How to defeat the Tree Sentinel in the Elden Ring

A golden rider on horseback, the Tree Sentinel is the first battlefield boss you encounter in the Elden Ring. Here’s how to take him down.

While the Tree Sentinel isn’t the first boss you encounter in Elden Ring, he is the first field boss you encounter when you appear in The Land’s Between. He also has a terrifying punch and is capable of crushing most players who rush to run at him. However, the Tree Sentinel is not invincible.

The Tree Sentinel looks majestic, but there are ways to turn the fight against him in your favor. Here’s a selection of strategies that will make your life easier – and end his.


The school tree is guarding
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The Tree Sentinel is a very early obstacle.

Where to find Goji tree?

Goves are very easy to find. As you bounce from the starting point into the open world, you’ll see him riding in the distance while you chat with that friendly first NPC.

It will soon become clear that you need to defeat him, or somehow sneak past him, to move to the next area.

The school tree is guarding
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The Tree Sentinel could easily crush new players quickly.

Sneak through the Tree Sentinel

You now have nothing to lose when fighting the Tree Sentinel, and if you learn his patterns you should be able to defeat him in a few tries.

However, there was no shame in sneaking past him to fight him another day. This will make your next encounter much easier, especially if you level the playing field and come back when you have your own horse. This changes the dynamics of the battle, making it a melee between mounted knights.

So if that sounds more fun than being trampled to death endlessly, take that option. You can sneak past the Tree Sentinel by waiting for him to sprint to the other side of the map. Then hug the belt on the right hand side until you get rid of him and get to the next position.

You may need to take down some bat enemies if they engage you, but try to keep your actions to a minimum and in stealth mode. If you make too much noise, the Tree Sentinel will hear you and rush – although you can still reach safety if you run.

The school tree is guarding
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It recommends going back when you have your own forces to make this fight fairer.

Strategies to defeat the Tree Sentinel

Here are our tips for beating the Tree Sentinel:

Ground melee strategy

If you want to fight him on foot, wait for him to finish his attack pattern while dodging it, then hit hard once or twice if you can. Do not be greedy with your attacks, as he will catch and punish you. You also need to make sure you have enough stamina to roll over when he recovers – which he does quickly.

A shield is also a good strategy if you’re not quite confident in dodging, though, wielding a two-handed weapon will end the match quicker. You’ll have fewer attacks to dodge, but you need to be better. This is because blocking with a two-handed weapon is not as effective as blocking with a shield.

When you make him about half health, he will lose his temper and phase 2 of the fight will begin. He will now start slamming his shield into the ground which can injure you from a distance. This attack can single-shot most players, so roll away as soon as he raises his shield.

Repeat strategy from stage 1, but just be more careful to avoid his shield attack. Also, don’t try to block it, it’s too risky. Just drift away like your life depends on it.

The school tree is guarding
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Tree Sentinel can be deadly nearby.

Horseback Melee Strategy

If you go back to fighting the Tree Sentinel on horseback, you’ll have a much easier time. You can rush in quickly, hit him hard, and retreat before he can recover. Just remember, he can do the same to you.

The trick is to keep moving, aim for him and try to time your heavy attack to land as you get close to him. This will interrupt his patterns and give you more time to hit him with a light attack or two before walking away and repeating the process.

Magic or long-range strategy

Fighting the Tree Sentinel with ranged attacks or spells is the easiest way to win the fight. If you are walking, run away from him, find a vantage point and take some pictures. If you can find a spot to shoot him safely then do it. Even so, he will probably get wise to what you’re doing and move out of the way.

If you are on horseback, then this fight becomes quite simple with a long-range strategy. Just keep moving and shoot at him while he recovers from his attack animations. Keep your shield ready, in case of any attack by him.

Ranged spells work best here, as this means you don’t have to get close to him to deal damage.

So there you have it, all the tips and tricks you need to defeat the Tree Sentinel in the Elden Ring. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring Page for all the latest news and guides.

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