How to Live Your Perfect Life as a Curvy Lady

Living life as a curvy lady can be difficult. Discrimination based on looks is still present in the professional and private world. Getting a job is more difficult if you’re bigger. Most people focus on how someone looks before the personality of the people they meet. The fashion industry makes better clothes for smaller sizes, and the media lacks plus-size representation. Luckily, there has been a great move towards curvy inclusivity and acceptance in the past couple of years. Even though the world is slowly changing for the better, real change still begins with you.

This article will give you some advice for living your perfect life. It will help you accept yourself just the way you are. Through that, you will change the way you see yourself. Once your worldview changes, you will see your life get better than it was before.

Ace Your Dating Life with Specialized Sites

Dating can be difficult. Today, people have less time to go out and meet potential partners the old-fashioned way. More and more singles are turning to online dating. It gives us the opportunity of finding the right person without having to sacrifice our time.

There are billions of people, and we have different ideas about what we want in our partner. Some people prefer others that look a certain way or have a specific personality. Luckily for all the beautiful ladies out there, many curvy women dating sites are full of men who appreciate curves. Potential matches meet through matchmaking games, and video chat lets them bond before meeting in person.

Don’t be afraid to try a new approach to dating; go out there, be yourself, and you’re sure to find someone.

Learn to Love Yourself for Your Exceptionality

Every person is different and unique, and no one is perfect. It’s the imperfections you have that make you unique. However, don’t focus on the negative, but on the positive.

When passing by a mirror, instead of looking away, try looking at your reflection. Focus on the things that make you beautiful, like your smile and the way your eyes sparkle. Look at how your hair falls to your shoulders and how it shines in the light. It might be hard at first, but with time you’ll see more and more beautiful things.

Next, think about your personality, flaws, quirks, and qualities. Are you kind and smart? Open-minded and caring, perhaps? Or are you adventurous and energetic? All of that makes you exceptional. Even if you’re shy and introverted, the world can still see your spark when you share the things you love. Don’t be afraid to be yourself; embrace your quirks fully.

Find a Role Model Among Celebs

Having role models helps us focus on certain things. If your role model is someone successful in the same line of work, it can push you to try harder to achieve your dreams. Having a role model for looks is also great because it can help you accept yourself and even love yourself more.

It is not as unusual today as it was before to see a plus-size celebrity. Celebrities like Queen Latifah, Lizzo, and Melissa McCarthy are all successful curvy women. They keep inspiring girls and women around the world. They made it big because of their hard work and ambition and did not let anyone stand in their way. So, embrace your curves just like they embrace theirs. Work to be the best that you can be.

Educate People Around You About Inclusivity

Even though inclusivity is better than before, it is still a struggle many have to face. Sometimes, people sound rude without meaning to. The usual reason why that happens is the lack of education. Perhaps they grew up in a household that shamed those not lean and athletic, or the media influenced how they see the world. Take up the role of a teacher and educate your loved ones about what it is really like to be plus-size.

Educating people about inclusivity will help spread it around. It will make the world a better place to live in. You can become an influencer and teach people online, or you can focus on your surroundings.

Whichever approach you choose, you will help change the world for the better. Some subjects worth educating about are the fashion industry, mental health, representation in the media, and similar. Keep a positive attitude as you explain and share your knowledge.

Being curvy does not make you worth less than those that are lean. It simply means your body shape is different. Everyone’s faces are different, and that is what makes us all interesting.

Become the force of change in the world. Educate the uneducated. Start thinking positively about yourself, and your life will become better.

Huynh Nguyen

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