How to play Brimstone: Valorant’s versatile controller agent

Valorant’s American Controller Brimstone offers more utility than most other agents. He’s almost the ideal choice for support players, but what’s the best way to play him? Here are our top picks for playing the versatile Brimstone.

Brimstone is arguably one of the funniest agents in Valorant. Whether it’s igniting an enemy with your Molotov or slowly beating enemies to death with your ult, it has some very fun ways to secure kills.

But if you don’t know how to best use Brimstone’s array of useful abilities, fear no more. We’ll cover you.

Brimstone Skills

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Managing your ultimates is just as important as managing your money.

Three of Brimstone’s abilities allow you to put opponents in vulnerable positions and take them out more easily, which is particularly useful when taking locations, while his Stim Signal can help you and your teammates gain the upper hand in duels. Here are all his abilities in detail:

  • Ability 1 – Arson (250 Credits): Equip a Molotov launcher. FIRE to launch an incendiary grenade that bounces twice before exploding when it hits the ground, igniting an area of ​​effect that damages enemies and teammates when standing on it.
  • Ability 2 – Stim Beacon (100 Credits): Equip a disc. FIRE to throw the disc on the ground and create an area of ​​effect that increases players’ rate of fire by 15% for 12 seconds when stepped on by Brimstone and his teammates.
  • Signature Ability – Skysmoke (100 Creds): Equip a card. LEFT CLICK to select target areas and RIGHT CLICK to send smoke to target areas. Smoke obscures vision for 19.75 seconds.
  • Ultimate Ability – Orbital Strike (7 counts): EQUIP an attack card. FIRE to send out an AOE beam of light that quickly deals damage to any Agents in the area over time.

Brimstone is built for zoning and information preservation. Your Incendiary is perfect for blocking off entry points or clearing corners, allowing you to take on construction sites with a little more ease.

But as far as ultimate abilities go, Brimstones is one of Valorant’s best. Even if you don’t get a kill with it, it’s perfect for driving enemies away from vantage points or punishing opponents foolish enough to camp in a corner or closet.

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Brimstone’s smoke can make it difficult for opponents to pass through site entry points.

How to play Brimstone

Brimstone isn’t exactly useless on defense, but he really shines on offense. Brimstone is built for capturing and holding locations, but try not to use it as an entry fragger; Leave that to a duelist like Jett or Phoenix. It’s your job to track and swap kills when your teammate falls.

Use your smokes to block off areas where enemies may be lurking and limit their lines of sight. You must either wait 20 seconds while the smoke clears or move to a less favorable angle. In any case, learning good lineups for your smokers is a must.

A neat attacking trick comes when enemies try to retake the location. If you hear an opponent tap the defuse button, that should be your call to action. Firing an incendiary device on the spike will drive enemies away and give you valuable time to detonate the spike.

On defense, use your Stim Beacon to give you a buff when deciding to take early trades. You can also use your Firestarter to delay spike placement and give your team more time to rotate.

Brave Brimstone

Dexerto’s opinion: Easy to learn

We love the concept of Brimstone being the rugged army veteran whose gear is designed to command airstrikes on enemy locations. His incendiary ability (Molly!) adds a bit of personality while providing a useful utility.

He’s also clearly more of a “support” character – geared more towards improving your teammates’ odds of winning than creating flashy, individual plays.

We’re glad Riot showed him some love with the release of Episode 2, and while he’s not quite in the meta yet, he’s definitely not as bad as he used to be. How to play Brimstone: Valorant’s versatile controller agent

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