How to spawn Space-Time Distortion in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The new Hisui feature allows players to catch rare Pokemon from previous generations. Here’s how to create the Space-Time Distortion in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Similar to Sun & Moon’s wormhole mechanic, Pokemon Legends Arceus’ The Space-Time distortion feature allows the Trainer to encounter characters from previous entries in the series.

Only problem is, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding how galactic cracks work – so far, that is. This guide analyzes the best method for creating distortions on your map.

space-time distortion in pokemon arceus lore
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The Space-Time Distortion appears as giant purple domes.

How to unlock Space-Time Distortion in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To unlock Space-Time Distortion, Weird game requires the player to first need to complete Mission 7: The Madness of the Jungle Lord. After completing the quest and arriving at Crimson Mirelands, you will be notified that the feature is live now.

The game tells you when a Distortion works as a blinking banner in the center of the screen. The cracks are hard to miss as they are large purple domes that drop from the sky.

While mechanics are unlocked automatically as the story progresses, players may find themselves struggling to spawn them. Below we will explain how this works and how to make the distortions appear.

How to make Space-Time Distortion appear in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Since the game’s launch, there’s been a lot of speculation about how the Space-Time Distortions came about. From catching every Pokemon on the map to quickly traveling back to Jubilife Village and resting, there are many theories about how to activate them.

We now have a better understanding of how the craftsman works after hours of rigorous testing. The best method for creating Distortions is to do nothing. According to popular Pokemon store Serebii and verified by many users, Space-Time Distortions cannot be forced.

“There’s no way to force space-time distortions to occur because they’re random, but they’re decided when you enter the area either resetting the state or the distortion ends eventually,” explains the outlet. like. “Resetting the state of the area by skipping the time later will reset this and fighting a Pokémon or being in a menu will pause the timer.”

Location of the Space-Time distortion of Pokemon Legends Arceus on the map.
Game Freak / Pokemon Company

When a Space-Time Distortion appears, you will be able to find it marked on your map.

While you can technically reset your chances by returning to Jubilife Village, the chance of getting the Distortion to spawn instantly is very low so you just have to wait on the map it should stabilize more.

Interestingly, because Pokemon battles pause the map’s internal timer, Trainers should also NOT engage in ‘mon wilds. Here is the best method to create the Space-Time Distortion in Pokemon Legends Arceus:

  1. Load onto your map and travel quickly to the campsite.
  2. Put your controller down and just stand still and wait.
  3. Pokemon Legends will check internally every five minutes for a chance to spawn a Space-Time Distortion.
  4. Do not fight wild Pokemon as it will pause this timer.
  5. After you receive the message that a Distortion has formed, go to the dimensional rift and wait until it fully forms.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to make the Space-Time Distortion appear. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more Trainers can do at the time of writing to squeeze or increase rifts to show.

The new information at least debunks previous theories and will help players not waste hours and hours. For more help with your Hisui adventure, be sure to check out our other Pokemon Legends Arceus guides below:

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