updated with dynamic details – criss-cross buttons and accent prints. Charlotte, meanwhile, appears to have become the girl in the Alexander McQueen poster, wearing the brand’s feminine camisole gowns on numerous occasions throughout the film, in addition to poplin skirts and polka dots.

If there’s anything to the style of all three characters, it’s that none of them fit the sartorial stereotype commonly associated with women in their 50s, i.e. sloppy, unflattering clothing. body. This is very intentional. “I would never assign a number to anything or anyone when we were styling them,” says Rogers. “I think if you’re wearing an outfit and you feel confident in it then that’s the right thing to do. It has no age for you. “

Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes.

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The design duo are also free to think in their styling process when it comes to gender, often sourcing gender-neutral items. It is a suitable choice, under consideration And just like that see the introduction of SATC The franchise’s first non-binary character: Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez. “We are very happy with it,” Santiago says of their approach. “I don’t really put a label on a piece of clothing. These days, there are so many different options as to what people can wear and how they can express themselves. Nothing told me, “this is for men and this is for women”. It’s about what’s right for you; if it fits then it fits! ”

Both stylists lament that viewers don’t always feel the same. “The internet is guilty of labeling more than anyone,” says Rogers. “We were in a Cynthia Nixon trailer recently and she said, ‘ugh, I was wearing that pretty plaid blouse the other day and now the whole internet thinks Miranda is a gay. femininity’. They all went crazy because it had a plaid and she suddenly became a lumberjack.” Nixon, who has been married to Christine Marinoni since 2012, has previously said she identifies herself as “gay”. Whether Miranda’s sexuality (she begins the film still married to Steve Brady) will be a story in the film remains to be seen.

However, the first two episodes introduce us to a host of new faces. In addition to Ramirez, who plays a podcaster working with Carrie, Sarita Choudhury and Nicole Ari Parker joined the show in supporting roles. “When you’re cast on a show like this, it’s scary walking into the fitting room,” says Rogers. “We put together mood boards for each of them and spoke with executive producer Michael Patrick King about silhouettes that would work for them. It’s a real opportunity to establish new people in the world of Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda and it’s very exciting and exploratory. ”

There are very specific plotlines for some of these clothing models; they really are like characters in their own right.

Danny Santiago

Fans will be delighted to see the return of some of the iconic pieces from the series, such as the “Carrie” necklace (remember when she lost it in Paris?) and the bread. Fendi purple circle (“it’s not a bag, it’s a bread!”). Many pieces of this archive have been lent to Rogers and Santiago by none other than Parker himself, who kept Carrie’s original clothes in the series. “She kept it in storage all these years,” said Santiago, “so she gave us access to her archive and took some special pieces that we wanted to showcase again.” Santiago said. As any fan knows, these special items carry a lot of love. “They are old friends with a lot of fans,” explains Santiago. “There are very specific backstories to some of these clothing models; They really are like characters in their own right. ”

Although these familiar items, And just like that feels like a new aesthetic era. This is partly because so many of the items are sourced from designers around the globe, with Israel, Columbia and Canada being just some of the countries where the products are sourced from. Both Rogers and Santiago aspire to champion the craftsmanship of global artisans, always purchasing these pieces instead of borrowing them from major fashion houses. “We get a lot of stuff that lends to us, but we don’t borrow from small designers,” says Rogers. “We want to support them and do everything we can.”

Sara Ramírez as Che Diaz.

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As the climate crisis unfolds, and conspicuous consumption becomes increasingly luxurious, putting a show at the center of flashy fashion can seem counterintuitive to the cultural mood. But don’t let And like Thathe end of the ball of t fool you. One of SATCBrands when it comes to style is Field’s hybrid approach to pairing new pieces with classic pieces, and it’s a tactic that Rogers and Santiago have fallen for.

“Apparel is always a mix of classic and modern,” says Santiago. “That’s what makes them unique.” In addition to frequenting vintage shops and markets, the two also look for second-hand items in unexpected places. “Someone’s going to call us and say there’s a plant in the Bronx that’s closing and we’re going to go up there and dig into it on Saturday,” Rogers said. “Nobody’s going to pay us, but we’re going to find something great and it’s going to be worth it.” She mentioned a small wicker bag in the shape of a parasol that she and Santiago had found. “It was on display during the show in a secret little Easter egg place.”

Despite the stylists’ savvy approach, there are those who would argue that sustainability can never really be championed in a franchise like SATC. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. After all, it is barely known for its repulsive personality. “You’re going to have to live on a desert island under a rock if you’re not aware of what’s going on in the world and you want to do your part, even if it’s petty,” says Rogers. . As for how these concerns are reflected in the characters, she points out that Carrie is a “big tote bag carrier”. “Don’t you think that’s better than her walking through every scene with a plastic bag from the grocery store? I think that sends a message. ”

And Just Like That… is available from December 9 on Sky Comedy and the Now streaming service. How will costume designers bring SATC into 2021

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