How to make video marketing effectively

If you scroll through social networks, you will likely find more and more videos in your feed. From the homemade format to large productions, the video format is being privileged by both companies and users. Do you want to join this trend and have successful video marketing? Here we will give you 8 tips to achieve it.

The impact of video

This format is positioned as a source of influence for the audience. The same report relates that 8 out of 10 respondents admitted to purchasing a product or service after watching a video.

It is no coincidence that TikTok is currently the fastest growing social network and is considering incorporating e-commerce and monetization mechanisms. Or that Instagram has added a reel section to its platform. It’s all part of this wave of benefits that comes with a video marketing campaign.

If you want to make yours and achieve excellent results, here are some key points to keep in mind.

1. Always keep the objective in mind

To make a successful video marketing campaign, you must not lose focus. That is, you have to know very well who you are targeting, why, and above all, what is the intention of the message you want to convey. For example, if you promote essay writer free assistance, your targeting is college students; accordingly, short videos about your educational services will be effective. Similarly, in other areas. 

So, maybe you want to generate more visits to your website, increase conversions or get more traffic. These objectives are achievable through a video, but you must follow specific guidelines to ensure success. Don’t forget: your objective is the center of the video. The rest is an add-on.

2. Create a script

Successful video marketing is not created out of anything and much less if it is messy. Therefore, you must put your ideas in a script so that they follow a logical sequence and contribute to the central objective of the campaign. With the help of a script, you will also be able to:

  • Identify props and locations needed.
  • Establish a shooting plan if it is a video that needs production.
  • Keep track of what you will say or what will be done.
  • Edit if needed.

3. Storytelling or programming

Do you know what is very popular in successful video marketing? The sequences or stories. Think of your video as a mini-series, with small ‘episodes’ that tell an edge of what you want to talk about. For example, if you’re going to develop a campaign about responsible consumption, distribute the theme in a couple of videos.

It generates expectations and keeps users periodically hooked to your website or social networks. Forget about sporadic videos and give this new storytelling narrative a chance.

4. The 8-second rule

Do you know that 8-second rule? If not, we’ll explain it to you: experts say that people’s attention when watching a video is focused on the first 8 seconds. If you don’t manage to capture your audience in that time, they may stop watching the video, and it will not fulfill its objective.

For this reason, even on TV, visual strategies are created to entertain the eye. Likewise, the first and last image you show in your multimedia product is essential. It will differentiate successful video marketing from unsuccessful one.

5. Subtitle your videos

It is a trend that occurs mainly among mobile users, although it is ‘catching’ to other devices such as televisions.

Therefore, if you want successful video marketing, a good practice is to subtitle the videos. This way, the audience will not overlook it, and your message will get through even without sound.

6. Use how-to videos

People value tutorials a lot, so if you want successful video marketing, you can appeal to this. For example, you can post a video tutorial on how to make a purchase, take measurements to know your size in a garment, and communicate with customer service, among others.

It is best to place them in the customer service section, but you can also distribute them throughout your landing page at strategic points where questions may arise.

7. Optimize your video with SEO

Is it possible to make a video with SEO criteria? Of course, it is! Remember that a text box accompanies multimedia products on social networks and web platforms. While it is true that giving prominence to the video is better, you can download the SEO information.

Search for keywords and hashtags, take care of the URL of your video, and don’t forget the metadata! It will help you to improve your positioning on the Internet.

8. Don’t be afraid of advertising

If you publish your video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, you have the option to pay per ad. It depends on each platform the focus and level of importance that the videos have, but in general, on all these social networks, you can advertise it to reach more people. Meta products, in particular, offer handy targeting tools.

It is increasingly common to see videos advertised on Facebook and Instagram. With this option, you will get successful video marketing in terms of engagement and reach more people and potential customers.

Video is today a format that is gaining strength. We encourage you to venture into this world, experiment with your company’s best forms and narratives, and follow these tips for successful video marketing.

Huynh Nguyen

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